Meet the bloggers | #HullBloggers Summer meet

I thought I write up a little post about the fabulous bloggers attending our #HullBloggers meet up..
Jenny co organisor along side me and Kat. We must thank Jenny for locating our amazing venue, keeping our little group sane and always being there for us when there is a crisis ! 

Kat is the other orgainsor :) New to the Hull Bloggers group she offered to help us a few months ago and now we have formed a strong little friendship. Kat has done an amzing job in securing some fantastic brands to be involved in the meet. 

The brains behind the Hull Bloggers twitter account. she has been helping a lot with social media so big thanks to her. 

celeb ambassador for the princes trust . celebrity stylist , social/beauty/fashion/lifestyle writer /presenter  and all round fabulous person ! 

Lifestyle blogger and a genuinely lovely person  - will be the one on crutches in the corner due to a broken foot ! x

beauty Blogger who is also a primary school teacher ! 

Lifestyle and beauty blogger who is recently married (her wedding was beautiful)

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger who blogs vintage and thrifty pieces and is also a history student

Books and Beauty blogger who's also a maths student 

Newbie beauty and lifestyle blogger, who also works in PR

Jennie  / @jennieemmauk  /
Fashion and beauty blogger who is also a model and miss yorkshire runner up ! 

Lifestyle blogger and mum to be for the second time ! 

Male beauty and fashion blogger who is the geek that Simone is married to ! 

jewelry fanatic who always has an amazing story to share.

Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger who is a  Hairdresser and a Mummy

A bit of everything blogger who seems to be Harry Potter obsessed!

Lifestyle blogger and theater enthusiast !

Running and fitness blogger with a few added lifestyle posts 

fashion beauty and lifestyle blogger 

Fashion and Beauty blogger who loves Tea and cake ! 

Lifestyle and beauty blogger who works as a freelancer 

Lifestyle blogger who is a recent English Graduate 

fashion, beauty and lifestyle student studying Fashion in Manchester 

Lifestyle blogger who is also the feature editor for the Hull Daily Mail Femail content.

Fashion and lifestyle blogger whos loves cats and cups of tea.

Fashion and lifestyle blogger who is a student and part time nanny

Lifestyle blogger, music lover  and student 

A theatre & film loving Marketing professional who blogs about the arts. 


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