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Last weekend me and Darren headed in to Manchester city centre to try out a all you can eat buffet style restaurant located in the print works named Peachy Keens! I was asked if I fancied going along to try it out, give my thoughts and review. As we LOVE eating out we obviously could not turn this down. We don't often try all you can eat so it was nice to have something a bit different. 

First of all you will notice all the bright lights and decor which I thought looked great (I like a good bit of decor lol) and how big it is, I didn't realise its huge! We where greeted by the manager who was lovely and made us feel very welcome, a waitress brought us drinks and the manager offered to show us what was where etc. There is so much choice obviously starters main course and desert included lots of options from all around the world. 

For starters we both had duck with pancake rolls as thats a rim favourite for us along with other little bits like spring rolls and samosa. I think I could have just kept going back for starters as thats my fave. 

I then tried the mexican style station where the chef cooked me a chicken fajita, I had this with wedges and some nacho style crisp. Again very yummy! Darren had one of the curries! There was so much choice. 

I then went on to have a pancake again made by someone in front of me. It had chocolate shavings inside and I had it with some ice creme while Darren opted for mini cheese cakes. 

We where so full after after that we could possibly go up for more! But we noticed people around us went up for several helpings ! (We clearly don't do the ALL you can eat thing well)

Over all I really enjoyed the experience. The staff where so welcoming and lovely, it was a nice atmosphere and lots of choice. I would recommend to go if your in a big group as theres enough choice for everyone to like something. I think it would be good to go pre-night out with your friends as the location is ideal. 

Thank you for having us Peachy Keens !
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Where do you like to eat out?
Any recommendations for us? 


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