November 2014 | Monthly Empties

You know when everything runs out at once ... yep this month that happened!

Soap and glory // Scrub actually // £8
I love this scrub it smells lovely and makes me feel very clean. However, I don't feel like it lasts as long as the big tubs so I think I will stick to them

Clean and clear // face wash // £4.99
I have had this face wash for sooo long! I feel like it was never ending. I used this daily in the shower just as a basic face wash. Nothing fancy just simple! I enjoyed using it but I prefer a face scrub in the shower and then using a cleanser in my normal skin care routine.

Dior // cleansing water // £25

I bought this back in January and has lasted till now so I am pretty impressed with that! It was a pricey purchase at first but as it lasted so well I feel like it was defiantly been worth it. I have loved using this. It makes me feel very clean and fresh and has worked well with my skin. I am unsure if to repurchase or try something new, but I defiantly recommend.

Batiste // Cherry dry shampoo // £2.99
This is a monthly staple that I go through. I hate not having freshly washed hair so this is a MUST for the days in-between as its not good to wash your hair everyday ! We know its the best woo!

John Freda // Go blonder shampoo and conditioner // £5.99 each
This is my favourite Shampoo and conditioner combo. I love it, I think it works so well for my hair and really makes my hair stay a lighter colour. I usually buy it when its on offer as obviously it isn't a cheap option however they are defiantly worth it. Gift finder | Review

The Musicroom has launched on their website 'the gift finder' it’s a gimmicky way of choosing gifts for christmas ! 
My boyfriend always drags me in to the musicroom store in the Trafford centre so he can gaze at the shiny guitars, not really my area of interest but ' I love what he loves ... blah blah' Haha. He loves playing the guitar and is really good at it, even though I'm sure he will disagree. He's a bit awkward to buy for at christmas because I really like buying a few different presents rather than spending all my money on one thing. However he has loads of little things now and only really wants the big expensive items ! So I struggle for new ideas, this year I have been introduced to the Gift finder on the 

Its a fun way of finding the right gift. You input your choices so category; stocking fillers, Accessories, instruments etc. Then you choose your instrument (I picked guitar) and finally a budget. It comes up with all the items within that selection. Obviously you can now do this on most sites but I like how its the little amp and its quiet fun. 

Theres loads of different items! I never actually realised they sell lots of things including home wares ! I like that theres something for every budget too. I particularly liked this guitarists christmas stocking ! Surly I cannot go wrong with that?

I am hoping to place my order soon so I shall update you on what I picked up :).
I recommend for you to try it out if you need to buy for a music lover as theres so many fun interesting gifts and its quiet fun to play around with too!

*This is a collaborative post

#MAAfterDark | Manchester Events

I have been invited to the #MAAfterDark event!
  The Manchester Arndale have asked a few bloggers to choose the best dresses for the party season. We have each been given a retailer and I can now reveal mine is Lipsy ! I had to go in store and pick my favourite dress which I can then wear on Thursday at the event.  I went in to the store last night to choose my favourite. I wouldn't usually look in Lipsy but I was quiet happy to have somewhere a bit different to my norm so I could come a bit out of my comfort zone. I took along my friend Emily ( to help me pick something out. I picked up everything I liked the look of and took it all in to the changing rooms. I found the sizing a bit awkward on some of them but managed to find something that I wouldn't normally choose, but it fit me very well and flattered me in all the right places. Above are a few snaps of the ones that didn't make the cut (but came very close). My dress cost £55 so I think thats a great price for a special party dress. 
I cannot wait to wear it on Thursday night and cannot wait to share it with you all and let you know how it all went. The top 10 dresses will be picked by Victoria from and will be displayed within the Arndale shopping centre.
Big Thanks to Manchester Arndale for inviting me !!
Check out the other bloggers involved by searching the #MAAfterDark hashtag on twitter and Instagram. 

