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Everyone has those 'bath room' essentials that they always re buy and what we NEED in our lives as basic toiletries. I thought today I would start a little feature of a few essentials that  always re-buy. Im not usually fussed which brand of these items I buy but I do always re buy some variation of them. I have quiet a few so I may do another post similar to this if you are interested ! Also I think you all should do this post too :D 

Lip Balm
I like to apply lip balm in the evenings before bed and this is the one I am currently using. I also have some in my car that I use every time I get in my car. 

Obviously this is a must have product now the sun is shining. I like theses ones I currently have. I always buy disposable as I find the other so expensive and they all do the same thing really ! 

Cotton buds
Always helpful to sort out that eye make up mistake or of course to clean out your ears. I usually buy these like once every two years? they last forever.

Tooth paste & Tooth brush
Something every person should own. I usually buy tooth paste that has whitening as I wish to have sparkly teeth :D 

Cleansing water 
Again this is something that lasts so long, I have had this bottle nearly a year now. I use it daily to remove my eye make up. I don't mind which brand I use but I do like this Garnier one.

I don't particularly mind which one I buy however I do usually pick this one up just because I know it works and I like the smell.

Cotton pads 
I buy these from Primark as you get about 1 million for £1 where as in boots its about £2.50 for a pack. Im sure the boots ones are a better quality but I don't feel like you really need it. 

I have to own a body moisturiser. I get dry skin on my legs now and again so I always make sure I moisturise after a shower. I love this one as it has a hint of self tan.

I hope you like this post. Do let me know your thoughts :D
What are your essentials?


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