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You may have seen these posts are becoming more popular across to the internet, some more serious than others, some that make you laugh and some that make your heart melt !If you like open letter style posts like me you can read more online here at I personally like the 'complaints' section which you can find here , I just think some are funny (even though they aren't meant t be). I had sooo many ideas of who I could write an 'open letter' too .. Manchester drivers? (That make me really angry) my 16 year old self? etc. But I have decided to politely rant about retail .

I have worked in retail for the past few years along side my university studies. I have worked in various environments including sportswear, jewellery, shoes and even stationary. The customers that annoy me the most are alllllways the same. I have recently started a new retail job and within our first few weeks of opening I already have had every complaint, 'suggestion' and question in the book...


Dear customers,  
                After having worked in various retail stores for number of years there seems to be various common points that seem to crop up..

  • No, you can not have discount if you buy more than one item! We are not a market stall we are a shop. 
  • Fake products are illegal. We don't sell fakes, thats the price its just discounted !? - Why would it be acceptable to sell fake perfume?
  • When I say oh no sorry we don't stock that, I'm not lying! I won't magically find some in the back, get some in tomorrow - and another member of staff will tell you the exact same.
  • I don't make the prices, Im just a simple sales assistant, I don't source the products I just put them on the shelf when they arrive. I cannot change the price its the till that just does it all for me. 
  • I can not remember the price of every single product we stock. If there isn't a label I can not just reel of the price I will have to go check. If your not happy with that then don't ask.
  • Please don't open the cosmetics and stick your fingers in that nice clean colour, that is now unable to be sold - there is a sign so read it and just ask for help. 
  • Its not my fault that we don't have that in your size or colour or whatever else so moaning at me will not help.
  • You have just seen me making that display look all tidy, thanks for coming along and deciding you want something from the bottom of the pile and then changing your mind and throwing back on top.
I could go on...

Please next time you are shopping just be nice to the poor sales assistants who are stuck inshore all day listening to all the moans while your having a lovely day splashing the cash. We are people too we have feelings and we don't like getting moaned at. 


A. Redfearn & most retail employees 


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