'Minnies Boutique comes to Beverley' | Fashion Thoughts

Last Saturday Minnes boutique owned by TOWIE stars Sam and Bille Faires opened a new store above Bolo in Beverley - a town just outside of Hull (actually where I was born!). The Hull Daily mail reported about how there was queues of screaming girls waiting to meet Sam and Bille and to look inside the new store. (Read story here)
All I have seen since on Facebook and the comment section of the website is negative mindless comments from people who clearly just love having something new to moan about! 
This really annoyed me as living in Hull for the majority of my life I hated the fashion! There was never anything new or different and you always just looked the same as everyone ! Moving to London and the Manchester showed me how you can get some amazing one off boutique pieces so you can look individual. We need more of that in Hull so I personally praise anyone bringing new fashions to Hull and the surrounding area. Yes it may not be everyones 'cup of tea' but its new its exciting and its bringing more business ! 

However most of the comments where people saying about how talentless these girls are and that this isn't news? It really confuses me why these people spend the time to read and comment when they just say how they don't care about it? Such a waste of energy??

These girls probably have more talent than the half of the people commenting ! They had their store before TOWIE and it seems to be successful, so they clearly have some talent as they are making money and enjoying their life. Even if you don't particularly like Towie and the people on there surly just news fashion and business is great any way regardless of the owner? I would love to own my own boutique its always been a little dream of mine! I would hate for people to be so negative about it. 
I commented on the Facbook page this comment...

'It's nice to see new fashion brands come to Hull and the surrounding areas ! 
You may not appreciate it but I'm sure the majority of girls in Hull will !
 Regardless of the who owns the store ! Plus it's always good for the city !
 No need for stupid comments about how 'talentless' they are when I'm sure they probably have more talent and money they the majority of people moaning about it !!!'

I received various replies such as 'Beverley is not a city' .. Hmm yes thats why I wrote Hull and the surrounding areas? I should know I was born there after all ?
I feel like I could go on about all the ridiculous comments for day but I won't. I just want to basically say...
if you don't have any thing nice to say, DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! 

Much Fashion Love ;)

The Library of Fragrance - Sex on the beach | Review

I was recently sent this scent - Sex on the beach  from the Library of fragrance to try out. They recently launches their collection in Boots store nationwide and have lots of weird and wonderful scents including, canabis flower, Dirt, Leather, Mushroom and paperback ! How crazy do they sound! Some of my more favourable scents include, Passionfruit, mango, pineapple - Yes I like the fruity smells. 
The idea is that there is something for everyone and you can layer to the scents to create your favourite. Sex on the beach is apparently great layered with Patchouli, but I have yet to try that out. I think its a really good idea as you can build up the scent you prefer and then it will be unique to you!
Or obviously you can just wear them on their own. They all listed A-Z on their website Here, so make sure you check out what they have on offer.

Sex on the beach is quiet a strong scent, I only had to apply a small amount as I feel too much could be over powering. It lasts quiet well too as I could smell it faintly after a full day. I don't think I would wear it all the time probably just for work or a bit more of a casual day when you wouldn't want to wear your 'best fragrance' (maybe its just me who wears a more expensive one on a night out or nicer occasion?)
I think the price point is very affordable and the product is good value for money as the bottle is a decent size. The packaging is slightly basic compared to some high end fragrances but this is relative to the price. 
What fragrance would you choose?

The 'Fashion' debate | Fashion Thoughts

At university last week we had a chat from a stylist who I thought was fab ! I agreed with everything she said I loved her views and thoughts about the industry. I thought it was just me who thought these things! So I thought I would share them with you. I may get some hate from it but it is PERSONAL OPINION !! so we don't all have to agree :)

The Kardashians
These girls are NOT models. they are fame hungry people who have done well for them selves by being from a wealthy family that have built a 'brand' as such. I know I will have haters from saying this but honestly .. there are some amazingly beautiful talented models out there yet some brands choose to use them as the face! WHY !!!! Well its basically to cause controversy and to get people talking about them, Any press is good press ! Im speaking about them, getting their name out there (as much as I don't want to) But i feel I have to share my views. I stopped buying Vogue when they put Kim on the front ! #SorryNotSorry

Kate Moss - Got caught doing drugs on purpose to get out of a contract with H&M (They have a no drugs policy) Philip Green said he would offer her a better contract. Again everyone was talking about this it got her in the press.
I personally don't really like her and I know my mum really hates her - She won't even buy Rimmel cosmetics haha, she says she doesn't want to fund her drug habit.

