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*Warning - None attractive photos coming your way ! 

Such a fab way to start a post :). I have recently signed myself up to a training programme/ healthy lifestyle programme in collaboration with DW sports ! 

Myself and a few other bloggers have signed up to the Slip into Summer 12 Week Challenge‏. This is basically changing your eating habits and trying to work out 3/4 times per week.
I have just completed my first week of healthy eating and I'm actually enjoying it so far. I have yet to go to the gym (passes arrived today) but I have been walking to work and back each day and while I'm at work I run around like crazy so thats handy for fitness. 

This week I ave been focussing on trying out healthy lunch ideas. At work I get really hungry and like to eat lots on my lunch to keep me going. I have been taking at least two pieces of fruit and then something like a pitta bread or wrap. I have tried a few home made fillings too such as avocado and tuna pitta and also I made some humous. I also tried out a new smoothie, I wasn't that impressed but you may enjoy?  See some recipes here:

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I thought I would post my week one photos. I am very aware it is very unflattering, I am VERY pale and just look horrendous however this is real life ! 

I would really like to drop a dress size and tone up. I would really like to have stronger arms as I currently cannot even manage one press up ! So that is the goal I have set. 
Im hoping to update you on my progress as I go along so check back for an update ! also if any one has any tips or recipes I would love to know so leave a comment :).


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