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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So sang Marilyn Monroe. Most of us don't have a film star budget though (just a lemonade one lol) . There is good news though. A lower budget needn't stop us buying diamonds. There are ways to get sparkle at a slashed price. Here are some ways to dig out a diamond deal.


Set Up News Alerts
Obviously you'll need some money to buy your diamond, so start saving. While that money is gaining interest in the bank, you can begin your research. One thing to do is set up a Google alert. You can set up alerts for one or more keywords. If bargain diamonds are what you're after, then choose appropriate keywords. Cheap diamonds, cut price diamonds, vintage diamonds are all possible phrases to use.

You'll then get alerts every time something with these phrases appears in Google's news feed. Today I found out that the price of diamonds is falling. Without regular alerts, you might miss that news item and miss out on a bargain.

Buy Online
For big purchases, most of us want to check out the quality in person. For diamond buying though, this could be a costly error. Prices can be up to 20% more in store than online.

Browsing online also gives you access to a wide range of diamond jewellery. Compared to your local jeweller, you can compare thousands of price and cuts.

Online diamond stores offer well-known designer brands. If you want to save a little money and get a designer look, the Internet is your friend. Simon G jewelry from Whiteflash, for instance, caters to a range of budgets. Online diamond jewellery stores also offer trade up options. This means you can buy the diamond to suit your budget. When you've saved a little more, you can trade in your current piece. This trade-up option is a great way to buy something more extravagant.

Buy Vintage
Pre-loved diamond jewellery items are significantly cheaper than new ones. Yes, your ring or bracelet won't be brand, spanking new. You may find it is different to more modern cuts. Depending on your point of view that might be a good thing. A vintage piece of diamond jewellery will feel more unique.

Change Cut Shapes
When it comes to engagement rings, the preferred cut is round. When creating round-shaped diamonds, a lot of the stone is lost. This also drives up the price.

Show your individuality by picking a different cut? Square cut diamonds when cut, don't lose as much of the stone. This makes them a less expensive option. They'll also make you stand out from the crowd. You will get to wear something more individual, but amazingly, at a lower price point.

Yes, diamonds are forever. They are a virtually indestructible symbol of love and eternity. That doesn't mean you should be paying for them forever though. Follow the tips above to stay ahead of the game. You too can drip with diamonds. Use the Internet to track current diamond prices and to save by shopping online. Keep an eye out for pre-loved diamond jewellery and buy vintage. Pick the less obvious cuts and show the world your sparkling individuality.

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