Foot Care | Review*

I was recently sent a few 'Foot care' products to try out.  With summer on its way I want to be able to wear nice sandals and flip-flops with out thinking my feet look horrid ! I don't particularly like my feet (I think I have strange toes) so any help towards making them look a bit better is a plus for me. Within this range I really like the Gehwol mint creme. I love the tingling sensation that you get after using it.With these products being medical consumables they are high quality and long lasting. I have been enjoying using these products and they will defiantly last me through the summer ! 

*These products where sent for review purposes however, all opinions are my own.

Press Tent | Event

Last week I went along with my fellow Manchester bloggers to an event organised by The Press Tent. The was a bit of a showcase of local brands so that the bloggers could have a chat and see what was on offer. I met up with a few of my blogger friends there. We tried out some 'interesting' cocktails and looked at all the brands on show including Rock on Ruby and What Emma Did blogtique. I didn't get to stay for too long as I had plans to meet my dad for tea. But it was nice to catch up with a few friends and see some brands that I had not heard about before. I love the idea of the Press Tent and I'm excited to hear about their plans for the future. Thank you for the invite guys :)

Nspa beauty products | Review*

Nspa is a brand I have used a couple of times in the past including the shower and bath gel and body butters but I didn't realise how many products they actually have. I currently have one of the Shower and bath gel's in my bath room and I don't like to use it as I like the colour and it matches however it smells so good I do have a little use now and again. Any way I had the chance to find out more about the range and try more products. 

I have been using them over the past few weeks and I can honestly say I love them all. I would always say if I didn't really like something so please take my word when I say these products are amazing. They are all really affordable and worth the money too. 

I was really surprised that one of my favourite products is the coconut body butter, I don't really like coconut scented or flavoured things however, I really like the constancy of this and how it leaves your skin feeling super soft. I also like that you can still smell its scent on your skin the next day ! Im excited to try the different scented body butters once I have used this one up. 

My other favourite product was the primer. I have been using this under my make up each day and it has been great! It feels smooth on this skin and not greasy or silicone like other products. For the price of £7 who can complain. 

I would really recommend this brand to any one who doesn't have a huge budget but still like nice smelling and good quality products !  All the products are available in ASDA stores and online. You can find out more information about the products on their website here!

*These products are sent for review purposes however, all opinions are my own

Hull Fashion Week - Hugh Rice | Events

*Just realised I forgot to post this a few weeks ago now ! Sorry. 

I was kindly invited by Hugh Rice to their blogger event for Hull Fashion week. We where invited to have a look around their current collections, try on some pieces and learn about the company and the brands they stock. I went along with Jenny ( and a few other #HullBloggers. We where taken around the store looking at all the different brands they stock including Links of London, Michael Korrs, Pandora, Fossil and many others. As well as a huge range of watches including rather expensive ones. I fell IN LOVE with the Breitling watch which was a couple of £1000 ! I sent this photo to my dad (who has a few of these watches btw) saying just bought this - he nearly died. I love jewellery so being there just made me want more and more. 
At the end of the night we where all kindly given a goodie bag filled with some amazing bits including a bracelet that I featured in a favourites : Here
Thank you so much Hugh Rice for the invite ! You know you will see me again buying everything in site ! 

Buy Diamonds without Breaking the Bank | Jewellery

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So sang Marilyn Monroe. Most of us don't have a film star budget though (just a lemonade one lol) . There is good news though. A lower budget needn't stop us buying diamonds. There are ways to get sparkle at a slashed price. Here are some ways to dig out a diamond deal.


Set Up News Alerts
Obviously you'll need some money to buy your diamond, so start saving. While that money is gaining interest in the bank, you can begin your research. One thing to do is set up a Google alert. You can set up alerts for one or more keywords. If bargain diamonds are what you're after, then choose appropriate keywords. Cheap diamonds, cut price diamonds, vintage diamonds are all possible phrases to use.

You'll then get alerts every time something with these phrases appears in Google's news feed. Today I found out that the price of diamonds is falling. Without regular alerts, you might miss that news item and miss out on a bargain.

Buy Online
For big purchases, most of us want to check out the quality in person. For diamond buying though, this could be a costly error. Prices can be up to 20% more in store than online.

Browsing online also gives you access to a wide range of diamond jewellery. Compared to your local jeweller, you can compare thousands of price and cuts.

Online diamond stores offer well-known designer brands. If you want to save a little money and get a designer look, the Internet is your friend. Simon G jewelry from Whiteflash, for instance, caters to a range of budgets. Online diamond jewellery stores also offer trade up options. This means you can buy the diamond to suit your budget. When you've saved a little more, you can trade in your current piece. This trade-up option is a great way to buy something more extravagant.

Buy Vintage
Pre-loved diamond jewellery items are significantly cheaper than new ones. Yes, your ring or bracelet won't be brand, spanking new. You may find it is different to more modern cuts. Depending on your point of view that might be a good thing. A vintage piece of diamond jewellery will feel more unique.

