Lemonade Days | Review*

Lemonade Days / Treacle moon / Available at Tesco

I was recently asked if I would like to try some products from a new brand called Treacle Moon. Having a look through the press release there was a few different ranges including The raspberry kiss,  One ginger morning, Marshmallow hearts and various other cute names. Amongst this was Those lemonade days and I thought this would be best suited to my little blog! They arrived within a few days and I have been using them since. The scent is to die for they are so sweet and it reminds me of sherbet lemons ! I love fresh scented products for the summer, it starts your day nicely in the shower. These products are all available in Tesco stores and I would defiantly recommend you go and have a sniff! 

Holiday make up bag | Travel

As I am away on holiday this week I thought I would do some holiday related posts! Today I thought I would show you a few bits I'm taking away with me. Im planning on picking up a few bits in the air port (hello duty free) so I'm not taking too much, plus I don't tend to wear a lot when I'm away too. 
I wanted to mainly take bronzed coloured and peach coloured products as I think it will complement my tanned skin and my outfits I'm taking. 

A few new things I'm taking along to try out is the Maybelline pure mineral BB cream with UV and SPF 50 protection. I don't plan on wearing make up in the day time but if I do fancy a bit of coverage I thought this would be best. Another is the MUA peach coloured blush, I love this colour when its all blended so I'm excited to wear this. The lip bullet was in my Goodie bag from the Next Lingerie event (Read post here) Its such a lovely peachy colour and the texture feels lovely. Finally I decided to treat myself to a new foundation! I picked up the highly recommended double wear from Estée Lauder, I'm not sure if I will be wearing it too much as it is a full coverage foundation but I love it so much I could not leave it behind. 

What are your favourite summer products?

Pre holiday Organisation | LBloggers

Image from Pinterest 

I probably have mentioned a few times that I'm jetting off at the end of the month for my holidays to Egypt with my boyfriend and his family. I love getting organised to go as I think it starts to get you all excited and ready to jet off. Plus I just love been organised in general. Over the past few weeks I have been getting myself all sorted and ready to go so I thought I would share with you what I do to be organised.

Beauty essentials 
Of course beauty essentials are important, and need to be organised in advance! We shopped around for our suncare and eventually choose the Loreal range. We picked up three suncreams and an after sun lotion, we are only going for a week but its going to super hot so we need to make sure we don't burn. I also picked up a Clinique sun lotion, a Shiseido sun lotion and a pack of Clinique travel skin care as you can see in my Haul post here. 

Another item I have picked up is a sunsense wrist band* that changes colour when you need to apply more sun lotion. I thought these would be really handy and I really fancied trying them out! I shall let you know how I get on with these once I am home :)

Travel insurance and Injections
For Travel insurance I always make sure we compare prices and get the best one. We never really pay much for it but its defiantly good to have it just incase. As we are going to Egypt we thought we may need injections. I always already covered due to having them in the past and already travelling to Egypt. My boyfriend however had to have his, I'm so glad I got out of it as I HATE injections but its always good to check just incase.

Car parks, hotels and air port lounges 
As we live in Manchester it will only take us 20 minutes or so to travel to the airport. This year we decided to drive and park at the airport. Last year we got taxis too and from the air port which cost £22 each way, landing at 6am when you are overly sleepy and cold and upset you are no longer in the sun you just don't want to be waiting around for a taxi so this year we decided on using a carpark at the airport. There are lots to choose from and something to suit each price. We used www.bookfhr.com* to book our car park. After looking at a few different ones I rang up and spoke to a lovely lady who went through my different options and choose the best one for us. We booked it over the phone, it was so simply and easy and hopefully so will be parking the car but I shall report back and let you know. We was also going to book an Airport lounge but as we are travelling with a 1year old this was not possible, maybe next time!

Busy B | Review*

I was recently sent these two adorable little pieces of stationary from Busy B. They have some amazing pieces of stationary that are perfect for gifts or a treat for yourself. There are lots of different deigns such as weekly planners, organisers, wedding planners, memory books and journals. 
I am really loving the meal planner as it has a list for shopping at one side and the other there is the days of the week for you to plan each meal! It is really handy as me and my boyfriend like to make a list as we run out of items so we now just jot it on there rather than a scrap of paper that we usually loose. The note pad is really sweet as it has three different sheets inside that are a to do list, general notes and a check list. I love the designs, pastel colours and patterns on each of the products and I would defiantly order from them again for gifts for friends or relatives :). If you are cute stationary lover like me, make sure you check them out: busyb.co.uk

#NextLingerie | Event part 2.

