Beauty Goodie bag items | Hull Bloggers Summer meet

Here are most of the beauty items included in the Hull Bloggers goodie bags. Im pretty sure there is more than this but we recived a crazy amount of products so its hard to list them all. Thank you so so much to all the brands that contributed. There are some amazing products that I can not wait to try out. Here is some of my initial thoughts so far:

Sebamed / Clear face gel, shampoo and shower gel minis
I have used this band a few month back as I reviewed their body lotion, body wash and facial cleanser. Check out my full review here.

lilash / Lash serum
I have been using my Lilash product for a few months as I have had them at my house and I could not wait to try them out. I have defiantly notice the difference so would fully recommend. 

Andrew Barton / Hair care products
We each received 4 products in our goodie bags from Andrew Barton but if you are a regular reader of mine you will know my love for this brand. See my reviews here & here. Plus I am their featured blogger of the month

N Spa / Skin care products 
Another one of my favourites that I have previously reviewed. I am loving their new products so far !

Nanshy / Make up brush
I am a big fan of Nanshy brushes as they a staple in my every day make up. I love their crease brush and I have previously reviewed their blending sponge too. 

Smartsun / UV wrist band
Another product that I decided to test out pre-meet up ! Its featured in one of my holiday posts that you can read here ! 

Monuskin / x2 Samples
I hadn't heard of this brand prior to the event. Im excited to try these little samples 

Halowipes / Various wipes
Im already in love with these wipes. I have used a few of the different ones now and they are so good. They are perfect for festivals and travelling! I will be reviewing them fully soon. 

Gosh Cosmetics / Full Size Lipstick
I used this for the first time this morning and I already love it. Im sure it will be featuring in a favourites soon.

House of Fraser / Perfume samples
I love finding new scents and I also love having sample sizes to take in my hand bag ! 

Mandara Spa / Body butter Full Size 
This smells so good so I'm really excited to give it a try

Kiehls / Samples
Surprisingly I have never tried Kiehls products but I have heard great reviews so Im excited to try out the samples.

Phil Smith Hair / Dry Shampoo
Again I tried this quickly this morning and it seems all good so far. I love Dry shampoo and I'm always keen to try new ones. 

Manuka Doctor / Samples
I love Manuka Doctor, I have actually been trailing a face mask from them. If you like natural fresh products you should give them a go. 

Tangle Angel / Mini brush
Im loving this mini tangle angel brush. I have popped it in to my hand bag make up bag as its so tiny and easy to carry round.

W7 cosmetics / Bronze and Glow palette 
I have tried quiet a few of the W7 cosmetics and so far I have loved them all so really excited to see what this one has to offer. 

Fast hair / Samples
Im all about growing my hair at the moment so I'm excited to try this sample so see if it works. 

Sensationail / Nail shields
Each blogger received a pack of the peel off nail shields however this isn't really something I would use so I gave my pack to my mum as she loves doing her nails. Maybe she could guest post a review?

Lab 2 Beauty / Make up brushes
Wow Lab 2 Beauty have been so generous sending us all these brushes. I have used a few of them this morning but not had a proper go yet. Im loving them so far but shall do a full review soon. 

Baylis and Harding / Full size gift set
Another generous company. Each blogger was able to choose a beauty gift set from Baylis and Harding. I decided to give this to my mum too.

Kiss Cosmetics / Mini Lipstick
I don't seem to know where I have put this but I know it was a lovely colour when I first dug it out of one of the goodie bags. 

Wisdom / Tooth brush, Tooth paste and mouth wash
I have yet to try the products sent from Wisdom but I'm sure I will be doing a full review once I get round to using them

Nanogen / Root Boost Serum
I haven't heard of this brand before so looking forward to see what its like. 

Heaven Skincare / Samples
Again not a brand I have heard of but I do love a good little sample

Paul Mitchell / Sample
I think I have used something from this brand before if not I have heard good reviews so looking forward to giving it a try

Weleda / Samples
Weleda came along to the event however as I was so busy flying about the place I didn't actually get to have a chat. I am excited to try out the samples though

Ultradex / Box of products
I have used the products once so far and I do really like them I like the taste and how fresh my mouth feels so stay tuned for a full review soon. 


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