Bringing 90's Back | Puffa Event

Last week I was invited a long to view the new A/W collection from Puffa. I remember Puffa jackets where the must have fashion statement back in the 90's and I embarrassingly had a bright Orange one when I was young! (It was cool at the time). I was dead excited to go view there new collection as I could tell they would be nostalgic and updated to be current day fashionable too :D. 
I went along with Beckie and met lots of my favourite Manchester bloggers there. The event was held in the Hip Hop Chip Shop ! A cool new venue in Spiningfields where we was treated to a portion of fish,crab cake or hallumi and chips. I chose the fish and it was incredible! Would defiantly recommend you popping by to try it out! Washed down with some fizz we then tried out some of the coats, They where so warm and cosy and made me excited for the upcoming colder months. The materials where all really soft and made them very comfortable to wear! Me and Beckie tried on quiet a few ! After a lovely catch up with lots of friends we where sent home with a lovely little goodie bag filled with retro sweets :D 

Thank you so much for the invite, I loved the collection and had a fab night. The A/W collection will be available to buy on their site:  && Check out their social media for some of the other posts written by my fellow Manchester bloggers :)

How to Make Exercise Fun‏ | Health & Fitness

Making exercise fun is the main key to sticking with it and making a big difference to your body and your life. If you don’t like what you’re doing, then you won’t stick to it and get the results you desire. You might stick to it for a few weeks or even a few months, but eventually the novelty will wear off. Here are some tips to make exercise fun!

Change Your Routine
If you’re doing the same thing day after day, week after week, you’re going to get bored. You need to change your routine! Having a routine is great, because you can see where you’re improving and what you need to put more work into. However, you must change your routine if you want to keep making progress and stop yourself from getting bored. There are routines online, and really cheap guides you can find - some are even free. You have no excuse to keep on doing the same thing.

Challenge Yourself
You need to keep challenging yourself - don’t just go through the motions as you work out. Can you use a heavier weight without compromising your form? Can you sprint a little faster? Take a shorter rest period? Make sure you’re going out of your way to challenge yourself and you’ll find exercise much more enjoyable. Make a note of things you’re improving on too so you can see how far you’re coming!


Only Do it if You Enjoy it
If there’s a form of exercise you truly hate, then don’t do it. I don’t mean an exercise you can’t be bothered to do because it’s difficult, I mean something you don’t like. Maybe you hate spin classes, or swimming bores you. Don’t do it and find something that excites you instead. There will be something out there that you love to do!

Get Dressed Up
Get dressed up to go and work out. Wear co-ordinated outfits. Check out some pretty fabrics for dancewear and make something yourself. You have lots of opportunities to look great while you get fit, so take them!

Do it with a Friend
Sometimes you just need a friend to spur you on and encourage you. When somebody is sweating right next to you and egging you on, exercise can become much more enjoyable. Just make sure you’re both there to work out, not chatter the whole time. Try to leave time for a coffee afterwards if you want to catch up. You should both be as committed as one another to make it work.

Listen to an Amazing Playlist
I love listening to a playlist of motivational songs when I’m exercising. If I’m doing something in the gym alone, I’ll put my headphones in and block the world out. I can really focus this way and get pumped up! There are lots of ready-made playlists you can listen to too, so no need to make one yourself.

Make your workouts fun and you’ll get the results you want in no time!

*Collaborative post

A/W Beauty Essentials | Loco Magazine Article

This month I was asked if I would like to write an article to be featured in Loco Magazine featuring my favourite Autumn Winter beauty products. Loco Magazine is a Hull and East Yorkshire based publication so I was really keen to be involved with something in my home town. You can read the full magazine online here: Loco Magazine
Or read my article below.

After tying your hair up out of the way all summer as its too hot, its now time to let down and give it a bit of nourishment. Andrew Barton is one of my favourite affordable hair care brands and this leave in conditioner adds moisture and luster back in to your hair. 

I always find my skin gets a lot dryer in the colder months I like to make sure my skin is really moisturised. I have been loving this Coconut body butter from N Spa. Another really affordable product which leaves my skin soft and very moisturised. 

This is one of my favourite face masks and i think its a nice treat to pamper myself with a face mask once a week. If you suffer with dry skin I would really recommend this one as it always leave my face feeling so soft and moisturised. 

A new favorite of mine is this texturising spray recently added to the batiste range. Rock the wind swept look and add a bit of texture to your locks, this add volume and makes the 'messed up look' actually look pretty perfected. 

Summer sun may be long gone but there's always Fake Bake! This tan is one of the best I have used, it builds up a subtle colour and you are ready to go in 5 minutes. Quick easy and looking good.  

A darker lip for the Autumn winter is a must have. I don't suit really dark colours but i love this darker pink colour from Dior. Its a firm favourite in my collection and is always my go to for a night out. 

I love a shimmery darker colours for that perfect smokey eye especially as it gets towards Winter and christmas parties are in full throw.  My all time favourite colour is Patina that I wear nearly everyday!

