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We have been sent some amazing products to give to each blogger in a goodie bag ! I am overwhelmed with the generosity of some brands and really hoping all the bloggers love the products. Sorry this includes no photos of the products. We have 3 locations that they have been sent too so they where only brought together on the day. Again all brands are linked an twitter pages are too. I have written a little sentence about each brand just as a little insight :).

Ohh Deer
Dog Tape
- Ohh deer is such a quirky brand, I love it. I keep scanning the website thinking I may have to treat myself. This dog tape is super cute. I think I will use some for christmas wrapping!

Name badges
- We had name badges made for each blogger attending so that we could all know each others names which I thought was a great idea due to being quiet bad at remembering!

- A local Hull company, I haven't tried here yet however Jenny assures me that it is amazing. I trust her as a fellow sweet treat lover

House of Blend
Discount code
-See my recent review here of my Library of fragrance sent

Unique Magazines
10% off voucher
- This isn't a brand I have heard of before but I am interested to learn more !

35% off voucher
- An amazing company, such a easy website to use. I have one of the photo books and it is such an amazing quality. I love mine and would defiantly recommend.

My Treat Card
Treat card for each blogger
- Again some thing I haven't heard of but I like the idea behind it and looking forward to learning more.

Brushes for each blogger
- I love these brushes. Very excited to add one to my collection. The crease brush is fab!

Graze box
- I always used to get Graze boxes delivered but as I am in the middle of a house move I had to stop. I love all the snacks I can not wait to have them again.

Red Dahlia Designs
10% off voucher
-Such a amazing brand run by a lovely lady. All jewellery is hand made so beautifully was so glad to be in contact with her and have Red Dahlia involved in the meet

20% off voucher
-One of my favourite BB cremes. I discovered this brand through attending a meet. I would throughly recommend

Piece of Jewellery for each blogger.
-This is a fab store based in Hull. They sell some lovely clothing pieces along with the jewellery and accessories defiantly worth a nosey round.

20% voucher
- I have ordered a few times from ELF. The baked blushes are amazing. having 20% off is always tempting !!

Bottles of Skinetica
-Another brand I discovered through attending a meet up. I love using this! I have even convinced my brother to use it too.

Spotted Zebra Company
20% Discount voucher
- I haven't bought any thing form Spotted zebra before but I have lusted over some of the quirky items on their site.

Cocoa Brown
Tough Stuff exfoliator sample
- Great brand of tan, looking forward to a trying a new product from them.

Mini post of illuminating face shimmer and Argon skin renewal.
- I have tried a few bits from nourish from previous meets so excited to try new products from them.

Kettle Chips
Kettle Chips
Large bag for each blogger
- Oh my, such a yummy treat these crisps are. I love their veg crisps. Very excited to try out their christmas themed ones they have sent us.

Your Tea
Tea bag samples
- We all know I love tea. Always happy to try new ones :D

Andrew Barton
Hair Masks
- I love hair masks and I haven't yet tried the Andrew Barton ones. They have sent us a few different types including one for blonde hair so I'm looking forward to using that.

Box of Monds
- This is such a fun quirky product I am very intrigued to try them out ! Glad I found them as Jane (the owner of the company) seems a lovely person so glad to have her involved.

Scarlet Fashion
- Again another company I haven't come across before, however according to Jenny they are fab :)

Vitue Ice Tea
Can of Ice tea
- I am a massive Ice tea lover so very excited to try this out. I am so glad I found them on twitter.

- to try while at the event due to having to be refrigerated.


Bags of Propercorn
-My favourite brand of popcorn ! I love the Sweet & Salty flavour

Sole wish
Discount codes
- Sole Wish was originally attending the meet however due to personal circumstances they where unable too however the lovely last Donna still wanted to send us some vouchers to use online and she has donated 4 raffle prizes !

Bob Greens
10% off online
- This is actually a mens wear store that is opersite our venue. It is actually all girls attending however they might want to pass this on to any males they have in their life. Also the raffle prize donated by them I feel is unisex.

Old el paso
-My favourite food ! So glad they are involved.

Frame again
Framed personalised photo for each blogger
- I arranged for each blogger to email a photo to frame again so they could print them and get them sent to us before the meet.

Tubes of Lypsyl for each - Red/Blue
-A product I used to use when I was young at high school. Quiet nostalgic :)

WWF animal print plasters
Packs of plasters
- only so many got sent so these where given to predominantly Beauty bloggers.

Charno Hosiery
- again only so many got sent so these where given to predominantly fashion bloggers

Peanut hottie
Samples of their Hot chocolate
- I am too excited to try this after eyeing it up in the supermarkets

Paul Mitchell
Hair care samples
- I personally haven't tried any of the Paul Mitchell products but have heard a lot about them so hoping they are as good as everyone is saying !!

Personal Planner UK
Free planner voucher
- So excited to have one of these. See Jayes Review over on her blog.


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