The Coronation street tour | Manchester Events

I was recently invited along to possibly the most exciting event I have ever had chance to go to. I am a huge Coronation street fan and when I was asked along to see the tour I was ecstatic ! I have wanted to go along since it opened however I have just not got round to it, so I jumped at the chance and went along with my blogger buddy Emma ( 

This post is going to be very photo heavy but you will get a sneak peak in to what the tour is like (however they do change it around). Normally you wouldn't be able to go on to the set or take photographs of the sets but we where lucky enough to have the chance and be able to show all of you it too. 

The tour starts with a look around the dressing rooms, old  costumes and make up. 

Before leading on to the sets, you have your very own tour guide who takes you around, gives you exciting behind the scenes facts and answers all your questions. 

This leads on to the street, you take as many pictures as you wish at this point and take your time browsing around at your own leisure. 

We got to indulge in pizza in the famous street takeaway - Prima Donna

I had such an amazing time, thank you so much for the Corrie tour for having us. I will defiantly be booking a trip back before it closes in December so make sure you book yours too. You can find all the details here:

The tickets where provided by the Coronation Street tour for review purposes. 

BlackHead Killer | Sample Sunday

I haven't posted a sample Sunday post in a little while now and I really wanted to get back on it ! I was recently sent a little sample of Black head killer peel off masks from Lux style (available online here). I love a good face mask, I use at least one at week and I have a huge collection of them my favourites include Origins charcoal mask and Manuka Dr. mask. 

I did quiet like this one I have had similar in the past that actually hurt your face when you peel them off however this one wasn't so bad. It did make my skin break out the next day but these type of masks usually do that, as it sucks all of the impurities out of your skin. I don't think this is a product I would rave about and purchase again and again but it is nice for a change and did work well for my skin. 

Hopefully more sample Sundays coming your way ! 

This product was sent for review purposes.

Slip into Summer 12 Week Challenge | Health and Fitness #4

The final instalment of my DW Fitness challenge posts ! I thought today I would share with you my final thoughts and of course the lovely dress I was sent from Weird Fish ! I wasn't so sure of the dress when I first tried it on as its a longer length than I would prefer but once I paired it with a pair of nude wedges I really liked the way it looked. Its not my personal style preference but I think it looks a lot better on once your all dolled up and ready for a lovely summers BBQ or evening out. Thank you Weird Fish for opening my eyes to different styles :)

My Final Thoughts: 

I found the challenge really hard to stick to. I probably wasn't in the right frame of mind due to exams end of uni new job etc all happening at once so I could not 100% focus on it. I also found out I must eat Gluten free so changing my diet was really hard. I didn't particularly loose any weight however, I lost a few cm here and there so that must mean I am beginning to tone up ! 

I wasn't overly impressed with the DW gym, the facilities where always really clean and looked after however the staff wasn't so great. I was never shown round even when asked and they didn't seem like they wanted to offer up any advice. The classes where good however as some one new I wasn't instructed what to do and sometimes was confused. Every time I went along I had to explain why I had a pass and fill in a form which got really annoying 3 times a week. I also think it may be out of my price range to be able to join in the future. 

Weird Fish seem lovely, they happily swapped my dress when it was sent to me too big so I was really pleased with that. Its not a brand I had looked at before but I would now in the future. 

I have learnt that you must be fully motivated and in the zone if you want to take this seriously ! I have learnt that a little excersize and a healthier diet can make you feel better in yourself not just look better in your appearance.I feel healthier in myself and aim to continue regular fitness and healthy eating. 

Thank you to all involved giving me a chance to at least try this programme, I actually learnt a lot and  managed to just my diet to being Gluten free which has really helped my health. 


I was recently invited along to the Manchester International Festival by who kindly offered me the chance to style an outfit to wear on the day. I went along to the Granada studios to watch a dance performance by FlexN. Brooklyn-based Flex dance coreographer Reggie 'Regg Roc' gray assembled a team of Flex dancers from a very special MIF15 performance. Dancers from the group collaborated with talented dancers from Manchester to create this unique show. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and was very impressed with the dancers. I had not seen this style of dance before it was sort of contemporary mixed with street but you could really feel the passion they portrayed. I would have never thought to go along to something like that so I'm really glad gave me the chance.
For my outfit I decided to embrace a bit of the tassel trend thats in style at the moment, I picked out something I wouldn't normally wear but I'm so glad I did as I loved my outfit. The boots are perfect for those times when you want to look stylish but comfortable as they don't have much of heel. The bag is just the right size to fit your essentials and of course the dress is just so pretty. I would say I was thinking ooooh this dress will look good a bit oversized but it actually already is so make sure you stick to your true size :).

Thank you so much to Boohoo for working with me and giving me this fab opportunity! 

*Items where sent for review purposes and tickets where bought by Boohoo

#OOTD | WishList

Jeans / Jacket / Shoes / Top  /  Bag

Im really in to quiet minimal clean outfits at the moment that look smart and stylish. I really need some ripped jeans as I don't actually own any, I love the colour of these Khaki green ones from theres quiet a few pairs that I love at the moment but need to wait until next pay day to splurge. I also am desperate for a Rebecca Minkoff bag! I love them sooo much I love the design and how sleek they look, I defiantly have one on my wish list. These shoes I have actually bought for my graduation as they are a good heel hight and also look quiet smart compared to my massive sky scraper heels. I actually now own this jacket too since having it on my wishlist! I picked it up last week from Topshop, the material is so luxurious and soft I am so glad I bought it as it will go with so many things. 

