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We have a few brands attending the Hull Bloggers event on the day! I am so happy to be working with these people as I love trying out new products and learning about new brands! After talking with them I became so excited about the meet and could not wait to share the products with the other bloggers. Too excited for Sunday ! 


Natalie from Younique will be attending the event at 4:30. After speaking with Natalie, (who seems lovely by the way) we have decided to make it more fun and involved rather than a chat and demo. We are holding a competition for the best 'Self-eye' and challenging the bloggers to try on the Younique fibre lashes and compare them to their normal mascara. We will have chance to play around with the make up and try it out also to buy it on the day if you wish. Natalie is happy to answer any questions about the products so make sure you take a look at her site and make a note of any thing you make want to try out. Looking forward to meet Natalie and see what all the hype is about for Younique !!

Arbonne will be attending the event at 2:30, two representatives will be there to talk about the business, demonstrate the products and answer any questions. There will be a chance to buy some of the products on the day or learn about them and possibly buy the future. 
Charlotte is the representative that is sharing these products with us. If you have any questions please feel free to contact her. In the mean time have a look at the website so that if theres any thing you like the look of you can try it out on the day :). Very excited to have them there and to learn about some new products.

Arbonne ID: 441114046.
Mobile: 07803566826

Sole Wish
We did also have SoleWish coming along however due to personal circumstances the representative is now unable to make it. However, they have kindly sent discount codes for each blogger and 4 x£25 vouchers for the raffle. Sole Wish is a shoe company that are currently selling on ebay (due to the website revamp) There are so many choices, and all at amazing prices. I thought I would put together a little wish list of the ones I would pick if I won a voucher!


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