Meet the bloggers | #HullBloggers Summer meet

I thought I write up a little post about the fabulous bloggers attending our #HullBloggers meet up..
Jenny co organisor along side me and Kat. We must thank Jenny for locating our amazing venue, keeping our little group sane and always being there for us when there is a crisis ! 

Kat is the other orgainsor :) New to the Hull Bloggers group she offered to help us a few months ago and now we have formed a strong little friendship. Kat has done an amzing job in securing some fantastic brands to be involved in the meet. 

The brains behind the Hull Bloggers twitter account. she has been helping a lot with social media so big thanks to her. 

celeb ambassador for the princes trust . celebrity stylist , social/beauty/fashion/lifestyle writer /presenter  and all round fabulous person ! 

Lifestyle blogger and a genuinely lovely person  - will be the one on crutches in the corner due to a broken foot ! x

beauty Blogger who is also a primary school teacher ! 

Lifestyle and beauty blogger who is recently married (her wedding was beautiful)

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger who blogs vintage and thrifty pieces and is also a history student

Books and Beauty blogger who's also a maths student 

Newbie beauty and lifestyle blogger, who also works in PR

Jennie  / @jennieemmauk  /
Fashion and beauty blogger who is also a model and miss yorkshire runner up ! 

Lifestyle blogger and mum to be for the second time ! 

Male beauty and fashion blogger who is the geek that Simone is married to ! 

jewelry fanatic who always has an amazing story to share.

Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger who is a  Hairdresser and a Mummy

A bit of everything blogger who seems to be Harry Potter obsessed!

Lifestyle blogger and theater enthusiast !

Running and fitness blogger with a few added lifestyle posts 

fashion beauty and lifestyle blogger 

Fashion and Beauty blogger who loves Tea and cake ! 

Lifestyle and beauty blogger who works as a freelancer 

Lifestyle blogger who is a recent English Graduate 

fashion, beauty and lifestyle student studying Fashion in Manchester 

Lifestyle blogger who is also the feature editor for the Hull Daily Mail Femail content.

Fashion and lifestyle blogger whos loves cats and cups of tea.

Fashion and lifestyle blogger who is a student and part time nanny

Lifestyle blogger, music lover  and student 

A theatre & film loving Marketing professional who blogs about the arts. 

Andrew Barton New Range | Review*

Back at the beginning of the year I tried out some amazing hair care products from Andrew Barton and wrote all about how much I loved them. They have recently brought out a whole new range and re-vamp of their products and I have been lucky enough to try some more out. 

There is a huge range of products to choose from as there is something for every hair type, obviously I love the blonde range however I thought I would try some other bits too. The Blonde range has had a slight re-vamp from my last review , the packaging is different and so is the formula but I love it just as much as I did previously. 

The new products I tried out included Two hair masks,  the S.O.S Hair repair mask and the Protect my colour mask. I am a massive fan of hair masks and I use one at least twice a week. I loved using both masks, The S.O.S Hair repair instructs to use it between shampoo and conditioner which I quite enjoy doing. It revamped my slightly dry and dull hair and made it feel fuller and sleeker. The Protect my colour mask made my hair shiny and vibrant and brought out the colour a lot more, I'm a huge advocate of using products that keep your colour and this is definitely one of them. 

The sprays are something Im trying to get in to a lot more, as I mentioned in the previous post I have been using the heat protection spray a lot and I'm really loving using the texturing spray. Now my hair is looking a bit longer I think texturising sprays can really help it look like there is more volume and create that messy but styled look.  

My favourite thing about all the Andrew Barton products has to be the smell! They all just smell incredible, and after use Im always sniffing my hair (Yep looking like a crazy person).On a whole all of the products are such great value for money, priced from around  £3.60 each, they are affordable and actually work ! You can pick them up in your local Asda store or online here.

*Items within this post have been sent for review purposes however, all opinions are my own

5 Top Tips to Organising a Blogger meet up | Tips & Tricks

As you may already know I along with two other lovely ladies are organising a summer blogger meet up in Hull for 30 amazing local bloggers. This has been in the making for about 4 months and it has taken a lot or hard work, stress and determination but it has also been really fun! I thought I would share my 5 top tips to organise your own blogger meet up !

