Monthly Empties | March 2015

I have soooo many empties this month ! I have really been trying to use up lots of products before I buy more. (Mainly to lack of storage and funds). I feel like there way too much for the amount I normally write so I shall do my best to keep it short and sweet :)

I love this product. I think its a great moisturiser and it does give you a bit of a summer glow. Its great in the summer when you are tanned. I had a small but left so have been using it up over the past month. I would deff buy again. 

The Body Shop / Frosted cranberry body wash / No Longer available 
I received this in a gift set from my friend I loved the scent and really enjoyed using it in the shower. I haven't used any other body shop shower gels so I'm excited to try out more scents. 

The Body Shop / Frosted cranberry body scrub / No Longer available 
Same as above :)

Again I received this item within a set I got at christmas, I also love the scent of this and would really recommend the VS beauty products as I have liked all the ones I have used so far ! 

I LOVE this product ! Any one who is blonde just needs it! It smells amazing and it makes your hair feel so much more vibrant. I think you can buy it at ASDA :)

This is a great alternative to the Liz Earle cleanse and polish. It is the same style of product and works exactly the same. It smells great and leaves your skin feeling super soft.

Not overly fussed with this conditioner. I didn't think it was great and my hair seemed to be getting greasy quickly when using it. I doubt I would buy again.

Im pretty sure I have mentioned this before. I really like to use it in the shower. I use it daily as its a very gentle exfoliator that leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. 

Gillette / Satin care shaving foam / £3.67
I really like this shaving foam as it seems to last forever. It smells great and leaves your legs silky smooth ! I have re bought this already but in a different scent as I fancied a change !

Montagne Jeunesse / Mud pac face mask / £1
This was a great face mask. I really enjoyed using it. I always love the masks from this brand so Im always confident it would be a good one. 

Anatomical / Chocolate face mask / £3 for a pack of 3*
I received this in a goodie bag. I wasn't that impressed with this one as it stung slightly :/ Im hoping the others will be better :)


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