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I probably have mentioned a few times that I'm jetting off at the end of the month for my holidays to Egypt with my boyfriend and his family. I love getting organised to go as I think it starts to get you all excited and ready to jet off. Plus I just love been organised in general. Over the past few weeks I have been getting myself all sorted and ready to go so I thought I would share with you what I do to be organised.

Beauty essentials 
Of course beauty essentials are important, and need to be organised in advance! We shopped around for our suncare and eventually choose the Loreal range. We picked up three suncreams and an after sun lotion, we are only going for a week but its going to super hot so we need to make sure we don't burn. I also picked up a Clinique sun lotion, a Shiseido sun lotion and a pack of Clinique travel skin care as you can see in my Haul post here. 

Another item I have picked up is a sunsense wrist band* that changes colour when you need to apply more sun lotion. I thought these would be really handy and I really fancied trying them out! I shall let you know how I get on with these once I am home :)

Travel insurance and Injections
For Travel insurance I always make sure we compare prices and get the best one. We never really pay much for it but its defiantly good to have it just incase. As we are going to Egypt we thought we may need injections. I always already covered due to having them in the past and already travelling to Egypt. My boyfriend however had to have his, I'm so glad I got out of it as I HATE injections but its always good to check just incase.

Car parks, hotels and air port lounges 
As we live in Manchester it will only take us 20 minutes or so to travel to the airport. This year we decided to drive and park at the airport. Last year we got taxis too and from the air port which cost £22 each way, landing at 6am when you are overly sleepy and cold and upset you are no longer in the sun you just don't want to be waiting around for a taxi so this year we decided on using a carpark at the airport. There are lots to choose from and something to suit each price. We used* to book our car park. After looking at a few different ones I rang up and spoke to a lovely lady who went through my different options and choose the best one for us. We booked it over the phone, it was so simply and easy and hopefully so will be parking the car but I shall report back and let you know. We was also going to book an Airport lounge but as we are travelling with a 1year old this was not possible, maybe next time!


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