This colour is quiet dark and can look a bit scary in the pan however, its such a pretty colour once applied and can look so lovely in the Autumn winter months. Why not add a touch of colour instead of a darker eye to make a statement.

Im loving my new personlised make up bag from Rock on Ruby! You can choose what quote you would like added making it perfect for Christmas presents or why not treat yourself to a new slogan bag. Available at:

* Products sent for review purposes - all opinions are my own. 

Why You Should Visit Blackpool This Autumn | Events & Attractions

Living in Manchester, Blackpool is my nearest beach. During the summer months, this seaside town is the place where everyone ends up on their days off.

Once the summer ends, however, most people prefer to stay in Manchester, giving the beach a miss. Personally, however, I think that the Autumn is the perfect time to visit Blackpool. Not only have the crowds subsided, so you don’t have to wait in line for hours to get on the rides, but you can also get some great discounts, as well.
Still not convinced to visit Blackpool this Autumn? No - then make sure to keep reading, for all the reasons why you should plan a visit.

Have fun on the theme park rides
If you want to have some fun on your day off, taking a day trip to Blackpool is ideal, as there is plenty to see and do. From Blackpool attractions like Blackpool’s famous Pleasure Beach, to shows and other events, you’ll have lots to choose from.

If you are a fan of rides and rollercoasters, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the perfect place to go to have fun with your friends. Plus, by going out of season, you won’t have to worry about queuing for hours.

There’s lots to see and do at Blackpool Tower
Built in 1984, Blackpool Tower is the town’s most famous features. If you have never seen it, this is a great reason to visit the seaside town. Not just a tower, this venue has a ballroom, shows on throughout the year, a dungeon that you can explore, and so much more.
As well as all the activities on offer here, there is also a fantastic restaurant, The Blackpool Tower Burger Kitchen. Although they only serve burgers and chips, this is the ideal place to grab a snack after seeing a show.

You can visit Madame Tussauds
The main wax museum might be in London, but Blackpool also has its own mini version. If you fancy posing with models of some of the most famous people in the world, this is the perfect place to visit.

During the colder months, you may find that the prices, to get into venues like Madame Tussauds, are much cheaper than during the summer. So you can save yourself a little bit of money while still having an amazing time.

You can go to the zoo
If you are an animal lover, why not treat yourself to seeing all of your favourite animals at Blackpool Zoo? With over 1500 animals, including lions, tigers, birds, and reptiles, there are plenty of animals to see here.

This is ideal for when the weather is a little too cold to be on the beach, as many of the attractions are inside. So you can stay warm while having a great time.

Get an ice cream
Even during the Autumn and winter, no trip to the beach is complete without an ice cream. There are lots of cafes and shops selling all types and flavours of ice cream in Blackpool, but one of the best is Notarianni Ice Cream.

This ice cream parlour is run by an Italian family and has been in the same place for over 70 years. All the ice cream is homemade on the premises and is absolutely delicious. So if you fancy an ice cream, this is the place to go.

And of course you can not forget about the famous illuminations!

*This is a collaborative post

A/W Boots | Wishlist

All I seem to wear recently are boots! I never used to but recently i'm a bit obsessed with them and keep lusting after the new styles. I realllly need a pair of brown ankle boots to add to the collection and I love these beauties from Topshop. I have long brown boots but I would like a smarter pair like the Rieker ones. I also already have some Barbour wellies but I really like these ones as they are just a bit different to the standard plain black pair. As I am currently on a spending ban I don't think I will be picking of these up any time soon but at least I can still lust over them <3 
What are you lusting over?

Lifestyle & Food Goodie bag items | Hull Bloggers Summer meet


Busy B / Voucher
I have worked with Busy B before (see my post here) I love all of their items and think they would make great gifts so I may use this for christmas presents.

Sass & Belle / owl pot
We received such cute little tubs which Im already using to store some cheese currently in my fridge 

Personal Planner / Voucher
One of my favourite items to receive in my goodie bag! I LOVE personal planner and am so happy to be able to create my own planner and stationary again for next year!

The blogger programme / Canvass bag
The canvass bags came in so so handy as they where filled to the brim with all the blogger beauty

Love aroma / Yankee Candle 
I received a love pineapple and cilantro scented yankee candle votive I can not wait to burn it as it smells lush. 

Zebra pens / Pens
I some how managed to come home with out 10 of these pens but they have come in very handy so far!

La Creuset / Goodie bag
I love Le Creuset, I wish my kitchen could be filled with their products!

Vita CoCo / Coconut water and oil
Im not actually a fan of coconut water so I gave them to some girls in my office who loved it. I am however loving cooking with the coconut oil !

IQ Choc / Chocolate bar
such cute packaging i'm excited to try!

Choc Shot / Coconut and Orange flavoured Choc shots
I tried this pre-meet as the packages arrived in my office and every one wanted to try as it was big hit !

