Monthly Favourites | February 2015

I don't really have too many favourites this month as I have been trying out lots of different products so not really been using the same things. I still wanted to write up a post though with the three items I have really enjoyed using. I have picked up a few different items this month so may do a little collective haul post ! 

Benefit // Coralista blush //£23.99
I had a small sample size of this and loved it so decided to take the plunge and go full size. I love it, its a great colour for me as I have a fair skin tone. The only down side is its slightly glittery but I don't mind so much because I just love the colour. The pigmentation is great and I also like the smell ( is that strange?). I would recommend this too any one. I am worried that I have already hit pan!  

Touch of silver // Twice a week brightening Shampoo // £3.68
I have used this shampoo a few times over the years and for christmas my brother bought me a set of all various items in the same range. I forgot how much of an affect this can have on my hair. It really does brighten it up. I haven't actually dyed my hair in two years ! I have huge roots, just going for the natural ombre look ! It does really soften up the colour and make it less harsh and brassy. I try and keep it on my hair for 5/10 mins while in the shower.

I bought this cream a while ago and have just had it in a box stashed away at my mums house. My parents have finally managed to get me to bring ALLL my items to my flat now and clear out all my old stuff from my room so  have some re-discovered beauties ! This is one of them. I can really tell the difference in my skin after only using this for a week or two. I put a layer on before bed and work it in to my skin and I love that my face feels firm in the morning. I would recommend if your on a bit of a beauty budget as you can usually pick this up in Boots or Superdrug on an offer. 

What have you been loving this month ??


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