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Birthday wish list

It is my birthday coming up on the 8th December and I have been thinking about what I would like as a gift ! Me and my mum are booked to got to the Clothes show in Birmingham on the 5th of December as a birthday treat as such which I am very excited about but she also said I could choose something else ! My parents are so generous and I am truly thankful for everything they do for me, I wasn't expecting to go to the show and a gift so Im quiet excited to choose something. I like to buy one thing usually compared to just using the money to buy lots of things as it usually get wasted and ends up paying for food or petrol so I think its nice to choose one gift to say that is what you got for your birthday ! Last year I was in NewYork and received a beautiful Tiffany necklace for my 21st, I think its nice to have jewellery as its quiet a special gift you keep forever ! 
I would like to spend it on something I actually need (well I don't NEED anything, I mean something more practical). I would quiet like the Longchamp bag as I can use it as an every day bag for uni. I have the large holdall bag as I use it all the time, it is great quality and I love using it so I think it would be the same for this size. 
I don't NEED a new watch but I love the Olivia Burton watches and they are such a good price (most under £100) I think it would be a nice everyday watch. I like all of the variations of them to be honest. and I wouldn't know which style to choose. 
The other bits are just things I would quiet like to own, Im dying to have Tom Ford perfume but is a ridiculous price ! and the Vivienne westwoood eating would be nice but they aren't well made as I have already had 2 pairs that have broken .. (still love them though). 
The Charlotte Tilbury set is beautiful and defiantly worth the money so I may actually buy that with money from my grandparents ! && the little Selfridges set I mainly like the little bag that it all comes in so maybe I should source one of those ! 

What would you choose ??

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