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A windy day | #OOTD #18

Dress // Primark

So impressed with this bargain dress! It was only £5 from Primark!! How crazy. It such a lovely fabric that is really soft, its easy to style and just so amazing for the price. Im deffo going to hunt out some more in this style. The boots and bag are from last year so maybe hard to find now and the jacket I picked up in TK Max so keep your eyes open for some great bargains in there too. I love this outfit I can not wait for warmer weather to return ! 

How Clean is your house? | Lifestyle

Moving house is pretty stressful as im sure most of you have experienced. I have moved soo much over the past few years at university I have lived in four different cities over the past four years! Me and my boyfriend and his dad actually disagree with me when I say I have ‘moved’ because I have technically moved to London then back to Hull then to Manchester then a different flat in Manchester then another and so on! I class that as moving but they said when you take ALLL your belongings from one house to another that’s a proper move and moving away to summer camp does NOT count (it does to me though). I think its because prior to University I only moved house twice and I only remember one of those times However my boyfriend and his dad have loved loads (Army family).  I think moving and discovering a new place is pretty fun but this has been my only time actually going to look around different places and getting to choose exactly what I want.

I saw a twitter chat going on the other day about what puts you off when choosing a new home specifically, what puts you off the bath rooms. I think I said something like mould or if it was dirty! I once went to see a flat that was in such a state I was like who would ever want to live here? conducted a survey to see what did put people off and it was featured in the Independents article, which you can read here!

Uk Bathrooms ‘asked more than 1,000 people "What do you find most off-putting in a bathroom when buying a house?" Half put black mould or a bad silicone finish at the top of the list, while a quarter went for outdated bathroom suites. Even damaged tiles would put 9 per cent off’ (quoted from the Independent).

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t clean all that up before trying to sell your home? Me and my boyf usually clean our flat at least once a week. We like to be home proud ;). By no means are we clean freaks we have cupboards to hide everything in! 

Bit of a random post today but I'm trying to incorporate more lifestyle in to my blog. Look out for a 'cooking' post very soon ;).

What would put you off choosing a flat/house??

I wrote a tips and tricks post here if you want to check it out!

Monthly empties | January 2015

This has lasted me so well (probably had hold of it for too long) When I first bought it I LOVED it but I didn't reach for it loads towards the end. However I now have a brand new one to use. I do enjoy it and I think it works well for my tiny lashes. Its not my favourite but it is good. 

This is a product that I always go through every month. I don't think a month goes by where I don't talk about it so I'm not going to go on, we all love it. 

Same as above ^^ no explanation needed!

I don't particularly have a preferred deodorant but I enjoy this one and I quiet often pick it up as its usually on offer. Considering this is a product that I use every day it is quiet long lasting. I don't think bloggers really talk about deodorant as its not very glamorous! But it is an every day essential and every one likes different ones.

Love any thing from Soap and Glory. I mentioned in a previous empties I have LOADS of minis so trying to get through them all and use them all up. I like this scrub as it isn't too harsh on your skin but it still leaves your skin feeling nice and smooth. It also smells great. 

My boyfriend love the original source body wash and I tend to pick it up for him when its on offer. I saw they had this new range that was a body wash but it had 'bits' in it to act as a sort of scrub element too. I really liked the smell so picked it up. It has lasted me really well and I have enjoyed using something other than soap and glory for a change. I would reccoemnd any of the Origional source products as they all smell AMAZING. 

This is my new favourite moisturiser EVER ! I fettered it within my September favourites here and my beauty favourites for 2014 here. Im so sad it has come to an end. I would fully recommend if you have dry skin as it is super hydrating and moisturising. I am 100% going to re buy this but I want to get through my Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel first. 

Winter Floral | #OOTD #17

Jacket // Primark // £10
Top // Topshop // £12

This outfit I wore to a meal out at Peachy Keens that I reviewed here. I wanted something that wasn't too dressy but was still nice to go out a meal. I love that these jeans are so easy to dress up or down! Thay can be worn more casual or even smart ! These shoes where  so kindly gifted to me from Sole wish back in December!! I have made so many attempts to photograph them but its never gone well however Cat came to my rescue and made my feet look good. Thank you Sole wish I LOVE these shoes. 
What do you like to wear for meals out?
Check out Cats blog -
Check out Sole Wish -

#RORBloggersSwap | Blogger meet up

A few weekends ago I was invited to attend an event in Manchester with the brand Rock on Ruby - . The event was a blogger meet up / swap! I thought this was such a fab idea as you could meet some new friends and swap your clothes / beauty items that you know longer wanted. You could also buy the Rock on Ruby personalised pieces and have them pre made with what ever slogan you would like. (However I am poor at the moment so could get one!)

