Peachy Keens Manchester - Restaurant | Review*

Last weekend me and Darren headed in to Manchester city centre to try out a all you can eat buffet style restaurant located in the print works named Peachy Keens! I was asked if I fancied going along to try it out, give my thoughts and review. As we LOVE eating out we obviously could not turn this down. We don't often try all you can eat so it was nice to have something a bit different. 

First of all you will notice all the bright lights and decor which I thought looked great (I like a good bit of decor lol) and how big it is, I didn't realise its huge! We where greeted by the manager who was lovely and made us feel very welcome, a waitress brought us drinks and the manager offered to show us what was where etc. There is so much choice obviously starters main course and desert included lots of options from all around the world. 

For starters we both had duck with pancake rolls as thats a rim favourite for us along with other little bits like spring rolls and samosa. I think I could have just kept going back for starters as thats my fave. 

I then tried the mexican style station where the chef cooked me a chicken fajita, I had this with wedges and some nacho style crisp. Again very yummy! Darren had one of the curries! There was so much choice. 

I then went on to have a pancake again made by someone in front of me. It had chocolate shavings inside and I had it with some ice creme while Darren opted for mini cheese cakes. 

We where so full after after that we could possibly go up for more! But we noticed people around us went up for several helpings ! (We clearly don't do the ALL you can eat thing well)

Over all I really enjoyed the experience. The staff where so welcoming and lovely, it was a nice atmosphere and lots of choice. I would recommend to go if your in a big group as theres enough choice for everyone to like something. I think it would be good to go pre-night out with your friends as the location is ideal. 

Thank you for having us Peachy Keens !
Check out their website:

Where do you like to eat out?
Any recommendations for us? 

Home wear | Haul

Since moving in December I have been picking things up as I go along to make the flat more homely and inject a bit of colour. As our flat is rented we cannot paint or anything so I think accessories are important to make it more personal. I have been finding bits and pieces over the past month and rather than collect them all together I decided to just go around and take quick snaps of them all to show you what I have been picking up. This may give you some inspiration for your own home or you may just like looking at pretty home wears. I have tried to link where possible (or something similar) but obviously some items are no longer available / one off. We received a few of these items for christmas too from various family members .. thats when you can tell you getting old when your mum buys you a knife block !! 

Mugs // Waitrose // Gift
Chalk board sign // Card factory // £2.99
Glas cup // Primark // £2

Candle // Gift 
Candle // Primark // £2

Blanket // Primark // (This was my mums but I stole it)

- Our Sofa was bought from the Red cross charity shop. we got this two seater and a three seater both for £110 ! Such a bargain and practically brand new !

Knife block // Wilko // Gift 
 (I don't know what these are called but you put your hot pan on it so it doesn't burn the work surface)
Tea bag stand? // Asda // £1.50
(Again don't know what you call this but you put used tea bags on it)

Timeless Truth Beauty - Apple Collagen face mask | Sample Sunday

For todays sample sunday post I thought I would share with you this face mask form Timeless truth beauty. This is the Apple Collagen face mask retailing at £7.99 per mask. Available here :)
These masks claim to 'help repair damaged tissue and help delay and reduce the visable signs of ageing'. This particular mask is for all skin types but there is a selection of different ones available to meet you needs. 
You can either use the mask warm by heating it in some warm water or cold by cooling it in the fridge. I choose the fridge option. When first opening the product I found there was a lot of product that is actually on the mask. The instructions do say that you can save the excess and use it just on skin. The mask is very wet and seemed to slip of my face a bit but this may be because I have a small face ? I just laid still for 10 minutes which was quiet nice and relaxing. 

I took a photo of my skin with no make up so that you can see i have quiet normal skin. I also took one of the mask on (which is a bit of a scary photo) You can see its quiet big and it covers all my face. My skin felt plump and fresh after use and I enjoyed the feel of it. I feel the only down side of this was the size and the amount of product as I seemed to get it everywhere ! 
 I would recommend these if you are a face mask fan, I think I personally prefer mask that come in a tube and you apply your self - (does that make sense)

Hope you enjoyed this sample sunday ! 

Conffessions of a beauty blogger | Tag

I was nominated by the beautiful Kate from to write up this Beauty blogger tag ! I will nominate a few others to do so down the bottom too :)

1. How many hours a week do you spend planning/writing/uploading posts? 
I don't really have a set number. I like to schedule my posts so that they go up the same time (12pm) every other day. I like to be organised and have at least two done and when I don't I shall just do another. I don't like to set specific times.

