Hull Fashion Week | #OOTD

Jacket // Levi - T K Max // (old)
Boots // Jefferey Campbell via Office // £40
Belt // Primark // £2 (old)

Here is my #OOTD from the Hull Fashion Week catwalk finale. Big thanks to Jenny ( For snapping these pictures for me. I did not have a clue what to wear and the weather had been so sunny so I went for a bit of a boho festival vibe. Although on the saturday morning it was raining and I was getting the bus so I got some funny looks. But it brightened up and I was happy with my outfit choice. 

I bought this dress last year however it is in store again this year. I have worn it loads and I love it. Its so easy to wear and you can dress it up or down!

Andrew Barton The Ultimate Blonde | Review*

I recently tried out the Andrew Barton Ultimate Blonde treatment mask (see in my monthly empties post here) that I received in a goodie bag. I really loved using it and it made me want to try out more of the range. Before I could even venture out to find where I could buy it Andrew Barton got in touch via my Facebook page ( and asked if I would like to review more of the Ultimate Blonde collection. I was obviously rather excited and keen to try them.

I have been using them for over a week now and Im so in LOVE. I think the main attraction for me is the smell, it just makes my hair smell sooo amazing. It keeps blonde hair looking bright and hydrated which is needed in this hotter weather we are having as my hair seems to be more dry and damaged from the sun. Heat protecting spray isn't something I always use (Naughty I know) but because of the small its made me reach for it so much more. I have really enjoyed using them, I usually feel like washing my hair is such a chore and I just usually grab the dry shampoo but I have been making so much more effort !

I was pleasantly surprised at the prices of the products too. Each one is £3.90 and are all exclusively available at Asda stores.I think that is very affordable for the quality of the products and I am now so hooked please can I have a years supply? I am looking forward to looking at more products by Andrew Barton and compare to these ones.

Have you tried any Andrew Barton Products ?
What do you use to keep your hair on top form?

Bath Room Essentials | Beauty

Everyone has those 'bath room' essentials that they always re buy and what we NEED in our lives as basic toiletries. I thought today I would start a little feature of a few essentials that  always re-buy. Im not usually fussed which brand of these items I buy but I do always re buy some variation of them. I have quiet a few so I may do another post similar to this if you are interested ! Also I think you all should do this post too :D 

Lip Balm
I like to apply lip balm in the evenings before bed and this is the one I am currently using. I also have some in my car that I use every time I get in my car. 

Obviously this is a must have product now the sun is shining. I like theses ones I currently have. I always buy disposable as I find the other so expensive and they all do the same thing really ! 

Cotton buds
Always helpful to sort out that eye make up mistake or of course to clean out your ears. I usually buy these like once every two years? they last forever.

Tooth paste & Tooth brush
Something every person should own. I usually buy tooth paste that has whitening as I wish to have sparkly teeth :D 

Cleansing water 
Again this is something that lasts so long, I have had this bottle nearly a year now. I use it daily to remove my eye make up. I don't mind which brand I use but I do like this Garnier one.

I don't particularly mind which one I buy however I do usually pick this one up just because I know it works and I like the smell.

Cotton pads 
I buy these from Primark as you get about 1 million for £1 where as in boots its about £2.50 for a pack. Im sure the boots ones are a better quality but I don't feel like you really need it. 

I have to own a body moisturiser. I get dry skin on my legs now and again so I always make sure I moisturise after a shower. I love this one as it has a hint of self tan.

I hope you like this post. Do let me know your thoughts :D
What are your essentials?

S/S Shoe | Wishlist

Summer Shoes

White sandal / Jones Bootmaker / £69.00
Brown heels / Jones Bookmaker / £79.00
White-nude heels / River Island / £50.00
Black flip-flops / Next / £28.00
Pink converse / Office / £44.99
Light pink heels / SoleWish / £19.99
Embellished sandals / River Island / £45.00

As the weather is some what sunnier recently I feel like its about time to update my shoe collection. I decided to look through a few of my favourite shoe retailers and put a bit of a wish list together for some inspiration. I would really like some flat sandals that have some form of embellishment on so that they can dress up a bit of a casual outfit. I would love some pink converse as I just love them and I know I will wear them everyday ;). finally I'm looking for some low-ish platform style heals that are  quite neutral so they will match a lot of outfits. 

