Nanshy 4 in 1 make up blending sponge | Review*

Nanshy is a brand that came to my attention in 2014. I started off with the tapered crewe brush and collected a few over the year. I really enjoy using them they are really soft and quiet pretty to look at too. They don't feel 'plasticcy' I hate that about brushes. 'Nanshy is a UK based beauty brand producing high quality makeup tools that are always 100% cruelty free'. If you haven't tried any of their products yet I would defiantly recommend you check them out. 

This February sees the release of 4 in 1 make up blending sponge. I am a fan of make up sponges already so I was excited to try this one out. It landed on my door step neatly packaged in the cute little box. I thought it was odd that it was green but I'm sure it will turn 'foundation coloured' soon enough. The sponge is similar to the brushes in the way that it is really soft. I really like that it has all different angles as then it makes it easier to get in to creases like your nose and under eyes. I like to use a sponge when I don't have a lot of time to do my make up as I find it really easy and quick to use. I also like it when I want a fuller coverage just because you can work on areas by kind of 'blotting' it in. - Thats how I would describe it I'm not sure of the technical term haha. 

You can buy the sponge online - Here :)

These are the three brushes I already own from Nanshy. I am going to write a post explaining how I use them very soon. My favourite is defiantly the tapered crease brush

I thought I would just insert a photo of when I used it. I mixed my air brush Topshop primer in with my Rimmel stay matte foundation on the back of my had and then used the sponge to apply to my face. (My face looks very bare with just this on) You can see it covers well there are no streaky lines or patches !

I hope you liked this review. 
Let me know your thoughts on make up sponges as I feel they are mixed feeling about them? 
Have you tried any thing from Nanshy before?

*This product was sent as a sample for review purposes, but as always all views are my own.


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