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A month or so ago now I decided to contact my Hull Blogger friends and came up with the Idea to make a tag ! I now live in Manchester as you may know and I do miss them a lot so I thought it would be nice to do a blog post together if that makes sense?
We all submitted one question for us all to answer. I have added everyones blogs along with their question so please click the links and visit their fabulous blogs. 
Also if you are from Hull and want to do this tag please feel free! But make sure you tweet me to I can have a read ! @lemonadelifeox 

Susan- What are the main differences between your makeup looks and choice of products in the summer and your looks in the winter?
I don't have a lot of difference to be honest because I'm not a 'dark lip and eye' person ! Maybe a bit of glitter at chrsitmas time. Also I wear less in the summer and tend to try and use BB cremes etc
Chelsea – Most repurchased beauty item
Deffinatly my Clinque dramatically different gel or my John Freda blonde shampoo/conditioner. I love all these products and they work so well for me so I will always repurchase. 

Joanna - on average how many makeup products do you use per day?
I would say about 14 ? Thats sounds like quiet a lot but for a full face with eyeshadows I suppose its not too bad ! 

Kate - If you were given a plane ticket and told you can go absolutely anywhere in the world. Where would you go and why?
At the moment I would love to visit Thailand to see all the islands and try all the food. I would also really like to go to Florida to go to disney world! I have been to Disney land paris and loved it. Of course I shall be flying first class to these chosen destinations.( & yes Kate I shall take you with me)

Charley - We all know Hull is the greatest place on earth, but if you didn't live there, where would you live?
Well this is obvious, I would live in Manchester of course! I love living here but I do love a good visit back to Hull to see my friends and family :)

Lucy - what independent shop do you most like to visit in Hull?
There is a store on Newland Avenue which sells quirky home wears, candles, bath bombs and fun little bits and pieces. I love it there! Its very cute and not too expensive either which is always a bonus. 

Megan- Where do you think is the best place to take outfit photos in Hull?
I love the Hessle Foreshore,I would defiantly recommend a little walk by there to get an ice cream if its sunny. Its like Hull's own 'Beach' and is lovely in the Sunshine. I had a few pics taken their once so I would say there is nice. Or even in the country park which  is a lovely area just by there too. 

Chloe- What makes Hull Unique
I think the fact it has so many unappreciated qualities. I personally didn't live in Hull as such. I am actually from Hessle which is a town next to Hull (I can still call myself a Hull blogger). It has a lot of surrounding towns and villages which have lovely boutiques and cafes. The centre is full of museums where you can learn about the history of Hull and its culture. It has events like Hull Fashion Week, Hull Fair, The folk festival, Humber street sesh etc which are always such great events. Hull is the city of culture 2014 and has already had quiet a lot of investment to the city which means it can only get better !!

Alex – What’s your favorite thing to do in Hull?
My question - I don't actually know what my absolute favourite thing is! There quiet a few things I enjoy doing like driving around the Towns like Hessle, Beverly ect and going to all the lovely unique boutiques to find something quirky and new. I love going for a walk around the Marina and having a drink if the sun is shining. I love a night out and a meal down Princess avenue which has lots of yummy restaurants and cool bars. And how can I forget a great night out in the town, I love a bit of Welly ;) 


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