Primula / Cheese tubes
I didn't actually get to try this but It was a big hit with the bloggers at the event !

Choc on Choc / Sample chocolate
Wow this tasted so so good I think I NEED more :D 

Peppersmith / x2 packs of mints
I have nearly consumed my full pack of mints already, I really like the taste plus they leave your breath fresh! 

Amy Kitchen / voucher
Really happy Amys Kitchen was involved as they are Gluten free meals :D Excited to use my voucher

Virtue drinks / Cans of Ice Tea
Im a huge fan of the Ice tea from Virtue drinks a wrote a little samples sunday post about them last year.

Kettle Chips / Bags of crisps 
Wow wow wow the two flavours we received taste amazing! I will defiantly be making a repurchase of them

Posh Pickles / Sample pots
If you have seen my recent post you will know I LOVE Posh Pickles. Makes sure you check them out :)

M and M Direct Haul | #OOTD 2

Shoes / Next / £20 (Old)
Bag / Primark / £6 (Old)

This is part two of my M and M Direct Haul ! I decided to choose some some practical work wear and this top was my first pick, its over sized and is stylish as well as smart. I will be wearing a vest/cami top underneath once it gets a bit colder as its quiet a thin material, but all round it is great value for money. The jeans where a bit of a risky choice for me as I always buy skinny high waisted jeans and these just sit on my hips. I love the way they fit and the way they look so Im so happy and now inspired to not always choose high waisted !  
Thank you M and M Direct for letting me choose a few new pieces, I love them all! Make sure you check them out as they stock some amazing brands and for such good prices too. 

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M and M Direct Haul | #OOTD

I was kindly offered to choose a few pieces from the website M and M direct . M and M is a discounted site where you can find designer pieces for less of the price. I decided to choose a few items that could be paired together what would be perfect for everyday at work. I choose this Dress as I really liked the shape and pattern, its really comfortable and such great value too. The cardigan I choose because I needed something practical for the colder months. I have been wearing it so much as it matches everything ! Check back for part 2 of my Haul !

Selfridges Beauty Personal Shopping | Haul

If you read my last post you will know that I was lucky enough to check out the new personal shopping experience in the beauty haul of Selfridges Exchange store Manchester. As a little Thank you for reviewing their new service I was kindly given a little gift bag to take away. I always love a goodie bag as you find a few little samples that can turn in to something you will love !

This one was not a disappointment as it was filled with little samples that I had never tried before such as a Kheils Toner, some Tom Ford Noir perfume samples and a few bits from new brand Aesop. I tried out Aesop whilst in Selfridges and the products smelt amazing so I would really recommend for you to check them out :). The best little find in this bag of delight was this amazing lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury! I have never tried any products from their before so I was unbelievably excited to receive this so Thank you so so much Selfridges. I love it, the formulation and colour is beautiful and I already can not wait to purchase another. 

Some thing that I purchased myself after my shopping experience was this Nars blush in the shade Gina. I only own a Nars lipstick and I used to have a shadow but I have delved in to the brand too much as of yet. I originally tried the much loved Orgasam but I just think it was a bit too much for me . This colour - Gina, suits my tone perfectly and is lovely and suitable as soon as the lady put it on me I loved it so Im really happy with that :)

Thank you so much once again to Selfridges and the Lovely personal shopper Charlotte ! I can not wait to come along again. 

Beauty Personal Shopping | Selfridges Exchange

Yesterday I was invited to try out the new personal shopping service at Selfridges Exchange in Manchester city centre. I was met by the lovely Charlotte who is Selfridges very own personal beauty shopper. With a background in personal shopping and all thing beauty, Charlotte is on hand for all the beauty expertise that you could ever need. There is a very cute, private little room where you can go along have a chat with Charlotte, talk about your current beauty regime, skincare concerns or just whatever is on your current beauty wish list. She has lots of knowledge and can tell you all about the latest products available and can help you decide what will be best for you. Skin care and make up can be very personal and finding the right combination can be hard so to have a helping hand can be really handy! 

I personally don't NEED anything so I was up for a bit of anything so Charlotte happily took me around the beauty hall and showed me the new in products and some of her favourites. It was nice to be introduced to a few products that I wouldn't normally even look at :).  Check back as I shall be sharing what I picked up while in store. 

Charlotte was so so lovely and really caring about what you want and how much encouragement you may or may not need. I really felt like I was shopping with a friend which was so nice. My appointment lasted an hour however if you need more time it is available for you. It really all does depend on what you need or want. If you know exactly what you want and don't have any time Charlotte can happily pick you your items out and have them ready and waiting for you to pick them up. Alternatively, you may need a lot of time as you don't have a clue what you need, there is truly a service available for everyone. 
The best part about all of this is that it is FREE ! Yep thats right, Charlottes services are free for you to indulge in. There is no minimum purchase or even any obligation to buy anything at all. 

I would really really recommend popping along to try out the service all you need to do is call up and book a slot. I loved it and I think you would too!