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As I am away on holiday this week I thought I would do some holiday related posts! Today I thought I would show you a few bits I'm taking away with me. Im planning on picking up a few bits in the air port (hello duty free) so I'm not taking too much, plus I don't tend to wear a lot when I'm away too. 
I wanted to mainly take bronzed coloured and peach coloured products as I think it will complement my tanned skin and my outfits I'm taking. 

A few new things I'm taking along to try out is the Maybelline pure mineral BB cream with UV and SPF 50 protection. I don't plan on wearing make up in the day time but if I do fancy a bit of coverage I thought this would be best. Another is the MUA peach coloured blush, I love this colour when its all blended so I'm excited to wear this. The lip bullet was in my Goodie bag from the Next Lingerie event (Read post here) Its such a lovely peachy colour and the texture feels lovely. Finally I decided to treat myself to a new foundation! I picked up the highly recommended double wear from Estée Lauder, I'm not sure if I will be wearing it too much as it is a full coverage foundation but I love it so much I could not leave it behind. 

What are your favourite summer products?


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