2. Are you a spender or a saver? 
Defiantly a spender as soon as I know I have money I will want to spend it. Im hating that I have a River Island voucher at the moment and cannot find anything I want to spend it on! 

3. When is it easiest for you to write your posts? 
Whenever really. Usually when Im relaxed and chilling out. I like to be on my own to do it cause I get easily distracted. 

4. What makes writing posts comfortable for you? 
Im not sure. I can write sat in bed chilling in my pjs or sat in a coffee shop (like I am now)

5. What’s your worst make up/hair habit? 
Tippping my head upside down and blow drying rather than doing it properly ! 

6. What’s one quote you wish the world would live by? 
What goes around comes around !

7. How long do you spend getting ready everyday? 
I like to give my self an hour so that I can shower wash my hair do my makeup and eat :)

8. What’s your favourite post on your blog?
Oooh I'm not sure... I currently love my recent #OOTD post! Just because I love that coat ! 

9. Who is a beauty blogger that you think deserves more subscribers that they have? - she has lots of lovely followers but I think her blog and Youtube are both fab. 

10. What’s one thing you’re excited about in the coming year?
Graduating from university and getting my first proper full time job. Also going to South Africa for christmas again.

11. What’s been your favourite blogging moment? 
Going to my first proper meet up in Hull and then organising the next Hull blogger meet up :D 

12. How long does it take to prep for a post? 
Not that long I think once I have an idea for a post I think about what I need photograph and write :) it obviously takes time but I wouldn't say i really 'prep' I kind of include it all in to one thing

13. Are you wearing jeans/skirt right now or are you wearing pajama bottoms? 
I am wearing skiiny - stretchy trousers (Treggings?) and a plain top  due to me being in a coffee shop :)

14. What are you most proud of in your life? 
Im proud of all I have achieved so far. Im proud that I got on to a course at London college of fashion, proud I moved out of my parents and lived in London and Manchester. Proud of how well my blog is doing recently and proud I have been able to have some fantastic opportunities in life ! 

I would like to nominate...

Nanshy 4 in 1 make up blending sponge | Review*

Nanshy is a brand that came to my attention in 2014. I started off with the tapered crewe brush and collected a few over the year. I really enjoy using them they are really soft and quiet pretty to look at too. They don't feel 'plasticcy' I hate that about brushes. 'Nanshy is a UK based beauty brand producing high quality makeup tools that are always 100% cruelty free'. If you haven't tried any of their products yet I would defiantly recommend you check them out. 

This February sees the release of 4 in 1 make up blending sponge. I am a fan of make up sponges already so I was excited to try this one out. It landed on my door step neatly packaged in the cute little box. I thought it was odd that it was green but I'm sure it will turn 'foundation coloured' soon enough. The sponge is similar to the brushes in the way that it is really soft. I really like that it has all different angles as then it makes it easier to get in to creases like your nose and under eyes. I like to use a sponge when I don't have a lot of time to do my make up as I find it really easy and quick to use. I also like it when I want a fuller coverage just because you can work on areas by kind of 'blotting' it in. - Thats how I would describe it I'm not sure of the technical term haha. 

You can buy the sponge online - Here :)

These are the three brushes I already own from Nanshy. I am going to write a post explaining how I use them very soon. My favourite is defiantly the tapered crease brush

I thought I would just insert a photo of when I used it. I mixed my air brush Topshop primer in with my Rimmel stay matte foundation on the back of my had and then used the sponge to apply to my face. (My face looks very bare with just this on) You can see it covers well there are no streaky lines or patches !

I hope you liked this review. 
Let me know your thoughts on make up sponges as I feel they are mixed feeling about them? 
Have you tried any thing from Nanshy before?

*This product was sent as a sample for review purposes, but as always all views are my own.

Beauty favourites | 2014

Here are all my Beauty favourites for 2014. I have tried to link each product to where it is available to buy. I have also tried to link a related post from over this year. I have noticed my collection grow over this year and defiantly become more pricy! This year I'm planning to use up products before buying new ones as a lot of items are now getting neglected. I think If I had to pick one item that I love from this year the Real Techniques Expert face brush springs instantly to mind. I think its the best brush in my whole collection and really changed my make up application. A close second is my Mac Patina eyeshadow. I use this on a daily basis I LOVE it. I never hit pan on Mac shadows but I have with this, I truly recommend. So here they all are, I hope you find something new you may want to purchase too. 

