Monthly Empties | July

Colgate // Advance white tooth paste

I have used a few different varieties of the Touch of silver shampoos, I really like how they keep blonde hair nice and bright. I haven't actually dyed my hair in well over a year or two and I truly do think it is down to these products. I would recommend to any one with blonde hair, they are cheaply priced and work really well.  

I bought this after christmas so I'm really impressed with how long it has lasted. I love using this along with the cleanse and polish from Liz Earle and I think I shall be making a re-purchase.  If you like the cleanse and polish I would would 100% say get this to use along side as it just makes your skin feel beautiful. 

Not really a lot to say about basic nail polish remover, it does the job and its cheap woo. 

I really like this scent of this Gilette shave gel, I much prefer to use a gel as it prevents cuts, leaves your skin feeling smooth and also smelling lush. You can usually pick this up on offer to get it a little cheaper. 

This is currently my favourite every day foundation, it last quiet well and has a really good coverage. I think for the price it is very decent drug store foundation. I have already re purchased but in a slightly darker colour, it leaves a lovely dewy effect. 

I have had this for around a year now. I bought it as soon as it came out as I seemed to be convinced by a lovely lady in Debenhams. I did like using this but I don't think its a must have in my collection. There are a lot of dupes floating around that I'm sure are just as good.

This is my favourite perfume. It smells delicious and to be honest this has been empty for a while but I have been reluctant to give it up. Its really sweet smelling and I feel its very distinctive. I really want to re purchase this but it is a bit pricey. (But worth it)

You really can't go wrong with a Sleek blush, they are dupes for the Nars blushes and I feel like I would rather have all the different colours from sleek compared to one Nars blush. They are really pigmented and you don't need a lot, I'm surprised I actually got through one to be honest. 

I have used up a million of these. Its always a staple in my collection as its cheap and just does the job it doesn't last forever but for every day its fine. 

I always seem to have tooth paste in my empties and its always the same one maybe I need to start trying something different?


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