Tips for the Party Season | Tips & Tricks

Party season is fast approaching and you're probably wondering where it will take you. Between all of the office and family parties, don't forget to have a night out with your besties. After all, arty season is all about spending time with those who matter most to you. Here are some tips and ideas for your night on the tiles. 

Think outside of the box 
When it comes to nights out, heading to the same pub or nightclub every time can get tedious. So, this festive season why not try a few different venues. Casinos, for example, can be a refreshing change from the dance floor and you never know who you'll meet at the gaming tables. Most casinos offer great food and they're also open long into the night, meaning you can stay out as long as you want to. If you've never been to a casino before and you're feeling unsure of how the games are played, you and your friends can head over to play roulette games from 32Red. Getting some practice in beforehand means you're much more likely to impress once you hit the casino. Enjoy! 

Consider a themed night 
Bored of the same old drinking establishments? Why not try something with a special theme for a change. Salsa nights are great fun and you'll always meet interesting people at them. Going to the salsa with a group of friends is less intimidating than heading to a class on your own, and you can all head out to a club afterwards to practice your moves. Other great girls' nights out include wine tasting, bowling, or even throwing your own cocktail party. 

Dress smart, for less 
One thing that's guaranteed to make your night feel more special is to dress in your glam gear. But it doesn't have to be expensive to do this. In fact, there are loads of ways to get around a tired wardrobe. Why not have a clothes swapping party before you head out, and bring all of your glam clothes to swap with your mates? If you're going to a black tie event, you could always try a dress rental shop instead of splashing out on fancy attire. Finally, never underestimate the humble charity shop. You might just find some real gems that haven't been hit with a "vintage" price tag yet. Who knows, maybe you'll win some extra cash playing those games with 32Red, 21, 888Casino and you can put that towards something glam to wear. 

Be safe 
Don't forget to think safety first this party season. That means that you and your friends all look out for each other during, and after your night out. Don't leave your drinks (or each other) unattended, and be sure to book a reputable taxi company for your ride home. Finally, make sure you get everyone to buddy up and text or call one other person once they've arrived home safely. 

So, what are your favourite ways to spend a glam night out? And what will you be doing this party season? Leave a comment below. 

Interesting Skills that You Might Want to Teach Yourself* | Tips & Tricks

Do you feel like everyone has a skill or a talent expect you? A lot of people feel like that, so why not teach yourself a new skill? Here are some of the best options for you to consider.

Speaking a Foreign Language
This is one of those things that people always say they'll do, but then never get round to it. Learning a language not only provides you with an enviable skill; it also can be a lot of fun. It gives you an insight into another country and their culture. And you can teach yourself a language with the right help. You can get books and recordings that help. And the app Duolingo is becoming increasingly popular for people looking to learn a new language.

Playing an Interesting Musical Instrument
Playing a musical instrument is one of the biggest challenges you can give yourself. So, if you want to do something that’s time-consuming and fun, you should definitely think about learning to play an instrument. There are all kinds of options, so you should do your research and find out which instrument will suit you best. For the people who want something loud and boisterous, there are the drums. And if you want something a little more subtle and delicate, a harp or violin might be appropriate.

Learning Card Tricks
If you ever need to impress someone, being able to marvel them with some cool card tricks is the best way to do it. We’re all impressed when we see a card trick. Even though we know that it’s all about trickery and sleight of hand, we still can’t help but be surprised by the skill involved. And, believe me, there is a lot of skill involved in pulling off an intricate card trick. It’s not the kind of thing you can do without putting in the practice. You can buy forcing decks online, as well as other things that will help you perform your own tricks.

Skilled Photography
You might think that now everybody takes photos on their phones and tablets that there’s no need for skilled photographers. But that’s not true. You only have to browse through the photos on Instagram to discover that most people have no idea what they’re doing. This means that people who take photos professionally, in a skilled way are still very much in demand. So, why not teach yourself how to do it the proper way. You could even buy yourself an old 35mm film camera and take photos that way.

Self-Defence Moves
If you feel vulnerable when you go out alone, you should think about learning some good self-defense skills. You can learn these a couple of ways. Firstly, you could get a guidebook or an instructional DVD to teach yourself the skills at home. Or you could attend a martial arts class and learn how to take on anyone, no matter what situation you find yourself in. If you manage to succeed, you’ll never have to feel vulnerable or unsafe when you’re walking the streets at night ever again.

*This is a collaborative post 

Halloween | Ebay Wishlist

Halloween eBay wishlist

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Happy Halloween !

Halloween with Primula | Food Bloggers

I have teamed up with Primula* to share a halloween themed recipe ! I am hosting a halloween party this year so I was excited to give this ago. I wanted to make something fun but also that was quick and easy to do. See below for everything you need.

 What you’ll need:(Serves 4)

  •           4 slices of bread
  •           Primula Cheese with Ham
  •           Tomato puree
  •           Halved olives
I I firstly cut circles from the pieces of bread and popped these under the grill to toast. Make sure you flip them over after a minute so both sides are toasted. While these where in I chopped my olives in half to create the 'eyes'. Once the toast was cooled I added the tomato puree, you only need a little blob to spread out. I choose the Primula cheese with ham too add more flavour, it was quiet hard to make this look neat but I thought my effort wasn't too bad. You squeeze this on then just pop the olives on top. Super easy to make and yummy too. See more recipes using Primula here!