Primer: Benefit Professional - it is the one I have used the most this year I do love it but this year I'm hoping to seak cheaper alternatives. Featured in a High End beauty haul

Foundation: Maybelline Fit me foundation - I think this is a great Nars sheer glow dupe.

Powder: Rimmel stay matte - such a staple product in my collection - Featured in a Beauty haul!

Bronzer: Mac bronzer - Always has been my fave. 

Blush: Benefit coralista - I only have a mini but I just love it so much I'm defiantly buying full size when it runs out. 

Eye Brow product:Dior eyebrow pencil in blond 653 Featured in my 2013 favourites ! I clearly love this product and it shows how long it lasts.

Eyeshadow:Mac Patina eyeshadow - Featured in September favourites!

Makeup Brush: Real techniques Expert face brush . A product that I don't know how I lived with out. Featured in September favourites!

Shampoo Conditioner: John Freda Blonde collection (They featured in my November monthly empties post)

Hair Styler: Obviously has to be Batiste Dry Shampoo! - My most favourite product in the world again featured in Nov. Monthly empties

Shower Gel: & Other stories - Moroccan tea body wash  I really need another one of these. I Loved it so so much! Featured in a London Shopping haul

Face creme: Clinique moisture surge - Featured in September favourites!

Cleanser:Dior Instant cleansing water - I have only just finessed using this ! I need to re buy as I loved it! Featured in a London Shopping haul

Fragrance: Victor and Rolf Flower Bomb has to be a firm favourite. I have ran out now and have Victor and Rolf Bon Bon instead (which is just as lovely) - Featured in a High End beauty haul

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Virtue Ice Tea | Sample Sunday

Virtue where kind enough to send us some of their cans of ice tea for the #HullBloggers meet up. I had a strawberry & peach flavoured one which I drank as soon as (peach ice tea is my fave.) and I have had this one stashed in my fridge for ages ! I decided to treat myself the other day and drink it. These drinks are so yummy. I love love love ice tea and I'm always up for trying out different brands of them to find my fave one. I love that is can is only 63 calories! Its quiet sweet and tastes really yummy so you would think it would be more it is sweetened naturally and have nothing artificial within it. Im not sure how much the cost individually a can but you can buy a pack of 24 on amazon for £24 (delivered) Here! I think thats a pretty good price considering I would usually pay that in a shop if I where to pick up a drink. I would defiantly recommend if you are an ice tea fan like me :). 

January Refresh | Lifestyle

I thought I would write up a bit about life lately. I have been trying to be healthy once more! I did well last year when I stuck to it and actually really enjoyed it so I want to carry on the best I can. I have been trying out new things like smoothies (As I got a smoothie maker for christmas) and healthier recipes. I have found Pinterest really helpful for motivation pics, food inspiration and workouts. Also following healthy accounts on Instagram. I scroll through my Instagram every morning and it defiantly motivates me to choose a healthy breakfast when you see other people posting theres. Another thing I have been enjoying is watching peoples Youtube channels who are also healthy eating ! I was thinking about all this and thought why not write up a little post now and again about new people I'm following, what I have been trying etc? Let me know what you think!

So one person who I am loving is Rachel - Notes from the city. 
I love her Instagram and Youtube. She has been a good motivation and I love her recipes, I would recommend you check her out ! 

I have tried out Rachel's Banana crepes recipe which I think is sooo yummy ! The recipe is on this video

I have made a Healthy life board on Pinterest so make sure you follow :) 

I have been downloading and trying out a few different Apps this week such as run keeper, 7 minutes and my fitness pal. All have been quiet helpful and easy to use! AND there free !!

I have been walking a lot more rather than driving ! I think once you have a car the thought of walking is just unbearable but i am starting to enjoy it a bit more now :) - it's good to have some new music to listen to in your head phones !

A few good tips I have learnt are:

1. make a food shopping list - it helps you focus on what you need to buy so you won't stray to the sweetie isle. 

2. Drink LOADS of water. I know its said loads but the more I drink the better I feel. 

3. Make a note of everything you eat through out the day. I have found this really helpful as it stops you snacking! - you can do this on the my fitness pal app. 

