Skin Care (Part 2) | Top 4 Beauty Picks #6

I found these posts hiding in my drafts, I took them ages ago and completely forgot to carry them on. My favourite products have changed since I took these photos (around August time last year). The photos are bit dark so I apologise but it may be interesting to see my views on these products. I hope you like this post, let me know your favourites too. 

I posted a part 1 to this ages ago which you can read here :).
I was thinking I may post an updated favourite skin care post soon so let me know if your interested in that. Skin care posts are one of my favourites to read as I think its quiet personal but you can learn from others about what works for them and what doesn't. 

Name: Skin Perfection - 15 Second miracle cleansing oil
Brand: L'Oréal Paris 
Price: £7.99
Where can I buy this?: Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets etc. Or online here.
Likes: This is such a great product for makeup removal. I was really unsure if it being an oil at first but it breaks down your makeup so well and so quickly too. So much better than using a face wipe !!
Dislikes: I think it can make my eyes feel a big funny so I prefer to use something different to take off my eye makeup.
Rating: 4/5

Name:Skin Perfection - Radiance Revealing gentle exfoliator 
Brand: L'Oréal Paris 
Price: £4.49
Where can I buy this?: Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets etc. Or online here :)
Likes: I love this product. I use it in the shower as I like to use a exfoliator quiet often so I think this one is great as its gentle and not too harsh on the skin. I really need to re-buy this. 
Dislikes: Theres nothing I really Dislike about this to be honest. Im sure there are better ones available but for the price its great. 

Name: The Ulti-melt hot cloth cleanser
Brand: Soap and Glory
Price: £10
Where can I buy this?: Boots, or on their online site. Online here
Likes: This was the first hot cloth cleanser I used and really enjoy using it. It leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed and it smells nice too.
Dislikes: There is nothing I particularly dislike but Im using something different now.
Rating: 4/5

Name: No Clogs aloud deep pore detox max (self heating)
Brand: Soap and Glory
Price: £11.50
Where can I buy this?: Boots, or on their online site. Or here!
Likes: I love that this max is self heating. Its so nice and relaxing and again leaves your face feeling so nice and refreshed and clean. This is one of my favourite masks I have used.
Dislikes: Again nothing I dislike about this. I enjoy using it and its a great price too.
Rating: 5/5


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