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As you may know I have finally moved in to my new home with my boyfriend. This has been such a long time coming and I'm so excited it has finally happened. We decided a while a go now that we would live together this year (My final year of uni) and I think it was April I started buying home bits !! I have had boxes piled up around my parents house I have lived with Darrens parents and caused havoc for everyone but we have finally done it. It hasn't been easy we where actually home less for just over a week! We have been stressed like you wouldn't believe but it has all been worth it as we now are in a perfect little apartment that is our first home together. We are in Bury which is within greater Manchester. I quiet like it here it has a little town with all the essentials (Topshop, RiverIsland etc) and we are very close to the motor way so it only takes us 1hour and 30 to drive back to our parents. I think we will be quite happy here and we defiantly are not moving any time soon !
Thank you everyone for the support when I have been stressing out and texting with my dramas (You know who you are). Please feel free to visit ;).

Obviously there a lack of posts at present due to waiting for the internet to be installed but please bare with me (currently stealing burger king wifi). 
Heres a few little house details, hoping to take better pics when we are all sorted. 

Bed Room 
Bedding and square cushions from Asda, long cushion from TKMaxx

My Bathroom
Bits from TKmaxx, Ikea and Asda

Kettle from Argos, Chopping board from Asda, tray from Wilko and Tea coffee sugar jars from dotcomgiftshop.com

Living Room 
(Sorry its dark) 
Pillows from Ikea and Sofa from British red cross charity shop!

The front of our building :)


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