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At university last week we had a chat from a stylist who I thought was fab ! I agreed with everything she said I loved her views and thoughts about the industry. I thought it was just me who thought these things! So I thought I would share them with you. I may get some hate from it but it is PERSONAL OPINION !! so we don't all have to agree :)

The Kardashians
These girls are NOT models. they are fame hungry people who have done well for them selves by being from a wealthy family that have built a 'brand' as such. I know I will have haters from saying this but honestly .. there are some amazingly beautiful talented models out there yet some brands choose to use them as the face! WHY !!!! Well its basically to cause controversy and to get people talking about them, Any press is good press ! Im speaking about them, getting their name out there (as much as I don't want to) But i feel I have to share my views. I stopped buying Vogue when they put Kim on the front ! #SorryNotSorry

Kate Moss - Got caught doing drugs on purpose to get out of a contract with H&M (They have a no drugs policy) Philip Green said he would offer her a better contract. Again everyone was talking about this it got her in the press.
I personally don't really like her and I know my mum really hates her - She won't even buy Rimmel cosmetics haha, she says she doesn't want to fund her drug habit.

Victoria Beckham
She is NOT a fashion designer. She a bad signer who married the right guy at the right time.
I am not denying she is hard working and her collections are beautiful, however just because she famous does not mean she is a fashion designer ! She does not have a fashion degree, it angers me that people work so so hard at university and go through years of education and not even get close to being featured in Fashion week.

Sorry if you don't agree with my personal opinions but thats just how I see it .. and everyone is entitled to an opinion ! What are your thoughts?
P.s I am not saying these people don't work hard as I'm sure they really do! 


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