Monthly Favourites | March

This is my second bottle of this perfume ! I asked my mum for it for christmas as I just love it so much. I always get complimented on it and people are always shocked when I say its Lady Gaga. I like it as an every day perfume. Just for work when you don't want to use your 'expensive' ones. I don't really know to describe scents ? I just recommend you go and have a sniff :D 

I have featured this blusher before here.  It is a bit of a rediscovery as I was going to maybe sell it on after not using it as much as I thought but I gave it ago and Im really liking it this month. Its a lovely pinky colour for the spring time. I just add a subtle hint of colour to my cheeks as this is highly pigmented you don't need to use a lot. 

I have been using this so much recently. Its the only lipliner I actually own currently. I use it all over as a full cover colour. I really love the pale pinkness of it. I use my Dior lipgloss over the top sometimes too. Again a lovely colour for spring !

I have already reviewed my Emma Hardie cleansing balm recently and I'm loving it. you can read my post here.

I didn't have high hopes for this product when I first bought it but now I love it sooo much. Its so good for the price and I prefer it over some of my high end products. I like that it is a creme base rather than silicone like most. It keeps my make up on all day and I like that it is moisturising too.


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