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Last Saturday Minnes boutique owned by TOWIE stars Sam and Bille Faires opened a new store above Bolo in Beverley - a town just outside of Hull (actually where I was born!). The Hull Daily mail reported about how there was queues of screaming girls waiting to meet Sam and Bille and to look inside the new store. (Read story here)
All I have seen since on Facebook and the comment section of the website is negative mindless comments from people who clearly just love having something new to moan about! 
This really annoyed me as living in Hull for the majority of my life I hated the fashion! There was never anything new or different and you always just looked the same as everyone ! Moving to London and the Manchester showed me how you can get some amazing one off boutique pieces so you can look individual. We need more of that in Hull so I personally praise anyone bringing new fashions to Hull and the surrounding area. Yes it may not be everyones 'cup of tea' but its new its exciting and its bringing more business ! 

However most of the comments where people saying about how talentless these girls are and that this isn't news? It really confuses me why these people spend the time to read and comment when they just say how they don't care about it? Such a waste of energy??

These girls probably have more talent than the half of the people commenting ! They had their store before TOWIE and it seems to be successful, so they clearly have some talent as they are making money and enjoying their life. Even if you don't particularly like Towie and the people on there surly just news fashion and business is great any way regardless of the owner? I would love to own my own boutique its always been a little dream of mine! I would hate for people to be so negative about it. 
I commented on the Facbook page this comment...

'It's nice to see new fashion brands come to Hull and the surrounding areas ! 
You may not appreciate it but I'm sure the majority of girls in Hull will !
 Regardless of the who owns the store ! Plus it's always good for the city !
 No need for stupid comments about how 'talentless' they are when I'm sure they probably have more talent and money they the majority of people moaning about it !!!'

I received various replies such as 'Beverley is not a city' .. Hmm yes thats why I wrote Hull and the surrounding areas? I should know I was born there after all ?
I feel like I could go on about all the ridiculous comments for day but I won't. I just want to basically say...
if you don't have any thing nice to say, DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! 

Much Fashion Love ;)


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