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I have teamed up with Primula* to share a halloween themed recipe ! I am hosting a halloween party this year so I was excited to give this ago. I wanted to make something fun but also that was quick and easy to do. See below for everything you need.

 What you’ll need:(Serves 4)

  •           4 slices of bread
  •           Primula Cheese with Ham
  •           Tomato puree
  •           Halved olives
I I firstly cut circles from the pieces of bread and popped these under the grill to toast. Make sure you flip them over after a minute so both sides are toasted. While these where in I chopped my olives in half to create the 'eyes'. Once the toast was cooled I added the tomato puree, you only need a little blob to spread out. I choose the Primula cheese with ham too add more flavour, it was quiet hard to make this look neat but I thought my effort wasn't too bad. You squeeze this on then just pop the olives on top. Super easy to make and yummy too. See more recipes using Primula here!

 Happy Halloween !

* Items sent for the purpose of this post.


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