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This month me and my boyfriend are finally move out on our own together for the first time ! I am very excited about it all however I am also very stressed. When I was young I only moved house twice and the first I was a baby so I don't remember and I always used to think wow its so exciting moving .. it defiantly isn't ! I have moved 5 times already this year! Manchester - back to Hull - Summer camp - back to Hull - Manchester and now its  time to stay in Manchester but another house at least this one will at least be for a year.  So I thought I would write up how its going as it may be of interest to fellow movers :) 

First things first..
There are a few things to consider when actually initially looking, 
Research the area - Has it got everything near by
Check your commute times - to work / uni / the school run 
Work to your budget  - and factor in bills  

Once your organised ..
We decided to pick a top 5 to go see. We made a spread sheet with all details about them and what was included. I.e do they come with dishwasher, wash machine etc. 
I rang all these places to arrange viewings asap - I took note of who was the most helpful as I feel its important when working with agencies, I previously had a very bad experience and it wash great from the minute i was shown round so I now make sure they know what they are talking about 

Make a tick list..
I wrote up a list of everything I wanted to see about in the properties and when I viewed I made sure I  checked them off. I.e marks on the walls, what the state of the boiler, car parking spaces. Obviously people have different needs but I wrote all our essentials. 

Compare your favourites and find out what is going to work best for you. Know your time scale and be prepared for lots of paper work.
Write down positives and negatives about each and choose the correct place for you.

Inform employers and previous landlords that they need to provide reference. Ensure you have deposits. You will need proof of previous address prove of ID ect so make sure you have all these to be organised to make it run as smooth as possible 

Then get packing ! I haven't started this yet but my plan is to pack according to rooms so everything for the bath room will go in one box with bathroom written on and maybe a small description. Straight forward really but you'd be surprised on moving day when you cannot find which box the toilet roll is in ! 

Helpful websites..

I would also recommend contacting Tv/Phone/Internet provider to install the same day as you move as this will save you being sat with nothing to relax with at the end of moving day.

I shall be updating with a house tour at the end of the month when I'm all fully moved and cosy in our new home :) Exciting !! 

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