Reviewing my Resolutions | 2014

I wrote a post this time last year with a few 'resolutions' for this year I have decided to go back to it and see if I achieved them all...

Join the gym
I have been a member of 3 gyms this year! I lost quiet a bit of weight in the summer and was quiet healthy. However it hasn’t gone as well towards the end of this year. Just due to moving and not having a permanent place to live but I’m hoping I will be back on track in January

Go to a blog meet up
Not only did I go to a meet up, I organised one!! Im am very proud of myself this year I have been to Manchester, Hull, Lincoln and Leeds meet ups! I hope this continues in to next year.  I have made some of my best friends this year through blogging its been amazing.

Do something with my summer
I don’t do things by halves! I went to work on a summer camp and became an abseil instructor. I also learnt how to teach other activities and gained a first aid qualification. I lived in a tent and made some great friends.

Pamper myself more
I would say I have done this through buying products to use at home such as facemasks and scrubs etc but I don’t really have the money to go to salons. Maybe next year?

Visit friends in other cities
Wahh this is something I still haven’t had chance to do. I popped to see my friends while I was in London but again money constraints !

Read more books
I have read a few good ones this year. I would always like to read more!

Learn how to use my new camera
Hmmm yea still clueless..

Have a healthy lifestyle
Again same as the whole gym thangggg it was there but it needs to come back :).

Keep all my uni notes tidy
This is something I have been really strict with they are all in separate note pads and I know exactly whats going on (kind of).

Build my makeup collection

 This has defiantly happened! My mum actually said to me I don’t know any one with as much make up as you. If she saw some of the collections I have seen on peoples blogs I think she would pass out.


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