Change Cut Shapes
When it comes to engagement rings, the preferred cut is round. When creating round-shaped diamonds, a lot of the stone is lost. This also drives up the price.

Show your individuality by picking a different cut? Square cut diamonds when cut, don't lose as much of the stone. This makes them a less expensive option. They'll also make you stand out from the crowd. You will get to wear something more individual, but amazingly, at a lower price point.

Yes, diamonds are forever. They are a virtually indestructible symbol of love and eternity. That doesn't mean you should be paying for them forever though. Follow the tips above to stay ahead of the game. You too can drip with diamonds. Use the Internet to track current diamond prices and to save by shopping online. Keep an eye out for pre-loved diamond jewellery and buy vintage. Pick the less obvious cuts and show the world your sparkling individuality.

*This is a collaborative post | Review*

I was recently contacted by and was asked if I would like to receive some personalised items with my blog logo on them. Obviously Im always up for some self branding so was excited for this package to arrive. I was really impressed with the quality of these products. They are really clear and and high quality printed images. There is a huge selection of various products you can choose from and something for every occasion. I would really recommend this site its really clear and easy to use, and with fathers day coming up (in the UK) then why not choose something with a personal touch.

Slip into Summer 12 Week Challenge | Health and Fitness #2

Hello, thought I would write a bit of a chatty post today. Firstly I would like to say sorry for my unexpected blogging break. The past two weeks I have had my two final ever exams at university. I am now no longer a student :( after 4 whole years of uni I am now finished forever. I am slightly devastated to be honest, I am going to really miss it so much, however I can now go on to look for my dream job. Along with blogging going out the window, so did my 12 week challenge. I have missed going to the gym and having time to create healthy meals so now I have more time I'm going to get back on it. 

I recently found I potentially need to eat Gluten free (health reasons) so again now I have more time I can concentrate on that and get my body back in to a healthy state. Im going to be more regular with my Health and fitness updates so if there is anything you would like to see then let me know :). 

I have recently booked a holiday for the end of June so now I have something to really motivate me and work towards ! I did feel like I slimmed off slightly in my first two weeks of the Slip into Summer 12 Week Challenge so obviously it must work so I'm excited to get back on to it.

I do think its hard to keep motivated so if anyone has any motivation tips then please do let me know. I have a really busy week this week including a trip back home to visit parents, a blogging event a meal out and a potentially a weekend trip to Wales so hopefully I can still stick to healthy and gluten free eating. 

As part of the Slip into Summer 12 Week Challenge we where lucky enough to receive a dress from the brand Weird Fish, the catch is to order it in the smaller size in order to fit in to it at the end of the challenge ! Obviously this is great motivation so you are able to wear it. Thank you so much Weird Fish for sending this over. I can not wait to wear it. 

Also you can read all about the Slip into Summer 12 Week Challenge Here on the DW fitness blog !

Again apologies for the blogging break, if there is anything you would like to see on my blog please do leave suggestions :).

LDW | Celeb Guest Blogger

So I was very excited when Alex , asked me to be aceleb guest blogger. Alex is one of my favourites,  not just saying,  as you'll see I'm super blunt. As a guest I thought I would take this to maybe intro something different in,  well at least a different point of view,  so take it easy on me, Alex will return, you're all safe.

I'm very lucky that I get too attend some amazing events,  red carpet, functions. Of course this includes Hull Fashion Week  and being  Celebrity Judge for Miss Hull. So I get to Loan so truly breathe talking times. Recently I've found Jewellery Heaven.  @ciro_jewellery Ciro has the most listedible history,  A - liat celebrity clienrs and of course, jewellery that will knock your loubs off. 

The twist here is these pieces are not only beautiful,  fully luxury but the items are Not Real diamonds,  gemstone , they are thee highest quality of stone to emulate the best Stones in the world.Starting from a budget friendly ( well for the Burlington Arcade). To Bespoke one off pieces. To which I got to loan a Bracelet .Worn alone,  or with your own pieces. 

On the 2nd day of events I  mixed in my own Real diamond pieces to play with the look. My Tiffany Tennis Bracelet and the Ciro one, looked perfect together,  and with the naked eye. You could not see a difference. Now with the HUGE statement pieces,  Unless you are , Old Money or a new lottery winner,  you're unlikely to have real pieces ( also a reason celebs borrow jewellery) we don't all Have several M to through at A Winston Ring. Ciro gives us the look but without having to sell a kidney. ( but I did think I may have to leave one for the loan)Some pieces so chic, that If you wish could pass for real, or if you prefer a more delicate style.I'm with our question , a Jewish magpie,  Slap that Bling on.

I would have made Liz Taylor proud with my choice of designs. Every colour of stone,  with the vintage style , the Italian company Knows jewellery.  As I mentioned A - List  Angelina Jolie has worn a set.

Check out the Web page for details,  or if in London,  pop into the flag ship Boutique,  found in the exclusive  Burlington Arcade,  just off Bond Street ( not the Hull one unfortunately). I can't wait to work more with this brand,  for Red Carpet,  as soon it will be coming up to the Male Grooming Awards,  to which I'm a celeb Judge , which is super exciting. 

