Monthly Empties | February 2015

Loved this hand wash! It fitted in well with my pink accessories in my bathroom. It smelt lovely and I enjoyed using it. Slightly boring product made better by adding the strawberry laces smell. I have never included hand wash in an empties but its something everyone uses on a daily bases so why not? I bought one that is moisturising this time round but still Carex. You can usually pick these up on offer for 99p! I bought this in Asda. 

I loved using this toothpaste. I love that its black ! I think it has made a difference to my teeth and I like the taste which is important for me because I hate some toothpastes. This is pricy but if you like extra white teeth then it is worth it. 

This is a staple product within my bathroom as I use them for lots of different purposes. They sometimes get used for removing makeup (usually after a night out) I use them for cleaning up make up packaging, for removing swatches on my hands etc. I quiet like these ones as they are a good price and smell nice too. 

I really can not decide how I feel about this. I have sort of liked using it as I do feel it has made my hair thicker. However My head has been quiet dry and I have never had that before. Also I feel like it looks greasy more quickly compared to usual. I think would be better used on darker hair. My mum used it and really liked it so I think it may be my blonde.

This looked so exciting but it was pointless. Im pretty sure I read about it on someone else's blog so I picked it up for 99p. It was like to liquid soaked socks I didn't notice any different after use at all so a bit rubbish really.

I love this mascara ! I have spoken about it a few times now. The packaging is crap but the formula is great. I would really recommend it and it is currently half price online to get it while you can! I have really short lashes that don't curl so I don't ever expect much much this mascara does seem to make a little difference which is great for me. 

What have used up this month??
Im trying to use up all my products before buying any more so I seem to have a lot more empties than usual!


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