Whats on your wishlist? 

Sebamed | Review*

I was recently sent a few products from Sebamed to try out. For those who are lucky enough to be coming along to the Hull Bloggers meet up at the end of August you will also get to try out some of these products so I thought I would do a little review before hand to give my thoughts. 

I have tried the cleansing bar which is basically a cleanser in the form of a soap. I have used this for a few weeks now and I quiet like it, it leaves your skin feeling really clean and fresh the only down side is it you get in your eyes it stings a bit :( I prefer cleansers that I can remove my eye make up with so that was a bit disappointing but I do like it over all. I also have been trying the moisturiser, this again is really pure and clean. I have quiet sensitive skin and some days I don't want to use anything fragranced or anything so this product is really nice for that. I quiet like this range and am excited to try out a few different bits in the future. Check out their range

Summer Style | #OOTD

Bag / Next 
Watch / Olivia Burton 

A little OOTD post from whilst I was on holiday in Egypt. I am in love with this dress, I picked this up in Hollister in the sale for £29. Its a lovely soft silky material, it fits really well and I just love the lace up back part perfect when you have a tan ! I had such a lovely holiday I wish we went for longer. 

Are you going away this summer?
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Whats in my toiletries bag | Travel

Another travel inspired post... I thought I would share what is in my toiletries bag. I have bought mostly new items to take away with me as I love to have new products to try and I think its always a nice treat. I tried to get all minis or smaller products to take with me. You may have read my high end haul (if not read it here) I picked up the Clinique three step to take along with me and was given a few samples so I could take them too. I bought the tooth paste, the conditioner and shaving gel from Primark all for £1 each such a bargain! I obviously have a few bits to add to this like my tooth brush and I need to still pick up a shampoo but I think thats everything! I like to make sure I have a big deodorant as obviously it is always hot abroad and I don't want to get sweaty. I also like to take along a body scrub as it is important to scrub away dead skin cells in order to not have peeled skin. All my sun lotion is in another bag :)

I shall be away while you are reading this so if iv forgotten everything you cant even remind me! Oh well I'm sure I shall be all good. Are you going away this year? Whats your favourite products to take?

Slip into Summer 12 Week Challenge | Health and Fitness #3

I have finally completed the Slip into Summer 12 Week Challenge. I must say how hard it has been to try and stay on track! I really haven't at all and to be honest I'm a bit gutted as I really need to loose some weight. I have been on a off some days doing really well others not so well! 

I have noticed a slight difference in feeling a lot healthier due to eating Gluten free and it has been a lot easier than I first thought. Also with me working more, I am on my feet all day running around the shop most of the time so at least I am active. I think my down fall is that I love eating out! I love going out for tea trying new foods and new restaurants and obviously that does not help the healthy diet. 

I decided to set my goals of going to the gym at least two times a week and doing some at home fitness.I also had been eating a bit better eating salad or stir fry for lunch at work and protein and veg for tea. I really enjoy eating healthy but sometimes it just isn't feasible to maintain. 

The last week of the challenge I was actually on holiday at an all inclusive resort! To be honest I found it hard eating well there as I didn't like a lot of the options and I couldn't eat a lot of the options due to not having Gluten free choices. However I have been rather active due to swimming and spending a lot of time in the pool and I have drank loads of water due to needing to be hydrated at all times ! 

Im not going to lie I don't really think I have done that well at all but I know that I'm going to carry on with trying to eat healthy and partake in regular fitness. I plan to write up a finally post with all my thoughts and feelings of the challenge, if i have lost any weight / inches off my body, my review of DW fitness gym and my dress from weirdfish that I hopefully now fit in to :)  So keep upper eyes peeled for that within the next few days !

Whats in my hand luggage | Travel

As you may be aware from a few previous posts I'm currently on holiday! I thought I would share with you whats in my travel hand bag :). I love seeing posts like this and watching videos as I'm nosey but it also helps for me to be organised. Im taking my normal every day hand bad with is my Longchamp Le Pilage large shopper tote in navy. I got this for my birthday last year and it is so handy as it just fits everything in. Not pictured here I will be taking my purse obviously, which is from Vivienne Westwood, my sunglasses that are from Stella McCartney and then my regular glasses that are from Religion, a tangle teaser and of course my Passport. 

I picked up a set of three little zip up bags to store my other bits rather than having it all over my bag. In the large one I am keeping my electrical bits including my camera, Kindle, head phones and then various chargers. Then the smaller one is for little beauty bits so I have packed: Tissues, citrus scented hand sanitiser from primark, hand lotion from Soap and Glory, a pack of wipes, a Burts bees lip balm, collection lasting perfection concealer, Benefit Hello Flawless powder, Extra chewing gum and Clinique mini cream (just in case). Im sure more shall be thrown in last minute but this is all I had pre-organised. Mega excited to go although when you are reading this I shall be there woo! 
Are you going on holiday this year?