Thank you for spending some brief time In the mind set of #ldwonthetown.

( Thank you so much Lewis for guest posting for me :D & Make sure you follow LDW on Twitter : @ldweedon and on YouTube)

Monthly Empties | April

This post is going to HUGE so I shall try keep it short and sweet. I start every month thinking oooh I won't have many this month then I end up with all of this !! Im liking it though because I am de-stashing. 

This has taken me ages to get through. I love the smell of it, I love how well it works and I think its a great price. You can tell how long I have had it as the packaging has now changed ! I am now using the sugar crush one which smells devine.

You know this is a constant favourite of mine and it regularly features in my empties post.

I think I wrote about this in my last empties. I really like it, it keeps my hands nice and moisturised and I like the smell. I picked up a new one from work and got discount on it so it was super cheap ;)

I don't really know where this mini come from? I love porefessional, I have been through a few tubes so far and still have one on the go. However I have found a cheaper primer that I prefer.

This is a constant re purchase for me. I love it, I always buy it, I haven't found a powder that I prefer and it thats so well. I dropped this one so it didn't last as long as usual but its all good as I had a spare ;)

I loved using this and Im defiantly going to re purchase. its great for under eye circles, it really does brighten them up. 

This is a great deodorant, it does its job it smells great and it tends to be on offer so I always seem to re-buy.

We all know that this is a beaut body wash that smells great, makes your skin nice and soft and is just an round great product !

I LOVE this foundation soooo much. I think it may be the best one I have ever used. That is a bold statement but I just think its so good. I need to re buy it asap as my others just do not compare :)

This has lasted me sooo so long I think its actually two years! Its not available on the Boots site so I'm hoping its still a thing as I love it. I haven't died my hair in two years and I feel like this is the product to thank! I NEED it so if any one see's it buy it for me please ;).

I really loved this sample however after seeing the price I have been slightly put off. I wouldn't really say that it is in my budget. I don't actually own a serum currently and I am looking for one that I really like but that is still affordable. If any one has any suggestions please let me know :).

One of my favourite ever products. I always rave about it, I have featured it on my blog quiet a lot as you may have seen. I use it daily and I just love it, I would always recommend to anyone and everyone. 

I have been using this to wash my make up brushes. I love it, it works so well! It doesn't have a smell which I think is important when your using it to wash your brushes. and it really does deep clean. I would re purchase this in the future!

- I wouldn't normally include food but these little treats needed a mention.

I loveeeeee Peanut Hottie! If you are a peanut butter fan then you will love this. This was kindly gifted at our Hull Bloggers meet and I ended up with 4 lots of it and I'm soooo glad! Its really tasty and its quiet low in calories so its a great treat. You should read Jennys post all about it here.

I have had this since christmas. I don't know how its lasted so long ! I thought I would just eat it all with a spoon. I love anything to do with salted caramel and this just ticked all my boxes. I would 100% recommend if you are a salted caramel lover like me :D

Monthly Favourites | April

I haven't been particularly loving any beauty products this month but I have been loving rose gold / bronze coloured jewellery.

I have picked up most of these pieces over the last month. The watch I received for my birthday from my boyf and I have had soooo many compliments. I prefer it over any of my other Michael Korrs ones I just love how simple it is and how it just looks so great. 
The set of three bracelets where sent to me a little while ago now and I have not taken the rose gold one off. Again I have received so many compliments, I think its so cute. I haven't really worn the other two colours so I gave them to family members. 
The Infinity Bracelet that I also featured here, was a lovely gift from Rosie from Red Dahlia designs. I have spoken before about my love for Rosie and her pieces but again something I have been wearing none stop. 
The brown bracelet I received in a goodie bag from a Hugh Rice event I attended in Hull. They where extremely generous with their gifting  and this piece in particular I have been wearing a lot. All the Mi Moneda collection is soooo nice Im defiantly going to purchase something in the future. 
The two pieces from New Look I got on a buy one get one free offer. I didn't even realise until I got to the till with the necklace and the girl sent me back to find something else. So glad I bought these , again I have been wearing them none stop and received lots of compliments. A fellow #HullBlogger Charly ( even had to buy the necklace ;). 

Have you picked up any new pieces of jewellery lately ??

Hull Fashion Week | Catwalk Finale

If you are a long term reader of my blog you will know that last year I worked with Hull Fashion Week. I was interning at the marketing agency that organises it all. I truly loved being so involved last year and was a bit gutted I couldn't get as involved this year. However, I still went along with my #HullBlogger friends and had an amazing time once again. I was there for the whole of the saturday chatting away and watching the catwalks. I didn't think it was a big as the previous year but it was still good all the same. I love that Hull is becoming more fashion forward as growing up there was slightly uninteresting ! Any way.. I didn't actually take that many photos throughout the day I tried to video but my camera kept dyeing so I just gave up in the end :( still managed a few snaps but be sure to check out my fellow #HullBloggers blog posts as I'm sure they will have ways better photos than mine :)