Hull Fashion Week | Catwalk Finale

If you are a long term reader of my blog you will know that last year I worked with Hull Fashion Week. I was interning at the marketing agency that organises it all. I truly loved being so involved last year and was a bit gutted I couldn't get as involved this year. However, I still went along with my #HullBlogger friends and had an amazing time once again. I was there for the whole of the saturday chatting away and watching the catwalks. I didn't think it was a big as the previous year but it was still good all the same. I love that Hull is becoming more fashion forward as growing up there was slightly uninteresting ! Any way.. I didn't actually take that many photos throughout the day I tried to video but my camera kept dyeing so I just gave up in the end :( still managed a few snaps but be sure to check out my fellow #HullBloggers blog posts as I'm sure they will have ways better photos than mine :)


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