 Happy Halloween !

* Items sent for the purpose of this post.

Monthly Empties | September

Nspa / Professional Peeling Mask*
I love all of the Nspa masks, they are cheap and cheerful and do the job well. Im not a huge fan of the peel off ones as its always a bit messy if they don't come off in 'one peel' if you get what I mean. But yeah I would recommend these ones as you cant really go wrong :)

Emma Hardie / Cleansing Balm / £42 (part of set)*
You can read my full review on the Emma Hardie collection here ! I LOVED this cleansing balm. If I had enough money I would re-buy this again and again. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and nourished and removes all make up too. I could recommend this more, if you fancy a splurge this product is the one :D

Batiste / Dry Shampoo / £2.99
You all know that Batiste dry Shampoo is the best ! I have it in my empties nearly every month as it probably my most used beauty product ! Such a holy grail.

Benefit / Porefessional / £24.50
I can't say I loved this, well I did at first as I used to be on such a Benefit hype and I loved every product they brought out however I have just gone off them recently. I have found better products for a cheaper price. I think they can become a little over hyped. HOWEVER saying this it did so the job and actually kept my make up in place !

Lee Stafford / For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain length Mask / £8.49
I have so loved using this product so much! I was originally recommended by Megan from Student style a while a go now and always was a bit unsure but I had a boots voucher to use recently so I decided to go for it and I am so glad I did. i really have seen a difference in my hair length. I think I am going to purchase this again and do a full post about it :)

Garnier / Micellar Water / £4.99
This is such a long lasting product ! I have had to for over a year its fab. I have really enjoyed using ti and I would 100% recommend if you are looking for a micellar water. I used this to remove eye make up before using my cleanse and polish. 

Casual Kicks | #OOTD


Top // H&M
Bag // Primark 

Thank you to Beckie for taking some fabulous photos once again :). This is defiantly an every day go to style for me. I like to keep it casual with jeans, trainers and a jumper. I love this top/jumper I picked up last year in H&M it adds a bit of something with the sparkles to quiet a plain outfit. 

Hilarys Crafternoon | Manchester Events

A few weeks ago I was invited along by the lovely people at  Joes bloggers for a 'Crafternoon' with Hilarys blinds. I love crafty things so I knew that I would love this event :). It was held at a little cafe in Manchester's northern quarter called Ziferblat, where you pay for the time you spend there and can eat and drink as much as you like. Such a cool idea and something a little different too :). 
We spent the afternoon snacking on cakes, biscuits and drinking tea while making some bits and pieces taught by The Crafty Hen. We made our own little jewellery box and then had the choice to make either a head band or a broach or keyring using the Suffolk Puff technique. 

I had a lovely afternoon learning new crafts and having fun with fellow bloggers and also learning about the Jewel Edit from Hilarys. This is a new collection of fabrics created by Hilarys with lovely jewel toned fabrics ( You can read more about it here) Thank you so much for the invite Hilarys and Joe's Bloggers ! I had a fab time. 

Denim and Stripes | #OOTD


Top // Primark // £4
Skirt // Primark // £12
Jacket // Select // £16
Bag // Primark // £6
Boots // Matalan // £18 

Photo credit to Beckie :

Me and Beckie decided to take a few outfit shots last weekend in Manchester ! I dint realise how much of my outfit consisted of bargains and things that you may not be able to find now (sorry) however, it may give you some inspo. I love this basic combo with the mixture of textures and colours, I think I will be wearing this skirt right through to winter.

Monthly Favourites | September

I picked this up a few months ago from Selfridges (See haul) and I have been using it pretty much every day. I think it has brightened up my skin quiet a bit and I much prefer how my make up looks after I have used it. I’m not sure whether it is a ‘must have’ product due to it being higher priced but I do really enjoy using it.

I received these in my Hull Bloggers goodie bag along with some other wipes, these where deffinately my favourite of the bunch. As I usually cleanse my face, as much as it does remove eye make up it is quiet an effort. These wipes make it so quick and easy, they are kind to my sensitive eyes and are great for travelling too.

You may have seen I recently picked this up on my personal shopping experience in Selfridges. I am so in love with it, I think its such a pretty colour, it has great pigmentation and is really long lasting too. I am going to pick up more Nars blushes in the future for sure.

I have had this for nearly two years as I bought it from Sephora when I went to Newyork for my birthday. For some reason I left it at my parents house so I recently brought it back and I have been using it quiet a lot. Usually in the shower with a mild facial scrub to really cleanse my face!

This is my favourite eye shadow brush currently as I seem to reach for it on the daily. It is great for blending and making sure everything looks neat under the brows. I use it with the nude colours in my naked basic 2 pallet.

I have got in to a habit of taking this little handy palette out with me on an evening or a nice day out just as its so handy and the colours are great. I don’t use the bronze as much as it’s a little glittery and a bit dark but the blush is the perfect colour and I love the highlight!

I have got back in to religiously using my Liz Earle products. I love the smell of these products, I love how easy they are and just so effortless to use and how they leave my skin feeling too. I think everyone should try Liz Earle at least once as you are guaranteed to fall in love. They aren’t too pricey and just work so well I firm favourite for me at the moment.