1. Get your blogging buddies on board !
These two girls have been my saviour as I knew I could have not done it alone, we worked as a team and achieved so much. They have both been amazing, we have had so many laughs and a few little dramas along the way but if it wants for these two offering up their services there probably wouldn't have been a meet up at all ! Check them out : and

2. Work with what you've got. 
If you have previously worked with brands in the past why not give them a shout and see if they wanted to work together again? I have defiantly tried to use all the resources I had in this aspect and it has worked really well. Once you already have a relationship with someone they are usually more than happy to work with you again.

3. Excel is your new best friend 
If it wants for Excel I wouldn't have a clue what was going on! I have had lists upon lists, little notes written all over and all sorts of emails going on by putting it in to spread sheet I know exactly whats going on. I have everyone who's attending along with all their details saved (brands usually want to have a look at this) I have all the bands involved with their contacts and what they are sending and if its been received etc. It really helps you feel organised!

4.Organisation is the one. 
Leading on from Excel, just in general you need to get organised from the off make sure you have a set date and venue and rough idea of how many bloggers will be attending. There has been three Hull Meets now and they have pretty much doubled in size each time ! Having a venue big enough is obviously really important as we don't want to all be squished in. 

5.Give the bloggers what they want
Okay no diva strops allowed, but you need to know what people actually want from a meet up before you organise one or you may have an empty venue ! I made a survey for everyone to fill in and asked questions to see which brands people wanted involved, if they wanted food, if they would like stalls etc. Its just a good way to start and find out what people actually want :)

I hope these tips come in handy for anyone planning on organising something :D I have had a fab time planning I'm just hoping everyone will love the meet :D 

Posh Pickles | Sample Sunday

I came across posh pickles a few weeks ago and instantly needed to try them! I love anything in the form of relish, chutney, jams sauces just give me them all. Posh Pickles is a super cute company based in Chester making unique flavoured Pickles. They sent me two little jars to sample: Claret, red onion and balsamic relish and Vietnamese, lemongrass and chilli relish. I had the red onion one on some lovely gluten free crackers with some blue cheese and it was amazing! Im not a massive fan of spicy food but my boyfriend had this with some burgers for tea and persuaded me to have a dip and it really did taste delicious (I just cant handle the heat). They both tasted lovely and you can tell they are hand made and not super-market mass produced. 

If you are lucky enough to be coming along to the Hull Blogger meet up next weekend then you will be able to try out some of these too so make sure you keep an eye out !

Its all about Staycations | Travel

I have already been on holiday abroad this summer but I feel like I went quiet early on, so to fight those holiday blues and to make the most of 'Great British Weather' me and the boyfriend have had a few little weekends away in the UK otherwise known as a Staycation! This has had me thinking there are so many areas of my own country that I would love to visit so I'm hoping all these little weekends away can  extend my travelling a bit more. Last weekend we went to Chester! My boyfriend actually used to live in Chester (as a young 'un) and said I would love it, and that I did, I thought it was beautiful so I decided to take a few snaps:

We did all the 'touristy' things such as looking at the historical features, shopping and of course visiting the Friends cafe! 

So back to the point of the blog post - Parkdean recently sent me this delicious hamper* full to the brim with Cornwall themed afternoon tea delights to help me reminisce on my favourite UK staycation memories and think about all the new ones I can make too! 

Parkedean Holidays recently ran a survey that showed that up to 41% of Devon and Cornwall residents choose to holiday right on their own doorsteps. This must mean they are beautiful places - not that I'm doubting that - it just makes me really want to visit! 

If you are feeling tempted by a staycation over a vacation, why not enter Parkdean’s competition to win a 3 to 4 night stay with them in either Cornwall (or Devon), worth £499. You can enter here.

Im planning on having a lot more travel themed posts on my blog as I'm actually planning to go 'Travelling' in 2016 so make sure you come back to see what I have planned :D 

*PR samples are included in this post. They have been sent for review however all opinions are my own. 

