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So I was very excited when Alex , asked me to be aceleb guest blogger. Alex is one of my favourites,  not just saying,  as you'll see I'm super blunt. As a guest I thought I would take this to maybe intro something different in,  well at least a different point of view,  so take it easy on me, Alex will return, you're all safe.

I'm very lucky that I get too attend some amazing events,  red carpet, functions. Of course this includes Hull Fashion Week  and being  Celebrity Judge for Miss Hull. So I get to Loan so truly breathe talking times. Recently I've found Jewellery Heaven.  @ciro_jewellery Ciro has the most listedible history,  A - liat celebrity clienrs and of course, jewellery that will knock your loubs off. 

The twist here is these pieces are not only beautiful,  fully luxury but the items are Not Real diamonds,  gemstone , they are thee highest quality of stone to emulate the best Stones in the world.Starting from a budget friendly ( well for the Burlington Arcade). To Bespoke one off pieces. To which I got to loan a Bracelet .Worn alone,  or with your own pieces. 

On the 2nd day of events I  mixed in my own Real diamond pieces to play with the look. My Tiffany Tennis Bracelet and the Ciro one, looked perfect together,  and with the naked eye. You could not see a difference. Now with the HUGE statement pieces,  Unless you are , Old Money or a new lottery winner,  you're unlikely to have real pieces ( also a reason celebs borrow jewellery) we don't all Have several M to through at A Winston Ring. Ciro gives us the look but without having to sell a kidney. ( but I did think I may have to leave one for the loan)Some pieces so chic, that If you wish could pass for real, or if you prefer a more delicate style.I'm with our question , a Jewish magpie,  Slap that Bling on.

I would have made Liz Taylor proud with my choice of designs. Every colour of stone,  with the vintage style , the Italian company Knows jewellery.  As I mentioned A - List  Angelina Jolie has worn a set.

Check out the Web page for details,  or if in London,  pop into the flag ship Boutique,  found in the exclusive  Burlington Arcade,  just off Bond Street ( not the Hull one unfortunately). I can't wait to work more with this brand,  for Red Carpet,  as soon it will be coming up to the Male Grooming Awards,  to which I'm a celeb Judge , which is super exciting. 

Thank you for spending some brief time In the mind set of #ldwonthetown.

( Thank you so much Lewis for guest posting for me :D & Make sure you follow LDW on Twitter : @ldweedon and on YouTube)


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