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Busy B / Voucher
I have worked with Busy B before (see my post here) I love all of their items and think they would make great gifts so I may use this for christmas presents.

Sass & Belle / owl pot
We received such cute little tubs which Im already using to store some cheese currently in my fridge 

Personal Planner / Voucher
One of my favourite items to receive in my goodie bag! I LOVE personal planner and am so happy to be able to create my own planner and stationary again for next year!

The blogger programme / Canvass bag
The canvass bags came in so so handy as they where filled to the brim with all the blogger beauty

Love aroma / Yankee Candle 
I received a love pineapple and cilantro scented yankee candle votive I can not wait to burn it as it smells lush. 

Zebra pens / Pens
I some how managed to come home with out 10 of these pens but they have come in very handy so far!

La Creuset / Goodie bag
I love Le Creuset, I wish my kitchen could be filled with their products!

Vita CoCo / Coconut water and oil
Im not actually a fan of coconut water so I gave them to some girls in my office who loved it. I am however loving cooking with the coconut oil !

IQ Choc / Chocolate bar
such cute packaging i'm excited to try!

Choc Shot / Coconut and Orange flavoured Choc shots
I tried this pre-meet as the packages arrived in my office and every one wanted to try as it was big hit !

Primula / Cheese tubes
I didn't actually get to try this but It was a big hit with the bloggers at the event !

Choc on Choc / Sample chocolate
Wow this tasted so so good I think I NEED more :D 

Peppersmith / x2 packs of mints
I have nearly consumed my full pack of mints already, I really like the taste plus they leave your breath fresh! 

Amy Kitchen / voucher
Really happy Amys Kitchen was involved as they are Gluten free meals :D Excited to use my voucher

Virtue drinks / Cans of Ice Tea
Im a huge fan of the Ice tea from Virtue drinks a wrote a little samples sunday post about them last year.

Kettle Chips / Bags of crisps 
Wow wow wow the two flavours we received taste amazing! I will defiantly be making a repurchase of them

Posh Pickles / Sample pots
If you have seen my recent post you will know I LOVE Posh Pickles. Makes sure you check them out :)


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