Victoria Beckham
She is NOT a fashion designer. She a bad signer who married the right guy at the right time.
I am not denying she is hard working and her collections are beautiful, however just because she famous does not mean she is a fashion designer ! She does not have a fashion degree, it angers me that people work so so hard at university and go through years of education and not even get close to being featured in Fashion week.

Sorry if you don't agree with my personal opinions but thats just how I see it .. and everyone is entitled to an opinion ! What are your thoughts?
P.s I am not saying these people don't work hard as I'm sure they really do! 

Ideal Home Christmas Show | Lifestyle & Events

Last friday I headed over to event city in Manchester to visit the Ideal Home show christmas expo. sponsored by go compare. 
My mum, auntie and cousin all travelled across from Hull to come along for the day of shopping and decoration, cooking and gift inspiration. 
It was huge! I was so over whelmed walking in. It was split up in to various sections including food, home ideas, gifts, fashion & beauty etc. There was also various ares with cooking demos from celeb chefs, craft demos, a christmas cinema, champagne bar and Greg wallis very ow Christmas restaurant! 
We firstly walked through the food and drink section and had lots of lovely food tasters on the way round. We then stopped to watch Gino D'campo do a cooking demo! He was answering questions from the audience and my mum asked 'why are you not just wearing a piny' (Like on this morning) I nearly died of embarrassment !! He is quiet funny though and responded accordingly to all questions which where similar to my mums ;). 
We then carried round the rest of the stalls, I didn't really buy much only some candles (obviously) and a few christmas decs. To be honest I was slightly disappointed that there wasn't more christmas decoration stalls. Also I thought the Fashion/Beauty stalls where all a bit crappy :/.My family all bought loads including christmas gifts and things for themselves.  But over all I really enjoyed it and would defiantly go again & would really recommend going to have a look round :).

Pinterest Love | Inspiration

Pinterest Love !
These are a few of my favourite categories, I am so addicted to Pinterest I have 29 boards and over 1400 pins and I'm sure its only going to get bigger. Its deffinately my favourite site for inspiration. Make sure you follow me = Alexandra Jayne

Home Decor 
This is my current fave to search as I am soon to be moving house so I like lots of decor inspo. Im only moving to rented accommodation so I cannot paint etc but I look mainly at accessories and colour themes. 

Cute doggies
I really want a dog ! So I keep pinning the cutest ones. I would LOVE a French bulldog but Darren wants a husky, opposite ends!!

Obviously Im always looking at fashion inspiration ! I re-pin anything I think the look of regardless of season !

I love tattoos I think some of the art is amazing. I would love to have loads of tattoos but I'm too scared haha. I don't mind the pain but my tattoos are only small so I think a bigger one would hurt so much more. I always see ones on pinterest and I think ooooh I want that ! 

Gift inspo
Pinterest is great for creative ideas, I always have good intentions to be creative and make people lovely home made gifts but it never happens.. maybe one day?

Yes I know I'm no where near getting married but every girls has already planned the ins and outs of their wedding right? 

Food Food Food. Best ever place for recipes. When I cook something fancy I always get asked ooh how did you think of this ... Pinterest ;).

Leave me your Pinterest links :)