Have you seen any beaut shoes on the high street recently? 

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Fabyouless | Giveaway !

As my little blog has now reached 40'000 views I thought I would treat you with another little giveaway ! I have collaborated with Fabyouless on this giveaway so that 10 of you are able to win a Fabyouless card ! 

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and follow my blog I truly appreciate it :D. It makes it all worth it to see such lovely comments on my posts ! 

Fabyouless is basically a beauty card that can give you discount on various beauty venues. You can receive 25% off or a 2 for 1 discount on a huge selection of treatments and sessions everytime you choose to use your card. 
Find out more on their website:

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* Please note that the cards will be sent from Fabyouless themselves and not me.
Fabyouless will contact the winners. 
*This content is not paid for.

Slip into Summer 12 Week Challenge | Health and Fitness

*Warning - None attractive photos coming your way ! 

Such a fab way to start a post :). I have recently signed myself up to a training programme/ healthy lifestyle programme in collaboration with DW sports ! 

Myself and a few other bloggers have signed up to the Slip into Summer 12 Week Challenge‏. This is basically changing your eating habits and trying to work out 3/4 times per week.
I have just completed my first week of healthy eating and I'm actually enjoying it so far. I have yet to go to the gym (passes arrived today) but I have been walking to work and back each day and while I'm at work I run around like crazy so thats handy for fitness. 

This week I ave been focussing on trying out healthy lunch ideas. At work I get really hungry and like to eat lots on my lunch to keep me going. I have been taking at least two pieces of fruit and then something like a pitta bread or wrap. I have tried a few home made fillings too such as avocado and tuna pitta and also I made some humous. I also tried out a new smoothie, I wasn't that impressed but you may enjoy?  See some recipes here:

You can also follow my pinterest board : New healthy life

I thought I would post my week one photos. I am very aware it is very unflattering, I am VERY pale and just look horrendous however this is real life ! 

I would really like to drop a dress size and tone up. I would really like to have stronger arms as I currently cannot even manage one press up ! So that is the goal I have set. 
Im hoping to update you on my progress as I go along so check back for an update ! also if any one has any tips or recipes I would love to know so leave a comment :).

The Clarence | Restaurant Review

Todays post is all about a restaurant that I recently went to in my local area called The Clarence. I have been in here a few times for drinks but finally decided to go for food a few weekends ago. I took my parents along as its there 'type of place'. 

My dad and boyfriend had the burger my mum had sausage and mash and I had sea food sliders as you can see from the photo ! All the food was beautifully presented that fit well with the theme of the restaurant. Everyone agreed that the food tasted amazing. Mine was really yummy but I would like to try something different next time. 

I think its reasonably priced too which was a bonus of course :). I would defiantly recommend this restaurant if you are in the Bury area its a lovely treat.

Let me know if you have any favourite restaurants in and around Manchester :)

Monthly Empties | March 2015

I have soooo many empties this month ! I have really been trying to use up lots of products before I buy more. (Mainly to lack of storage and funds). I feel like there way too much for the amount I normally write so I shall do my best to keep it short and sweet :)

I love this product. I think its a great moisturiser and it does give you a bit of a summer glow. Its great in the summer when you are tanned. I had a small but left so have been using it up over the past month. I would deff buy again. 

The Body Shop / Frosted cranberry body wash / No Longer available 
I received this in a gift set from my friend I loved the scent and really enjoyed using it in the shower. I haven't used any other body shop shower gels so I'm excited to try out more scents. 

The Body Shop / Frosted cranberry body scrub / No Longer available 
Same as above :)

Again I received this item within a set I got at christmas, I also love the scent of this and would really recommend the VS beauty products as I have liked all the ones I have used so far ! 

I LOVE this product ! Any one who is blonde just needs it! It smells amazing and it makes your hair feel so much more vibrant. I think you can buy it at ASDA :)

This is a great alternative to the Liz Earle cleanse and polish. It is the same style of product and works exactly the same. It smells great and leaves your skin feeling super soft.