Happy Birthday to me! | Champagne & Lemonade .ox

Who would believe that 3 years ago today I made this area of the internet mine. While sitting in my tiny room in London in 2012 I decided to create a blog, Im not sure why I decided too I just did and now I'm so pleased I did. I never thought that I would make some amazing friends, have some fantastic opportunities and have so much fun just from rambling about fashion beauty and my every day life.

This year has been fantastic for my blog, it has grown so much and has helped me make some amazing friendships and connections. I have loved attending meet ups, going to events and working with brands. Most of all I loved loved making some of the best friends every (You know who you are).

I would like to say such a big thank you for every single reader, subscriber, friend and brand that has glanced over my blog let alone dedicated readers. I would love for my blog to grow even more over 2015! 

Please feel free to leave me suggestions as to what you would like to see, and what your favourite posts are. I personally would like to do more lifestyle posts and #OOTD posts but we shall see how that goes. I intend to carry on my same blogging style and keep to my normal blogging routine. I also would love to attend more events and meet ups this year as I love the community. 

So thank you everyone once again and I hope you stick with me for a few more years to come! 

A Different Hull Ft. My brother | #OOTD

I roped my brother in to taking some outfit pics. I really wanted to photograph him in this top as it is from A different Hull. It was actually mine however he decided he liked it and wanted it. This T-shirts are fun, quirky and different ! I love it. Thank you to my bro for participating ;).

December 2014 | Monthly Empties

I bought this a while ago now and have been lighting it now and again. I love the smell of it, you can really tell you have lit it in the room. I was quiet sad to see the end but I'm unsure if I would re-buy. Only because I have sooo many candles! I don't really like the way they burn in these mini jars I prefer the all round ones. 

I was sent this mini to test out along with some other products (view the post here) a long time ago. and I have only just got through it. It has lasted so so long. I really like this and I would defiantly re buy it. I love all the John Freda products, its my favourite for hair care. 

I received this on the Arndale Student Lock in day (see post here). You had to purchase one product for a free goodie bag and this was inside ! Such a great product, I have enjoyed using it so much. I really want to re buy it when I get round to it. It smells so fresh, like most lush products. would defiantly recommend. 

I picked this up in Boots because I had a voucher where it was cheaper or more points (something like that.. I love a bargain). I really enjoyed using it and forgot that it wasn't very pricey! It smells really good and leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean!

There is no need to tell you how great this is, I have been through loads of this stuff its great! I asked for some for christmas and I got a SHED TONNE. It smells great, it leaves your skin feeling great and it lasts for ages too.

Again another product that doesn't need an explanation. Such a great mascara! Not currently my favourite however it is well loved. I have a new full size in a box ready and waiting for me to use! I would always recommend this.

Okay third product in a row that is a holy grail. An amazing product especially for the price! I don't know how I lived without it. I go through a tube a month defiantly. I want this in foundation form (I don't like the collection foundation unfortunately). 

One of my favourite BB cremes! I have had a few samples sent to me so far and I continually love it. I really need to purchase the full size product ! I would recommend it to any one who likes BB cremes. This has great coverage and I feel like my skin looks flawless when I use it. 

My 2nd favourite eye brow product (Dior pencil is my No.1). Again a fab product for the price. This is my every day pencil that I use. Would always recommend and I have already re bought. I have just bought the Maybelline eye brow pencils and at the moment I aren't really loving them but time will tell.

What have you been loving recently?

December 2014 | Candle of the Month

I have decided to do a new little monthly feature that is 'candle of the month' I burn through so so many I have a bit of an obsession! So I thought why not share my love with you all. 
As you may know I recently moved in with my boyfriend in our own flat. I had a box full of just candles that I have been buying over the past few months ready for the new home. I didn't realise to the extent of how many I had actually bought (Ooops). So I'm thinking choosing 12 candles over the next year will be no problem for me. I hope you all like this new feature, let me know your thoughts. 

December 2014
For the month of December my favourite candle has been Red velvet  cupcake from Bath and Body works. My brother bought me this while he was in America. Sorry that the first one isn't available in the UK if you know any one who is travelling to the US you should defiantly persuade them to grab you one! Or you can pick one up on Ebay here.

This one smells so devine like you actually want to take a bite. I have gone through it so quickly as I have lit it at every opportunity ! It has lasted quiet a while considering and burnt down perfectly. I hate it when it doesn't level out properly. These sized candles are around $12.50 which converted which is around £8. I don't mind spending money on candles that I know will burn really well and give out an amazing scent. 
Whats been your favourite candles recently?