Monthly Empties | September

Nspa / Professional Peeling Mask*
I love all of the Nspa masks, they are cheap and cheerful and do the job well. Im not a huge fan of the peel off ones as its always a bit messy if they don't come off in 'one peel' if you get what I mean. But yeah I would recommend these ones as you cant really go wrong :)

Emma Hardie / Cleansing Balm / £42 (part of set)*
You can read my full review on the Emma Hardie collection here ! I LOVED this cleansing balm. If I had enough money I would re-buy this again and again. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and nourished and removes all make up too. I could recommend this more, if you fancy a splurge this product is the one :D

Batiste / Dry Shampoo / £2.99
You all know that Batiste dry Shampoo is the best ! I have it in my empties nearly every month as it probably my most used beauty product ! Such a holy grail.

Benefit / Porefessional / £24.50
I can't say I loved this, well I did at first as I used to be on such a Benefit hype and I loved every product they brought out however I have just gone off them recently. I have found better products for a cheaper price. I think they can become a little over hyped. HOWEVER saying this it did so the job and actually kept my make up in place !

Lee Stafford / For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain length Mask / £8.49
I have so loved using this product so much! I was originally recommended by Megan from Student style a while a go now and always was a bit unsure but I had a boots voucher to use recently so I decided to go for it and I am so glad I did. i really have seen a difference in my hair length. I think I am going to purchase this again and do a full post about it :)

Garnier / Micellar Water / £4.99
This is such a long lasting product ! I have had to for over a year its fab. I have really enjoyed using ti and I would 100% recommend if you are looking for a micellar water. I used this to remove eye make up before using my cleanse and polish. 


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