Hopefully you have read my post from Friday but if not you can do here , which was part one with my evening with Next. After previewing, trying on and choosing all the new Lingerie at the Next store we where treated to a meal out at Hotel Gothem in Manchester. The meal was three courses and it was amazing. I love trying new restaurants and this one was right up my street. All the food tasted incredible, the company was great as I was surrounded by fabulous bloggers and the decor of the restaurant was divine too. I selected the Ballontine of goats cheese  for starter, the Rich man’s fish & chips for main course and Warm rhubarb & pistachio bakewell  with Clotted cream, rhubarb gel  for desert. I loved every second of it and want to say thank you so much to Next for a fantastic evening! 

Make sure you check out the new Lingerie collection at Next !

#NextLingerie | Event part 1.

On Wednesday night I was invited along to the Next store within Manchester Arndale to preview the launch of their new lingerie collection. I was so delighted and felt rather privileged to have an invite and have been very excited to attend. I went along with my partner in crime - Emma (sarcasm-and-style.co.uk), firstly the Next team introduced themselves and talked to us about the new pieces and then we had a little talk from celebrity stylist Martine Alexander who told us the importance of wearing the right bra. I was then whisked off by one of the lovely bra fitters at next to get me measured up and choosing the right bra. I really wanted a strapless one for my up coming holiday. There was an amazing one that they unfortunately didn't have in stock but I have it written down to buy another time! Instead I picked up a two pack, nude and white which has detachable strap. They are really comfortable and look really nice on so I was happy with my choice. I liked so many of the designs but I had my practical head on. I will defiantly going back for more after my holiday ! As well as being measured we where treated to hand massages, champagne and cupcakes. It was fairly relaxed and there was time to have a look around at your own pace, at the Arndale store there is actually quiet a large selection to choose from and even more online : Next.co.uk

Make sure you check back to find out more about my night with #NextLingerie 

Summer Style | #OOTD

Top / Next 
Skirt / Primark 
Shoes /River Island 
Bag / Next 
Sunglasses / Stella McCartney 
Necklace / Primark 

Photo credit : Emma / sarcasm-and-style.co.uk

Beauty Bargains - Drugstore | Haul

Technic / Mega nude eyeshadow palette / £1.99

I had seen some one mention in a Youtube video about these products and said they where great for adding texturing to flat hair so I hunted them down and tried them out I really like them both but i think I prefer the volume spray the most. I tend to add waves in my hair using my straighteners and then spree this throughout to add more texture. 

I bought this from my work as I thought the colour was really pretty an it was an absolute bargain ! The RRP: is £5.49 so I couldn't resist. 

Again another bargain from work this sells in boots for £10.99 ! I have seen a few other bloggers rave about it so I thought why not check it out. I am liking it so far but its hard to get off ! 

This was a re purchase as I really enjoy using it. I think it helps to keep my makeup in place for the day, it adds a bit more moisture to my skin and is a great price too.

This is another repurchase however after using it a few times I have gone off it now. I think I prefer a bit of a lighter base at the moment but I'm sure I will be back loving it again in a few months.

The Rimmel Match perfection was a purchase influenced by Youtuber Fleur De Force. She said that it was great so I thought why not give it a try. I think if I was to repurchase I may choose a darker shade but I do really like this product. It applies well, it stays put and is a good consistency. I defiantly think that it is good for the price too.

I had this a few months ago and loved using it. It is a bit harsh on your skin due to the salt but it makes my skin feel so fresh, clean and sort of resurfaced due to scrubbing away all the dead skin cells. I would defiantly recommend to any one who loves a good scrub.

I picked these up in Wilkinsons the other week just to try out as I thought well for £1 you may as well give it a try. I am so so glad I did as these lipliners are so good. They are really soft, they glide along the lips really well, and have great pigmentation. Im defiantly going to buy every shade ! 

Technic / Mega nude eyeshadow palette / £1.99
This Technic palette I picked up from my work simply because it was £1.99 and I thought for that price (plus my discount) why not try it out. I was so shocked by how pigmented the colours are and how long lasting the product is. I am defiantly tempted to pick up more from Technic

What bargains have you picked up recently?

