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I picked this up at the #RORBloggersSwap (post here) as you can see in my last monthly empties post I had just used up my last one of these so I was really happy to pick this up. It is one of my favourite mascaras so I'm glad that I could use one again without actually having to pay for it. So thank you whoever swapped this!

Primark / Concealer / £1
I have seen a few people saying that this is pretty good so I decided to grab one on my last trip to Primark. Obviously this isn't the best thing for £1 but its good to maybe throw in your hand bag for emergency touch ups.

I love this colour. My friend Charly from recommended this as a dupe to Mac amber light eyeshadow. I decided to try it out as its only £1 and I have used it loads the pigmentation is amazing and its really easy to blend. Im looking forward to picking up more MUA colours. 

I have had my eye on this for so long now. I always try it out in the store but as I have a extensive selection of foundations and bb cremes already I have always put it off however I picked this one up on Depop for £6 inc. PP. so I was dead happy I got it for half price and its brand new too. I haven't used it all that much yet but I think I will in the summer months.

Another depop bargain. You may have read my Beauty Birthday gifts post in December (read here) I picked up Sweet and Sour from Mac however after using once I decided it was not for me so I sold this on. I still wanted a similar colour but more matte so I found this one on Depop for £7 inc pp.I really like it and glad I managed to get it a bit cheaper too. 

Something else I pick up at the ROR bloggers swap. This is such a lovely colour and so easy to wear. I had never tried a Nars lipstick and the colour really appealed to me so glad I had the chance to try this out. I would defiantly check out Nars in the future now as usually I wouldn't bother. 

This arrived in my Cohorted beauty box. Yes I managed to grab one amongst all the drama ! To be honest I was slightly disappointed with the contents of the box. I wouldn't actually choose any of the products and some I know I will never use but oh well lesson learnt. I have used a few bits so far, this being one of them. I haven't ever tried products from Bobbi Brown! Im not sure why its just never been something that appealed to me. I do really like this mascara and I think its always good to have minis ! I wouldn't buy this again but Im enjoying something new.  

Another product in the box was this Korres cleanser. Again I have never used this brand so was interested in seeing what it was like. I have used this a few times so far. Its okay nothing to shout about and defiantly not worth the price tag - I expect visible results! I suppose its okay for when my others run out.

I haven't used an eye primer before. I do not like the applicator of this because when applying to your eye area its a bit 'hard' and if you accidentally poke yourself it could really hurt. I have used this quiet a lot. I don't particularly notice the difference. Im just using it for the sake of it I suppose. 

Over all I picked up some fab bargains this month but have learnt my lesson to not conform to buy beauty boxes when they are usually a waste of money. These products where all bought over the month of February. This will probably the last 'haul' post for a while as I have £0 funds! Also I am trying to use up all the products I have (my stash is too big). 
What have you picked up recently??


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