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Moving house is pretty stressful as im sure most of you have experienced. I have moved soo much over the past few years at university I have lived in four different cities over the past four years! Me and my boyfriend and his dad actually disagree with me when I say I have ‘moved’ because I have technically moved to London then back to Hull then to Manchester then a different flat in Manchester then another and so on! I class that as moving but they said when you take ALLL your belongings from one house to another that’s a proper move and moving away to summer camp does NOT count (it does to me though). I think its because prior to University I only moved house twice and I only remember one of those times However my boyfriend and his dad have loved loads (Army family).  I think moving and discovering a new place is pretty fun but this has been my only time actually going to look around different places and getting to choose exactly what I want.

I saw a twitter chat going on the other day about what puts you off when choosing a new home specifically, what puts you off the bath rooms. I think I said something like mould or if it was dirty! I once went to see a flat that was in such a state I was like who would ever want to live here? conducted a survey to see what did put people off and it was featured in the Independents article, which you can read here!

Uk Bathrooms ‘asked more than 1,000 people "What do you find most off-putting in a bathroom when buying a house?" Half put black mould or a bad silicone finish at the top of the list, while a quarter went for outdated bathroom suites. Even damaged tiles would put 9 per cent off’ (quoted from the Independent).

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t clean all that up before trying to sell your home? Me and my boyf usually clean our flat at least once a week. We like to be home proud ;). By no means are we clean freaks we have cupboards to hide everything in! 

Bit of a random post today but I'm trying to incorporate more lifestyle in to my blog. Look out for a 'cooking' post very soon ;).

What would put you off choosing a flat/house??

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