Monthly Empties | May

Montagne Jeunesse/ Amore rose face mask / £1.95

Batiste / Dry shampoo mini 
I found this mini in the bottom of a draw so I thought I would just use it up. This isn't my favourite scent but its works amazing just as all the others. A firm favourite. 

Soap & Glory / Sugar crush body scrub mini 
Again another mini I thought I would just use up. I really love the sugar crush scent, its my favourite out of them all. I love this scrub and I would defiantly repurchase it. 

Liz Earle / Cleanse & Polish 
This is the first one I have managed to finish! I have had this since October time so it has lasted really well. I would recommend this cleanser to anyone ! I love it so much I think it leaves your skin feeling really soft, it smells delightful and it actually does a good job too ! It makes removing make up so much easier and way better than a face wipe could. 

Rimmel / Fix & Perfect primer
I have mentioned this primer a few times on my blog. I really love it, it is one of the best I have used so far and I think it will be a constant repurchase for me. I love that its a cream texture and you just put it on like a moisturiser. It makes my makeup stay in place and last all day. Its so affordable too. 

Colgate / Advanced white toothpaste 
I really like this toothpaste. I like the taste, I like that my teeth actually feel clean after use and thats its usually like £1. I don't reckon it really whitens your teeth that much but its better than nothing I guess. 

Dior / Eyebrow pencil
This is my favourite ever eye brow purchase ! I have had this pencil over a year! It is so long lasting so you don't mind spending the money so much. It is the perfect colour for me, it always looks great and is really easy to apply.

Soap & Glory / Sugar crush body wash 
I love the scent of this body wash. Its sooo fruity and fresh and leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth  and smelling amazing. It foams up so well and lasts for so long. Im currently using the orange scented one but I aren't as keen on that.  

Superdrug / Tea tree deep cleansing nose strip
I wasn't really impressed with these. I don't think they particularly worked so I wouldn't bother buying them again. 

Nspa / Radiance boosting mask 
I loved this face mask, it smelt amazing and left my face feeling very smooth and clean. I would really recommend anything from this brand. All the products are extremely well priced and are just great in general read more of my thoughts about Nspa here :)

Bed Head / Glaze Haze serum
This was just amongst all my little samples so I thought I would try it out. I HATED it. I used it on freshly washed hair and it just made my hair look greasy and unwashed :( it didn't add anything just made me look bad !! 

Boots / Tea tree and which hazel cleansing and toning lotion
This is a staple within my collection. I love using this when I have a break out as the which hazel is great to treat spots and blemishments. My skin always feels really clean and soothed when I use it so i always like to have it in my stash. 

Montagne Jeunesse/ Amore rose face mask

I didn't really like this face mask as I don't particularly like Rose scented products. I do like this brand for facemasks so it was a good product just the scent put me off. 

Hosting a clothes swap | Lifestyle

If you’re looking for an excuse to have a girly night in, hosting a clothes swap could be the perfect thing for you. You could end up getting rid of a load of things you don’t want, and getting a load of amazing new things to boot. I went along to one organised by Rock on Ruby a few months back (Post here) and met so many lovely new blogger friends and some amazing new pieces of clothing, so I would defiantly recommend a blogger one. If you need an excuse to host a clothes shop, take a look through this post:

You Get Lots of New Clothes
Clothes that are old news to your friends will be brand spanking new and exciting to you. You should end up with lots of lovely new clothes, and you won’t need to spend anything at all.

You Make Space
As you’re clearing out your wardrobe to swap, you’ll make space. You might not make as much space as intended if you bring back bundles of your friends old clothes, but you can forgive that if you love everything you come home with.

You Get Rid of Clothes You Don’t Want
I can never be bothered to sell my clothes on sites like eBay, but they do my head in when they’re strewn all over the place. This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of them and make sure they go to a loving new home.

It’s an Excuse for a Drink
You didn’t think I’d just suggest you got together to swap clothes, did you? It’s a great excuse to have a drink! Why not try something fancy, like Australian boutique wines? You could even serve nibbles to go with the wine, like cheese and crackers. If you’re trying to keep the budget low, then you could always just buy vodka and crisps.  

Have a Good Catch Up
We don’t catch up enough these days. Well, I don’t know about you and your friends specifically, but I know how busy everybody is. Everybody has their own stuff going on; work, boyfriends, family, kids, and everything else. This is a great excuse to have a good catch up and find out what’s going on with one another.


