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As its coming to the end of my uni life I thought I would write up this little post about thing you never got told about third year. I must admit I am finding it a lot harder this year! But keeping focussed and think .. Yayy not long to go .. is keeping me motivated. I have done 4 years at uni (due to doing a foundation year) and it was completely different to my expectations! There has been highs and lows but some amazing memories have been made. 
I have wrote this as a bit of fun so shouldn't be taken too seriously ;). 

10 things they didn't tell you about third year...

1.Remember those fun days in years 1 and 2 where you would spontaneously go on nights out decided at 9pm to go out at 10pm .. yeah you can forget all about them. Nights out are no more.

2.There’s this magical place called the library! Find it you might actually need it now. 

3.I’m doing a international fashion marketing degree, yet my lectures and seminars now consist of lots of finance, management/leadership styles, internationalisation and pricing strategies … what happened to looking at social media campaigns and fun adverts!!

4.You have got fat over these past two years of eating and drinking what you want! It’s now time to panic and get yourself to the gym.

5. Not that you have any spare time as there is LOADS of work to do.

6.Lecturers now assume they have passed on all their knowledge and you now know it all! Can some one let them know we haven’t been listening?

7.     There’s this strange realisation setting in that it’s all nearly over and your going to have to get a REAL full time job and what’s worse you have to use all your effort to apply for 1000 to only hear back from 2.

8.     And then there’s the even worse realisation that the £5000 you have just borrowed from a student loan company needs to be paid back! No one told me that when I applied for it.

9.     After two years of getting used to 9am lectures and finding your way around the campus your probably still just as confused in your final term.

10. You have just spent £27,000 on a degree that probably isn’t going to be relevant for your future jobs.


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