November 2014 | Monthly Empties

You know when everything runs out at once ... yep this month that happened!

Soap and glory // Scrub actually // £8
I love this scrub it smells lovely and makes me feel very clean. However, I don't feel like it lasts as long as the big tubs so I think I will stick to them

Clean and clear // face wash // £4.99
I have had this face wash for sooo long! I feel like it was never ending. I used this daily in the shower just as a basic face wash. Nothing fancy just simple! I enjoyed using it but I prefer a face scrub in the shower and then using a cleanser in my normal skin care routine.

Dior // cleansing water // £25

I bought this back in January and has lasted till now so I am pretty impressed with that! It was a pricey purchase at first but as it lasted so well I feel like it was defiantly been worth it. I have loved using this. It makes me feel very clean and fresh and has worked well with my skin. I am unsure if to repurchase or try something new, but I defiantly recommend.

Batiste // Cherry dry shampoo // £2.99
This is a monthly staple that I go through. I hate not having freshly washed hair so this is a MUST for the days in-between as its not good to wash your hair everyday ! We know its the best woo!

John Freda // Go blonder shampoo and conditioner // £5.99 each
This is my favourite Shampoo and conditioner combo. I love it, I think it works so well for my hair and really makes my hair stay a lighter colour. I usually buy it when its on offer as obviously it isn't a cheap option however they are defiantly worth it.


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