I was really keen to go to this event as I want to meet more Manchester bloggers as I am predominately based here now. I knew a few people going along already so I wasnt too worried. I met up with my crazy friend Jenny first and we had 'brunch' and cake at Home Sweet Home in the Northern Quarter (which was amazing) before heading over to Font bar on Oxford road where the event was being held. 

The lovely Holly welcomed us in and explained how it would all work. We placed labels on our items - so they could be traced back to us, with our blog and reason why we wanted to swap and then hung them up or placed on a table. The room was laid out so beautifully with sweets and trays all over the tables! I love Font bar any way so thought it was great location for it to be held. We grabbed a cocktail and chatted a while before we began to swap. Everyone grabbed everything they had their eye on, I really wanted a mascara I had spotted and a lipstick so grabbed those first before looking at the clothes. We had tokens so that if you brought 5 items you could leave with 5 which I thought was a great idea to make it fair. 

I ended up with two tops and a pair or leggings and then a lipstick, mascara, fake tan and nail polish ! I was soo happy with all the items and really glad I had the chance to go. I met some lovely people including: Emma , Nisha , Laura and Bethany. Also Sarah who I met from the #HullBloggers meet was there too and I was glad I got to chat some more with her as I hadn't been able to much last time. It was such a lovely afternoon I really enjoyed it. 

Thank you so much Rock on Ruby for organising and inviting me.

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Skin Care (Part 2) | Top 4 Beauty Picks #6

I found these posts hiding in my drafts, I took them ages ago and completely forgot to carry them on. My favourite products have changed since I took these photos (around August time last year). The photos are bit dark so I apologise but it may be interesting to see my views on these products. I hope you like this post, let me know your favourites too. 

I posted a part 1 to this ages ago which you can read here :).
I was thinking I may post an updated favourite skin care post soon so let me know if your interested in that. Skin care posts are one of my favourites to read as I think its quiet personal but you can learn from others about what works for them and what doesn't. 

Name: Skin Perfection - 15 Second miracle cleansing oil
Brand: L'Oréal Paris 
Price: £7.99
Where can I buy this?: Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets etc. Or online here.
Likes: This is such a great product for makeup removal. I was really unsure if it being an oil at first but it breaks down your makeup so well and so quickly too. So much better than using a face wipe !!
Dislikes: I think it can make my eyes feel a big funny so I prefer to use something different to take off my eye makeup.
Rating: 4/5

Name:Skin Perfection - Radiance Revealing gentle exfoliator 
Brand: L'Oréal Paris 
Price: £4.49
Where can I buy this?: Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets etc. Or online here :)
Likes: I love this product. I use it in the shower as I like to use a exfoliator quiet often so I think this one is great as its gentle and not too harsh on the skin. I really need to re-buy this. 
Dislikes: Theres nothing I really Dislike about this to be honest. Im sure there are better ones available but for the price its great. 

Name: The Ulti-melt hot cloth cleanser
Brand: Soap and Glory
Price: £10
Where can I buy this?: Boots, or on their online site. Online here
Likes: This was the first hot cloth cleanser I used and really enjoy using it. It leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed and it smells nice too.
Dislikes: There is nothing I particularly dislike but Im using something different now.
Rating: 4/5

Name: No Clogs aloud deep pore detox max (self heating)
Brand: Soap and Glory
Price: £11.50
Where can I buy this?: Boots, or on their online site. Or here!
Likes: I love that this max is self heating. Its so nice and relaxing and again leaves your face feeling so nice and refreshed and clean. This is one of my favourite masks I have used.
Dislikes: Again nothing I dislike about this. I enjoy using it and its a great price too.
Rating: 5/5

Monthly Favourites | January 2015

Here are Januarys monthly favourites! These are all fairly new products to me and I'm really enjoying using them and now don't know how I lived with out them. 
What have you been loving?

