December 2014 | Candle of the Month

I have decided to do a new little monthly feature that is 'candle of the month' I burn through so so many I have a bit of an obsession! So I thought why not share my love with you all. 
As you may know I recently moved in with my boyfriend in our own flat. I had a box full of just candles that I have been buying over the past few months ready for the new home. I didn't realise to the extent of how many I had actually bought (Ooops). So I'm thinking choosing 12 candles over the next year will be no problem for me. I hope you all like this new feature, let me know your thoughts. 

December 2014
For the month of December my favourite candle has been Red velvet  cupcake from Bath and Body works. My brother bought me this while he was in America. Sorry that the first one isn't available in the UK if you know any one who is travelling to the US you should defiantly persuade them to grab you one! Or you can pick one up on Ebay here.

This one smells so devine like you actually want to take a bite. I have gone through it so quickly as I have lit it at every opportunity ! It has lasted quiet a while considering and burnt down perfectly. I hate it when it doesn't level out properly. These sized candles are around $12.50 which converted which is around £8. I don't mind spending money on candles that I know will burn really well and give out an amazing scent. 
Whats been your favourite candles recently? 


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