Monthly empties | January 2015

This has lasted me so well (probably had hold of it for too long) When I first bought it I LOVED it but I didn't reach for it loads towards the end. However I now have a brand new one to use. I do enjoy it and I think it works well for my tiny lashes. Its not my favourite but it is good. 

This is a product that I always go through every month. I don't think a month goes by where I don't talk about it so I'm not going to go on, we all love it. 

Same as above ^^ no explanation needed!

I don't particularly have a preferred deodorant but I enjoy this one and I quiet often pick it up as its usually on offer. Considering this is a product that I use every day it is quiet long lasting. I don't think bloggers really talk about deodorant as its not very glamorous! But it is an every day essential and every one likes different ones.

Love any thing from Soap and Glory. I mentioned in a previous empties I have LOADS of minis so trying to get through them all and use them all up. I like this scrub as it isn't too harsh on your skin but it still leaves your skin feeling nice and smooth. It also smells great. 

My boyfriend love the original source body wash and I tend to pick it up for him when its on offer. I saw they had this new range that was a body wash but it had 'bits' in it to act as a sort of scrub element too. I really liked the smell so picked it up. It has lasted me really well and I have enjoyed using something other than soap and glory for a change. I would reccoemnd any of the Origional source products as they all smell AMAZING. 

This is my new favourite moisturiser EVER ! I fettered it within my September favourites here and my beauty favourites for 2014 here. Im so sad it has come to an end. I would fully recommend if you have dry skin as it is super hydrating and moisturising. I am 100% going to re buy this but I want to get through my Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel first. 


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