A Brill Alternative to Going Out
Although having a good girl’s night out is essential every so often, this is a good alternative. Girl’s nights out can cost a lot, from the hotel rooms to the new outfits. This is the best way to spend time together, have a drink, a gossip, and get new clothes on a budget! You’ll hardly spend a penny!

No Need to Travel for Shopping
A clothes swap is like shopping. The only issue with shopping, is that you usually need to travel to go somewhere worthwhile. No need to travel very far for a clothes swap! Simply pick an appropriate house and away you go. Everything you need is right there!

You can’t need anymore excuses to hold a clothes swap, so get planning yours now! Pick a date you’re all free, put it in your calendar, and have fun swapping your clothes. If you have any other ideas, please leave a comment below.

*This is a collaborative post.

Dine around the dome with Intu Trafford centre | Events

Last week I was invited to an amazing event held at the into Trafford centre (Manchester). Any event that involves eating out is right up my street however I was a bit worried about attending on my own and not really knowing any one. I decided to be brave and not miss out on a fantastic opportunity ! We met at 360 Campaign Bar, I was the first to arrive and was greeted by Laura and the Trafford centre PR team who where all so lovely! Firstly we all got to try out an amazing elderflower martini cocktail from the 360 champagne bar. I have been here before and remember how nice the drinks are! Soon all the others started to arrive and luckily I found Irena who I have met a few times so it was really nice to see a familiar face.
We then moved on to dine around the dome... 

First on the menu was a starter from Café Rouge, a french restaurant that is located on the first floor of the Orient dining hall. Here we got to try out Ceviche de Salmon.I love salmon so was excited to try this out, and it did not disappoint. It was light and fresh and left me wanting more so I defiantly need to come back here!

Next up we went along to Carluccio's a favourite of mine ! We where treated to an array of anti-pasti, this is my favourite type of food as I love to try out little bits of each dish. I surprisingly love the sweet and sour aubergine dish with toasted bread, I didn't think I liked aubergine so that was a nice surprise. I also LOVED the arancini  rice balls, I think I may have had about 4 of them! They are just too good!

We then headed over to next door to Las Iguanas, I had never been there before so I was quiet excited to see what it was all about. After reading the menu I realised that it was right up my street and was surprised I hadn't been there before ! We tried a mango and walnut salad, churassco skewers and  empanadas all tasting amazing! I also had a sip of the Mango cocktail (I was driving) what was soon yummy. I would defiantly return just for that. 

You would think by now we would be extremely full (we was) but on to the next one which was an independently run family restaurant named Wokooshii. I have walked past this restaurant so many times and never even thought to look in. I now regret that as the food was amazing. I really loved that it wasn't a chain, it was family run and the owner came and explained all the dishes and told us about the restaurant. All dishes are cooked with all fresh on the day ingredients and nothing is pre-prepared or frozen. It all tatted so so good I especially loved the terriakye salmon.  Defiantly a hidden gem in the Trafford centre. 

The final treat was heading up to a secret VIP area to indulge in some of the best deserts available from the restaurants located in the Trafford Centre orient. Everyone got to try out something different including churros from la tasca, tirramasu from pesto and many more. 
I had such an amazing time, I met some lovely new blogger friends and ate so much I could burst. Thank you so so much Intu Trafford Centre for having me. This was part of the Intu Big treat, so why not go along and treat yourself to some amazing food and drinks available. I know I will be going back to all these places to try out more. 

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Catwalk Killa | Launch Event

Last week I attended the Catwalk Killa launch night at Lemars in Manchester. Catwalk Killa has just been set up by two lovely ladies, Lauren from Fashion Panic and her best friend Vicky. I was so excited to go along as me and the fellow Manchester bloggers are so proud of Lauren and was excited to see what Catwalk Killa had to offer. There was a few pieces on show on the evening. My favourite was a sleeveless shirt which I thought would look amazing in the summer with some denim shorts. Going along to this launch was a great opportunity to meet new bloggers, catch up with friends and of course celebrate the launch of Catwalk Killa ! 
Thank you for inviting me along Lauren and Vicky, I had lots of fun! The best of look with everything I know you will do amazing :)

Make sure you check out the site: catwalkkilla.com
& follow them on social media for new pieces, competitions and more! facebook.com/catwalkkillatwitter.com/catwalkkilla1 / instagram.com/catwalkkilla