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As a recent graduate of 4 years at university I am now finally starting to repay back the thousands that I owe to the student loans company. It really wasn't a concern whilst studying as its like some one giving you free money! However now reality has hit and its time to pay back. 

I had so so many dramas with Student Finance over my years! Firstly when I applied I did not realise that you was not able to apply for finance when studying a foundation year. After receiving an offer for a place at the best Fashion University in the UK I was ecstatic however I then found out I must fund the course myself so I had to find £8000 for the year long course and then £150 a week for London based accommodation, a £70 tube pass and then obviously food and other bits of spending money I may need. i was very lucky and fortunate that my parents could pay for most of this and along side I had a part time job for spending money and food. Obviously I was stressed about this and could not wait to start my degree and be able to have the financial support. 

Filling out the thousands of forms is pretty darn hard and time consuming especially when your parents own their own business and don't really know what the earn etc. It took so so many attempts but it was finally granted. However, of course there had to be more drama!  Even though my Manchester accommodation was a lot cheaper than the London prices I still did not receive enough to cover my bills :( again I had to rely on part time jobs and a little help from parents. 
I used to hate student loan day as everyone would get so excited, go out shopping buy new outfits and treat themselves to nice food but I couldn't.

Fast forward a year and for some reason Student finance was feeling flush and decided to give me a grant ! What the hell ! I was buzzing, when student loan day came around I was that girl going shopping having fun and treating myself. I didn't think anything of it until third and final year when I applied once more.

Student finance being the Amazing company that they are (NOT) decided that they have overpaid me for my second year and decided to send me a blank check for me to sign as I now owe them £900 ! yeah sure of course I have a spare £900 tucked away that I can give back to you !
I was not impressed at all, it was their mistake however they would not even attempt to rectify it and said I need to re pay. I managed to delay paying it until I graduated and now its time to pay back. Again they expected me to have this money in my back pocket to hand right back - NO. 
I am now paying £10 a month back as I refuse to pay any more. I would pay 10p a month if I would as I think why should I be nice to them! Obviously this is going to take me like 8 years but I don't care (I'm trying to prove a point!)

You can read all about other students nightmares on this recent Independent article. My Voucher Codes recently conducted a survey and ask 600 students whether they encountered any issues in securing their student loan, 38 per cent agreed  that they did. 
*Info sourced from the Independent

My main piece of advise would be to plan your budgets. Make sure you know exactly what you need to pay for and how much you have left and then maybe how much you need to earn to fund your nights out/clothing/ food etc.
And to double check all information you are supplying to Student finance is correct. Send as much additional information as possible as im sure there will always be a drama but this may reduce it. 

I hope this slightly different post was helpful :)
Do you have any disaster stories ? Comment and let me know!


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