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A few weekends ago I was invited to attend an event in Manchester with the brand Rock on Ruby - http://www.girlynightsout.com . The event was a blogger meet up / swap! I thought this was such a fab idea as you could meet some new friends and swap your clothes / beauty items that you know longer wanted. You could also buy the Rock on Ruby personalised pieces and have them pre made with what ever slogan you would like. (However I am poor at the moment so could get one!)

I was really keen to go to this event as I want to meet more Manchester bloggers as I am predominately based here now. I knew a few people going along already so I wasnt too worried. I met up with my crazy friend Jenny first and we had 'brunch' and cake at Home Sweet Home in the Northern Quarter (which was amazing) before heading over to Font bar on Oxford road where the event was being held. 

The lovely Holly welcomed us in and explained how it would all work. We placed labels on our items - so they could be traced back to us, with our blog and reason why we wanted to swap and then hung them up or placed on a table. The room was laid out so beautifully with sweets and trays all over the tables! I love Font bar any way so thought it was great location for it to be held. We grabbed a cocktail and chatted a while before we began to swap. Everyone grabbed everything they had their eye on, I really wanted a mascara I had spotted and a lipstick so grabbed those first before looking at the clothes. We had tokens so that if you brought 5 items you could leave with 5 which I thought was a great idea to make it fair. 

I ended up with two tops and a pair or leggings and then a lipstick, mascara, fake tan and nail polish ! I was soo happy with all the items and really glad I had the chance to go. I met some lovely people including: Emma , Nisha , Laura and Bethany. Also Sarah who I met from the #HullBloggers meet was there too and I was glad I got to chat some more with her as I hadn't been able to much last time. It was such a lovely afternoon I really enjoyed it. 

Thank you so much Rock on Ruby for organising and inviting me.

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