22nd Birthday | Wish List

Birthday wish list

It is my birthday coming up on the 8th December and I have been thinking about what I would like as a gift ! Me and my mum are booked to got to the Clothes show in Birmingham on the 5th of December as a birthday treat as such which I am very excited about but she also said I could choose something else ! My parents are so generous and I am truly thankful for everything they do for me, I wasn't expecting to go to the show and a gift so Im quiet excited to choose something. I like to buy one thing usually compared to just using the money to buy lots of things as it usually get wasted and ends up paying for food or petrol so I think its nice to choose one gift to say that is what you got for your birthday ! Last year I was in NewYork and received a beautiful Tiffany necklace for my 21st, I think its nice to have jewellery as its quiet a special gift you keep forever ! 
I would like to spend it on something I actually need (well I don't NEED anything, I mean something more practical). I would quiet like the Longchamp bag as I can use it as an every day bag for uni. I have the large holdall bag as I use it all the time, it is great quality and I love using it so I think it would be the same for this size. 
I don't NEED a new watch but I love the Olivia Burton watches and they are such a good price (most under £100) I think it would be a nice everyday watch. I like all of the variations of them to be honest. and I wouldn't know which style to choose. 
The other bits are just things I would quiet like to own, Im dying to have Tom Ford perfume but is a ridiculous price ! and the Vivienne westwoood eating would be nice but they aren't well made as I have already had 2 pairs that have broken .. (still love them though). 
The Charlotte Tilbury set is beautiful and defiantly worth the money so I may actually buy that with money from my grandparents ! && the little Selfridges set I mainly like the little bag that it all comes in so maybe I should source one of those ! 

What would you choose ??

Click the images to be linked to the products ! 

Bonfire Night 2014 | Lifestyle & Events

This year me and Darren went to Heaton park in Manchester to watch their Fiework display on Bonfire Night (5th November). We wasn't going to bother but its not actually far from our house and we thought why not considering we would only be sitting watching TV otherwise. I am so glad we did as I honestly thought it was fantastic. There was a little fair ground which having already been to Hull fair we wasn't too fussed about, a huge Bonfire then at 8pm a 10 minute long fire work display. We got there just in time as we head counting down from 10 on these huge speakers and then music which the fireworks where timed too. I have never experienced that before and we thought it was fab ! It was really cleverly done and lasted just the right about of time. It was at a good time of night too so children could attend and was organised well by the security. I think its really good to see community events and everyone enjoying them ! Didn't want to post a million pictures of fireworks as I am aware everyone knows what they look like but I just wanted to comment on how great it was. I would defiantly recommend for next year, it is free to attend and is defiantly worth braving the cold weather :). 
Where did you spend your evening? 

Moving House | Tips & Tricks

This month me and my boyfriend are finally move out on our own together for the first time ! I am very excited about it all however I am also very stressed. When I was young I only moved house twice and the first I was a baby so I don't remember and I always used to think wow its so exciting moving .. it defiantly isn't ! I have moved 5 times already this year! Manchester - back to Hull - Summer camp - back to Hull - Manchester and now its  time to stay in Manchester but another house at least this one will at least be for a year.  So I thought I would write up how its going as it may be of interest to fellow movers :) 

First things first..
There are a few things to consider when actually initially looking, 
Research the area - Has it got everything near by
Check your commute times - to work / uni / the school run 
Work to your budget  - and factor in bills  

Once your organised ..
We decided to pick a top 5 to go see. We made a spread sheet with all details about them and what was included. I.e do they come with dishwasher, wash machine etc. 
I rang all these places to arrange viewings asap - I took note of who was the most helpful as I feel its important when working with agencies, I previously had a very bad experience and it wash great from the minute i was shown round so I now make sure they know what they are talking about 

Make a tick list..
I wrote up a list of everything I wanted to see about in the properties and when I viewed I made sure I  checked them off. I.e marks on the walls, what the state of the boiler, car parking spaces. Obviously people have different needs but I wrote all our essentials. 

Compare your favourites and find out what is going to work best for you. Know your time scale and be prepared for lots of paper work.
Write down positives and negatives about each and choose the correct place for you.

Inform employers and previous landlords that they need to provide reference. Ensure you have deposits. You will need proof of previous address prove of ID ect so make sure you have all these to be organised to make it run as smooth as possible 

Then get packing ! I haven't started this yet but my plan is to pack according to rooms so everything for the bath room will go in one box with bathroom written on and maybe a small description. Straight forward really but you'd be surprised on moving day when you cannot find which box the toilet roll is in ! 

Helpful websites..

I would also recommend contacting Tv/Phone/Internet provider to install the same day as you move as this will save you being sat with nothing to relax with at the end of moving day.

I shall be updating with a house tour at the end of the month when I'm all fully moved and cosy in our new home :) Exciting !! 

*Image from pinterest