Not overly fussed with this conditioner. I didn't think it was great and my hair seemed to be getting greasy quickly when using it. I doubt I would buy again.

Im pretty sure I have mentioned this before. I really like to use it in the shower. I use it daily as its a very gentle exfoliator that leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. 

Gillette / Satin care shaving foam / £3.67
I really like this shaving foam as it seems to last forever. It smells great and leaves your legs silky smooth ! I have re bought this already but in a different scent as I fancied a change !

Montagne Jeunesse / Mud pac face mask / £1
This was a great face mask. I really enjoyed using it. I always love the masks from this brand so Im always confident it would be a good one. 

Anatomical / Chocolate face mask / £3 for a pack of 3*
I received this in a goodie bag. I wasn't that impressed with this one as it stung slightly :/ Im hoping the others will be better :)

Hancocks | Manchester Events

On my Bloggers day out in Manchester I was kindly invited along to Hancocks Jewellers in Manchester City centre for their 'To have and to hold' event ! 

I shall apologise now for the photographs I was too excited about all the amazing pieces that photography skills went out the window. The store is located on King Street in Manchester and is quiet small but big enough to fit all us bloggers inside. We firstly learnt all about the brand heritage and why the stock certain brands and collections and then went on to be able to try some pieces on and ask questions. There was some AMAZING engagement rings that you would just have to say yes too if proposed too. There was diamonds, gold, pearls, all the luxurious things you dream about. I daren't try any of the rings on due to my large fingers I was too scared it would get stuck on (Not the worst thing as then I would get to keep it) Most pieces are custom made to the wearer which I thought was very special.

I really enjoyed learning about the heritage and seeing what they had to offer as I just always presumed it was a crazy expensive store that I wouldn't be able to step foot in however there is something to everyones taste and the majority of budgets.

I had a lovely time at the event, Im glad I learnt so much. We even got sent home with amazing goodie and and a really yummy cupcake ! Thank you for the invite Hancocks !!
Check them out online:

Monthly Favourites | March

This is my second bottle of this perfume ! I asked my mum for it for christmas as I just love it so much. I always get complimented on it and people are always shocked when I say its Lady Gaga. I like it as an every day perfume. Just for work when you don't want to use your 'expensive' ones. I don't really know to describe scents ? I just recommend you go and have a sniff :D 

I have featured this blusher before here.  It is a bit of a rediscovery as I was going to maybe sell it on after not using it as much as I thought but I gave it ago and Im really liking it this month. Its a lovely pinky colour for the spring time. I just add a subtle hint of colour to my cheeks as this is highly pigmented you don't need to use a lot. 

I have been using this so much recently. Its the only lipliner I actually own currently. I use it all over as a full cover colour. I really love the pale pinkness of it. I use my Dior lipgloss over the top sometimes too. Again a lovely colour for spring !

I have already reviewed my Emma Hardie cleansing balm recently and I'm loving it. you can read my post here.

I didn't have high hopes for this product when I first bought it but now I love it sooo much. Its so good for the price and I prefer it over some of my high end products. I like that it is a creme base rather than silicone like most. It keeps my make up on all day and I like that it is moisturising too.

Dom & Ink | Manchester Events

Featured on the Arndales Instagram page.

A few weekends ago I was invited along to the trends illustrated event with Manchester Arndale in collaboration with the amazing Dom&Ink! Trends Illustrated consisted of Dom's amazing designs, which included six characters wearing this seasons hottest trends.. Any customer who spent £60 or over in the Arndale during the weekend was able to create their own tee with the designs Dom created. Us bloggers where invited to try out the high tech machines (which I found tricky at times)and create our own T-shirts. Every one had amazing ideas with bright colours and crazy designs but I wanted to just stick to being plain and thought I would go Blog branded. Once we completed our designs they where quickly printed off and available for us to collect. I thought it was such a fab idea and I really enjoyed it. 
Thank you so much for Manchester Arndale for inviting me along to the event, and thank you to Dom who is just amazing :)