Stress Free Weekends away | Travel

Having a weekend away is a real treat, but you want to be sure that it’s as stress free as possible. Whether you’re with your friends or family, you want to have a great time. If you’re too stressed, you won’t be able to enjoy yourself, and that would be disastrous! I recently popped to Prestatyn in Wales for the weekend so I have included a few snaps from that too :). Here is a few top tips to make sure its chilled:

Have More Money Than You Think You Need
It’s always nice to have more money to spare than you think you’ll need. You never know what might happen. You don’t have to spend it; it’s just in case of an emergency. You should still work out a budget and the best way to spend your budget. Just have that little cash cushion there to give you peace of mind.

Plan Well in Advance
Make sure you plan for your stress free weekend away as far in advance as you can. Get the time off work, and sort out transport. Pack. Make a solid plan for getting things off to a good start. Start as you mean to go on! Then you can relax properly as soon as the trip comes around and you’ll have minimal things to consider.

Create an Itinerary
Creating an itinerary will give you direction and help you to use your time wisely while you’re away, especially if you have never been to this destination before. Make sure you include lots of activities, but make sure you research how you’ll get there and the price too. Don’t underestimate how long some things will take. If you’re going on a walking tour, know how long it’ll last.There are lots of resources online that can help you to create your itinerary such as Joeleany.

Plan Time to Relax
Although you want to fill your time with lots of good activities, you always want to plan time to relax. If you don’t, you could burn out and not want to do anything on your itinerary anyway! Take time to explore with no plans. You might even find some things you’d like to do while you’re out relaxing with no itinerary.  

Take Comfortable Clothing
When it comes to clothing, make sure you take comfortable clothes. Your shoes are especially important. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had sore feet from wearing uncomfortable shoes on a weekend away. Make sure you’re prepared for all kinds of weather too, as it can be unpredictable! I always like to make sure I travel in comfy clothes too.

Well, there it is; my guide to having a stress free weekend away! I hope you like it and it helps you to chill out and enjoy your time away. If you have any tips that you like to use, make sure you comment them below :)

Monthly Empties | July

Colgate // Advance white tooth paste

I have used a few different varieties of the Touch of silver shampoos, I really like how they keep blonde hair nice and bright. I haven't actually dyed my hair in well over a year or two and I truly do think it is down to these products. I would recommend to any one with blonde hair, they are cheaply priced and work really well.  

I bought this after christmas so I'm really impressed with how long it has lasted. I love using this along with the cleanse and polish from Liz Earle and I think I shall be making a re-purchase.  If you like the cleanse and polish I would would 100% say get this to use along side as it just makes your skin feel beautiful. 

Not really a lot to say about basic nail polish remover, it does the job and its cheap woo. 

I really like this scent of this Gilette shave gel, I much prefer to use a gel as it prevents cuts, leaves your skin feeling smooth and also smelling lush. You can usually pick this up on offer to get it a little cheaper. 

This is currently my favourite every day foundation, it last quiet well and has a really good coverage. I think for the price it is very decent drug store foundation. I have already re purchased but in a slightly darker colour, it leaves a lovely dewy effect. 

I have had this for around a year now. I bought it as soon as it came out as I seemed to be convinced by a lovely lady in Debenhams. I did like using this but I don't think its a must have in my collection. There are a lot of dupes floating around that I'm sure are just as good.

This is my favourite perfume. It smells delicious and to be honest this has been empty for a while but I have been reluctant to give it up. Its really sweet smelling and I feel its very distinctive. I really want to re purchase this but it is a bit pricey. (But worth it)

You really can't go wrong with a Sleek blush, they are dupes for the Nars blushes and I feel like I would rather have all the different colours from sleek compared to one Nars blush. They are really pigmented and you don't need a lot, I'm surprised I actually got through one to be honest. 

I have used up a million of these. Its always a staple in my collection as its cheap and just does the job it doesn't last forever but for every day its fine. 

I always seem to have tooth paste in my empties and its always the same one maybe I need to start trying something different?