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Party season is fast approaching and you're probably wondering where it will take you. Between all of the office and family parties, don't forget to have a night out with your besties. After all, arty season is all about spending time with those who matter most to you. Here are some tips and ideas for your night on the tiles. 

Think outside of the box 
When it comes to nights out, heading to the same pub or nightclub every time can get tedious. So, this festive season why not try a few different venues. Casinos, for example, can be a refreshing change from the dance floor and you never know who you'll meet at the gaming tables. Most casinos offer great food and they're also open long into the night, meaning you can stay out as long as you want to. If you've never been to a casino before and you're feeling unsure of how the games are played, you and your friends can head over to play roulette games from 32Red. Getting some practice in beforehand means you're much more likely to impress once you hit the casino. Enjoy! 

Consider a themed night 
Bored of the same old drinking establishments? Why not try something with a special theme for a change. Salsa nights are great fun and you'll always meet interesting people at them. Going to the salsa with a group of friends is less intimidating than heading to a class on your own, and you can all head out to a club afterwards to practice your moves. Other great girls' nights out include wine tasting, bowling, or even throwing your own cocktail party. 

Dress smart, for less 
One thing that's guaranteed to make your night feel more special is to dress in your glam gear. But it doesn't have to be expensive to do this. In fact, there are loads of ways to get around a tired wardrobe. Why not have a clothes swapping party before you head out, and bring all of your glam clothes to swap with your mates? If you're going to a black tie event, you could always try a dress rental shop instead of splashing out on fancy attire. Finally, never underestimate the humble charity shop. You might just find some real gems that haven't been hit with a "vintage" price tag yet. Who knows, maybe you'll win some extra cash playing those games with 32Red, 21, 888Casino and you can put that towards something glam to wear. 

Be safe 
Don't forget to think safety first this party season. That means that you and your friends all look out for each other during, and after your night out. Don't leave your drinks (or each other) unattended, and be sure to book a reputable taxi company for your ride home. Finally, make sure you get everyone to buddy up and text or call one other person once they've arrived home safely. 

So, what are your favourite ways to spend a glam night out? And what will you be doing this party season? Leave a comment below. 


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