Monthly Favourites | September

I picked this up a few months ago from Selfridges (See haul) and I have been using it pretty much every day. I think it has brightened up my skin quiet a bit and I much prefer how my make up looks after I have used it. I’m not sure whether it is a ‘must have’ product due to it being higher priced but I do really enjoy using it.

I received these in my Hull Bloggers goodie bag along with some other wipes, these where deffinately my favourite of the bunch. As I usually cleanse my face, as much as it does remove eye make up it is quiet an effort. These wipes make it so quick and easy, they are kind to my sensitive eyes and are great for travelling too.

You may have seen I recently picked this up on my personal shopping experience in Selfridges. I am so in love with it, I think its such a pretty colour, it has great pigmentation and is really long lasting too. I am going to pick up more Nars blushes in the future for sure.

I have had this for nearly two years as I bought it from Sephora when I went to Newyork for my birthday. For some reason I left it at my parents house so I recently brought it back and I have been using it quiet a lot. Usually in the shower with a mild facial scrub to really cleanse my face!

This is my favourite eye shadow brush currently as I seem to reach for it on the daily. It is great for blending and making sure everything looks neat under the brows. I use it with the nude colours in my naked basic 2 pallet.

I have got in to a habit of taking this little handy palette out with me on an evening or a nice day out just as its so handy and the colours are great. I don’t use the bronze as much as it’s a little glittery and a bit dark but the blush is the perfect colour and I love the highlight!

I have got back in to religiously using my Liz Earle products. I love the smell of these products, I love how easy they are and just so effortless to use and how they leave my skin feeling too. I think everyone should try Liz Earle at least once as you are guaranteed to fall in love. They aren’t too pricey and just work so well I firm favourite for me at the moment.


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