Im sure you will have heard of the Liz Earle range by now! Its raved about by many bloggers and before christmas I decided to take the plunge and try it myself. I managed to try the hot cloth cleanser while it was discounted online so I thought why not. I instantly loved it and asked my mum for some more for christmas so Im all stocked up. I got a gift set with a mini skin tonic in it and after using that a few times I decided I needed the full size of that too. I bought it using my boots points I had been saving! I love using them both together and they are not part of my nightly routine. I would really recommend them if you like fresh and easy skin care. I like it as its really not a lot of hassle and  is really skin. I can see a different in my skin after one month of use. It also removes your make up easily too. Okay I have clearly written as essay about it but I really love the products so just go buy them and make your skin happy. 

Another christmas gift. I have been meaning to pick up one of these for so long so when my mum said she needed to get me a present = to £10 I thought this would be perfect. Its a great size that fits easily in to my every day hand bag and strange but its really comfortable to hold (I presumed it wouldn't be for some reason). It makes my hair feel sooo soft and I really enjoy using it. Im so late on the band wagon with this I'm sure you all have 5 of them in all the different variations and colours ;). If not get yourself to boots and pop it in your basket (along with your Liz Earle products)

I got this as a free sample ages ago when I bought some other Clinique products. I never used to reach for it but recently I have just had it in my bag and I have used it quiet a lot. Its a nice berry tone but not too dark. I don't suit dark colours so I think this is great for my skin tone but still keeping with the winter trend. 

I have reached for this foundation the most in January. I have a he collection of different foundations and this one has just been my go to one recently. I love that its high coverage, its really easy to blend and it suits my skin tone really well. I don't think its great for 'long-lasting' but I don't really expect it for the price. I think its always good to have a matte high coverage foundation in your collection for days when you feel your skin needs it but I have just liked it every day recently.

I LOVE this palette I use to every single day! I love all the colours and use them all nearly every day (except the darkest - Undone). In particular this month I am loving 2nd to darkest shade :Primal. I have been using this to fill in my eyebrows. I feel like it just adds a bit more to them and it matches so well. I have never used a powder for my brows before and I'm really enjoying it.

I have been using this with the Naked basics 2 again for my eyebrows. It is a great shape to use and makes eye brow applying so much easier. This brush is apparently for lips and eyes but I prefer it for brows. I love Nanshy as a brand and would really recommend the products. I now have a few in my collection. See my latest post where I featured the Nanshy's newest product here. 

What they didn't tell you about third year | University life

As its coming to the end of my uni life I thought I would write up this little post about thing you never got told about third year. I must admit I am finding it a lot harder this year! But keeping focussed and think .. Yayy not long to go .. is keeping me motivated. I have done 4 years at uni (due to doing a foundation year) and it was completely different to my expectations! There has been highs and lows but some amazing memories have been made. 
I have wrote this as a bit of fun so shouldn't be taken too seriously ;). 

10 things they didn't tell you about third year...

1.Remember those fun days in years 1 and 2 where you would spontaneously go on nights out decided at 9pm to go out at 10pm .. yeah you can forget all about them. Nights out are no more.

2.There’s this magical place called the library! Find it you might actually need it now. 

3.I’m doing a international fashion marketing degree, yet my lectures and seminars now consist of lots of finance, management/leadership styles, internationalisation and pricing strategies … what happened to looking at social media campaigns and fun adverts!!

4.You have got fat over these past two years of eating and drinking what you want! It’s now time to panic and get yourself to the gym.

5. Not that you have any spare time as there is LOADS of work to do.

6.Lecturers now assume they have passed on all their knowledge and you now know it all! Can some one let them know we haven’t been listening?

7.     There’s this strange realisation setting in that it’s all nearly over and your going to have to get a REAL full time job and what’s worse you have to use all your effort to apply for 1000 to only hear back from 2.

8.     And then there’s the even worse realisation that the £5000 you have just borrowed from a student loan company needs to be paid back! No one told me that when I applied for it.

9.     After two years of getting used to 9am lectures and finding your way around the campus your probably still just as confused in your final term.

10. You have just spent £27,000 on a degree that probably isn’t going to be relevant for your future jobs.

Nothing to wear ! | #OOTD #16

I picked this jumper up recently from Newlook while they had 20% student discount.I have had so many compliments on it so far and been asked where I bought it ! Its super comfy and great to throw on with jeans and converse for a casual no effort day. Thank you so much to Cat for being my photographer on this windy day ! We took lots of photos this day outside my flat so make sure you check back for more outfit posts over the next few weeks. 

Whats your favourite throw on outfit?